30+ Business Ideas For Beginners In Nigeria

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30+ Business Ideas For Beginners In Nigeria

Many are overwhelmed and confused with the seemingly endless array of business ideas for beginners available on the internet, but this shouldn’t be the situation, even though running a new business profitably isn’t easy.

According to a recent study, around 80% of newly established businesses fail within their first year. This is a staggering rate of failure. This should make you more vigilant of the steps you take to start your business.

One reason for the high number of failures is that numerous entrepreneurs have chosen a flawed business concept. Along with an easy-to-follow business plan, you should also have all branding tools in place. You must design your logo (not your job, but rather the job of a designer) and label, brochure packaging, and everything in between.

If you’re looking to establish your own business and hope to grow it in time, then you better know that your entrepreneurship drive isn’t enough. It is essential to come up with a business plan that is not just sought-after but also unique. We’ve come up with some great ideas for small businesses that you might want to consider to begin your journey to entrepreneurship. 

Let’s get started!

Here are the top Business Ideas For Beginners in 2021.

#1 Print On Demand (POD) Online Business

POD stands for Print-on-Demand and is possibly the simplest method to earn money online.

The typical time to begin a company like this is from 3 to five days. The premise of this is relatively straightforward:

  • The t-shirts you sell are unique and are created when your customer has placed an order.
  • Then, you will take the cash from your client and then pay for the purchase.
  • The supplier will send the t-shirt to the customer you have chosen.

Profits are earned, and you don’t need to purchase inventory or keep the warehouse. It can’t be any simpler than this.

Start selling custom hoodies and custom bags, t-shirts, and much more in no time. Keep in mind that people buy t-shirts by what’s printed on them. This is the most challenging part of starting a company since most business owners aren’t designers but businessmen.

If you’re looking to begin immediately but do not have that unique design, look on the internet for graphic designers, or go to to get a sense of the process for customization. Famous designers worldwide are ready to work on your next project, and their prices are affordable, beginning at just $50.

#2. Food Truck Business

The people passionate about cooking or experimenting with food often want to open the opportunity to own their eatery. However, unless one gets money in the first stage, there isn’t much money available to make this kind of investment. Well, don’t get disheartened. If you need cash, starting an operation for food trucks is one of the most profitable business concepts with a low cost.

You only need to start by investing money to purchase food trucks. After that, the food truck industry can be a suitable method of determining if customers are enjoying the food you serve or not. If you’re lucky enough to get a good response, you might consider converting your food truck into a restaurant.

#3. Coffee Shop

In the last several years, the industry of coffee has seen a rapid increase. People used to visit coffee shops to spend time with their family members. Today, they organize their gatherings in these places. If you are a coffee lover, you should turn your passion and love for coffee into a lucrative business.

When it comes to coffee shop menus, the design of custom mugs and atmosphere play a crucial function. Utilize graphic designers to design menus.

#4. Bakery

A bakery-based business can be one of the best business ideas for home-based entrepreneurs available today. If you are a baker and possess the ability to make delicious food and make it look appealing, it could become one of your most effective startups. It is also possible to network with retailers to sell your items in their retail stores.

When considering this business idea, it is essential to remember one thing you should be aware of, and it is a business plan. Similar to other companies, baking at home requires a well-designed business plan.

Are you looking for a business logo design?

You can buy one for your company online for a low cost at or Then, as your business grows, you could decide to revamp your logo with the knowledge that you have money to save.

#5. Cooking Classes

Do you love cooking? Do you create food that is so delicious that your family and friends are constantly raving about the food and appearance? If you answer yes to these questions, then that means you’re a master cook.

Beginning cooking classes is one of the best ways to earn money from home. Although the business requires a minimal capital investment like fast-food restaurants, you could start your school once you’ve gained recognition.

#6. Ice-Cream Stand

If you’re seeking part-time business ideas, this could be the ideal solution for you. Setting up an ice-cream stand or kiosk can yield a substantial profit. You can choose to have either a mobile or stationary ice-cream stand, whatever you think will bring you more money!

In the case of ice-creams, consumers love trying new flavors. So share the news via social media and let your audience know the latest ice-cream flavors, special deals, etc.

#7. Business Reviewer / Product Reviewer

Individuals or startups usually search for individuals who can write reviews on their products or services to motivate customers to buy. If you enjoy writing and are looking for business ideas online, this could be a good alternative. It is possible to start by creating a profile for freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or reach out to companies directly.

You can write reviews on their behalf to earn a cash reward for being an influencer. For example, if you have your site or blog, you could write about their products.

I will highly recommend studying several case studies, guides and blogs before you attempt to review products or businesses. A straightforward Google search of review websites by you will yield the top websites used as case studies.

#8. Home Food Delivery

In the past, you might have enjoyed cooking meals and bringing them to the office for lunch. But, in the present, with the hectic work schedules, meal delivery businesses have gained recognition. As a result, many people make reservations for home-cooked meals online and sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions.

If you’re planning to begin your own business in the food sector, This could become one of your most lucrative business concepts. In the beginning, you can start with a simple menu and the perfect delivery person. Then, if things go as planned, you can move to a bigger size.

#9. Bookkeeping Services

The bookkeeping business is responsible for managing expenses and income in processing payrolls and making tax returns for corporate clients. If you have experience in accounting or have experience and know-how in bookkeeping, this could be the ideal small business to begin.

Nowadays, small-scale businesses cannot afford the resources or time to establish and manage bookkeeping processes. Therefore, in providing bookkeeping services to small businesses, you could earn an impressive amount of dollars.

Since the company is involved in handling sensitive data, Employing an experienced team of professionals is recommended. “If controlled and managed properly the small business idea could be profitable in the present.”

#10. Website Design

In the age of digitalization, it is rare to find any company that doesn’t have its website. Even if it’s a single-page site, the need for an online presence is a must for all businesses to keep their website looking fresh and attