20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
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20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large


New businesses are trooping on daily in Nigeria with different investors. Any running business in Nigeria there must be investors behind it. Investment is very important to any startup business in Nigeria. 

Nigeria is ranked 4th as the most funded country in the amount raised and invested by startups groups in the country.

Startup investors in Nigeria are still making investments to see that several startup businesses grow in Nigeria and also rise to the extent of beating their competitors. 

Investing in your business is the best way to run a successful business in Nigeria. Let me get you through so that you will know who are startup investors in Nigeria.

Who are startup investors in Nigeria?

Startup Investors are people or organizations that provide start-up business owners with finance to help them run a successful business. The investors may do that for free or ask for shares in return.

I will provide you with the list of 20 startup investors in Nigeria.


20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the World

1.       Jason Chukwuma

Jason Chukwuma is a British Nigerian investor who is the co-founder and CEO of a popular movie channel known as iRokotv. 

After failing in several startup businesses he came up with the idea of launching a Nollywood platform. Chukwuma has made a great investment in the movie platform and he is earning a good amount from it.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Jason Chukwuma Njoku

2.       Victor Asemota

Victor Asemota is the founder of SwiftaCorp, an African software service and technical service group that operates in over 14 countries in Africa. 

He is also the founder of MFISA, an African Mobile Financial Services Accelerator that is a powered payment platform in Africa.

He is a financial advisor, a venture capitalist in Ghana, and Nigeria.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large

3.       Maya Horgan Famodu

Maya Horgan is a Nigerian American entrepreneur, founder at an Ingressive firm that provides its clients with market entry, provides services on research and market operation for firms and businesses. 

She is also the founder of Ingressive Capital venture funded in Africa-based technology company. 

Maya is also a co-founder of Tech Meets Entertainment which deals with celebrities and tech companies to help them grow their revenue.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Maya Horgan Famodu

4.       Dr. Ola Brown

Ola Brown is an investor, a British Nigerian investor in the health sector and also the founder of Flying Doctors Healthcare investment group, and also the director of Greentree investment company. 

The services they offer in the group include Ambulance services, consulting services, clinic construction, diagnostic equipment, health services, and pharmaticle services.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Dr Ola Brown

5.       Yele Bademosi

Yele Bademosi is a co-founder of Nestcoin and also the founder of Bundle Africa and Microtraction. 

He is a tech entrepreneur and also an investor who has a passion for helping Africa in tech and entrepreneurship. Bademosi was once a director in one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges known as Binance.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Yele Badamosi

6.       Nichole Yembra

Nichole is the founder of and also a managing partner for Chrysalis Company which houses Chrysalis Capital. 

She also serves as the chief financial officer and also a managing director at GreenHouse capital.

Nichole is responsible for investing in the relationship and finance strategies of 7 technology companies. 

She brought about the growth of 14 portfolio companies using technology to solve African problems.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Nichole Yembra

7.       Kola Aina

Kola is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, operator, and investor working in the large Africa Economic market. 

His experiences have been shared towards several services such as technology, media, agriculture, infrastructure, publication, and real estate. 

He is a founding partner with Ventures Platform. Kola enjoys the privilege to help other upcoming founders.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Kola Aina

8.       Venture Platform

Venture platform is a startup investment company in Lagos, Nigeria that supports companies, teams to come out with a positive result in the market. They offer capital to startups in Nigeria.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large

9.       GreenHouse Capital

A greenhouse is a platform that brings together corporate bodies and investors that has great innovation in Nigeria. 

They also design innovative programs for entrepreneurs, corporate bodies, and other startup bodies in Nigeria.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
green house capital

10.   SPARK Capital

Spark Capital is a startup firm in the United States that is kin to funding technological startups. The company has its branch in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. The company was founded in 2005.

They provide investment services for innovative technology startups to help them run great technological services.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
spark capital

11.   Growth Capital Fund

This is the first social innovation company in Nigeria who are aimed to grow social firms in Nigeria. 

They use technical knowledge to help build early businesses and startups in the country. 

There are experienced investors in the team that help the startups that require help to get good running services.  

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Growth Capital

12.   LeadPath Nigeria

LeadPath is a capital fund investment company located in Lagos. They provide funds to startups for the short term, medium, and long term run.

Something good about this company is that they do not only support funding of startups but they provide good mentorship, courses, and guides that will help run your business effectively.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Lead Path Nigeria

13.   GreenTree Investment Company

This is a company that invests in people or business startups that love what they are doing. They invest in people that show passion for innovative ideas.  

They provide their starters with scalable capital and funding to run their ideas into existence. This company was established in January 2015, with their last time of work, they have achieved a lot in investing in innovative ideas.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
GreenTree Investment Company

14.   Microtraction

This is a startup investment company that identifies the early stage of technological-related startups to become millionaires in the company. 

They provide Funding and professional advice to their clients. Their investment is done to their clients up to the stage of joining the world-class innovative minds in the world. Here is something that makes microtraction a lead in providing investment services.

  • You can apply for investment at any time without an introduction.
  • Their investors are great capitalists that look for great startups to keep them running.
  • They have line capital that will help you take your business from the seed stage to an advanced stage.
20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large

15.   Lagos Angel Network (LAN)

LAN is a startup investment company in Lagos Nigeria that was set up for growing and organizing seed funders to grow their business. 

They aim to help develop the Nigerian Economy and help a new business grow. 

They have a knowledge center that provides resources and guides for their startup clients.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Lagos Angel Lagos Angel Network (LAN)

16.   EchoVC Partners

EchoVC is a company that focuses on tech-related startup ideas. This company invests in ideas that seem obvious but have good insight. 

They aim to provide funds for founders and marketers in the tech industry. With over 80years of experience, there are still growing and supporting startup owners. 

This company operates worldwide and is active in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, India, Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
EchoVC Partners

17.   SLA Accelerator (She Leads Africa)

This is a female funding investment company in Nigeria that provides support and funds the female generation innovation minds. 

They provide 4 monthly programs to females and help them scale through their startups by giving out support after the program.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
She Leads Africa Accelerator

18.   Kepple Africa

Kepple Africa is a startup investment company that was founded by Ryosuke Yamawaki and Takahiro Kanzaki in December 2018. 

They work to grow and facilitate business startup owners. The company has offices in two locations which are Nairobi and Lagos. They have 93 companies in their portfolio in more than 11 markets.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large

19.    Launch Africa

Launch Africa is a leading fund solving in Africa with a decade’s run in the industry. This company helps startups in different sectors to achieve their dream business. 

The startup investors in Nigeria that are enjoying services are Chekkit, Payhippo, Kuda, Omnibiz, and MVXChange.

20 Startup Investors In Nigeria and the world at large
Launch Africa

20.   Tiger Global

Tiger Global is a Chinese investment company founded in 2001. This company focused on public and private companies which are related to the Internet, Consumer, Finance, and Technological industries. They are the leading investors of Flutterwave and Fairmoney.


StartTiger Africa

3 Types of Startup investors in Nigeria

There are three types of startup investors in Nigeria. Which are

·         Pre-Investors

This is a type of investment that is done by an individual who has minimal knowledge of handling finances. They have little or low thought of investment.


·         Passive Investors

This is a long-time investment strategy in Nigeria that helps build wealth by investing in the stock market. This type of investment has a low risk because you are investing in several organizations or industries, not individuals.


·         Active-Investors

This is a type of investment in Nigeria that the investors are involved in buying and selling. They purchase investments and sell them out so that they will gain profit from them.


How to find startup investors In Nigeria

Are you aspiring to start a business or bring on your idea into reality and you are looking for investors to help you out? Here are 5 to find startup investors in Nigeria.

·         Seminar and Workshop

As an aspiring business owner, you need to be attending seminars and workshops so that you can get clarification on what you are to venture. 

Most seminars and workshops are usually run by an organization that is willing to train you through the seminar so that after the seminar, they will provide startup capital for what you are to start. In the seminars or workshop, you will meet many business owners as well as starters like you that you can share ideas and also put you through.


·         Social Media

Social media is a vast community where you meet different people from different locations. Some social media communities are built to help startups in growing their business. Social media is beyond chatting but also helps bring people with a common vision online.


·         Reaching out through Email

An email is a form of communication that people often neglect but is very important. Writing a good email copy to a person you want a startup help from is important. Write your email, send and expect their reply.


·         Online Forums

There are online community forums that are designed to help young entrepreneurs get help. It is mostly run by tech organizations who need people to partner with and in a later run free you to start your own business.


·         Angel Groups

Angel Groups is an organization or a Non Governmental body whose work is to help grow startup business owners. They at times help without expecting something in return.


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Nigerian startup investors have helped so many are still helping out. The best thing you should do now is that you have an idea to grow, make a good insight on that idea and move straight to your desired startup companies listed above to help you grow your idea.

Bringing up a new idea is what many startup investors in Nigeria want because they will see a great vision in you. What you need now is focus and how to draft your ideas well so that you can meet the startup investors to help you out. Do not sleep on that idea.

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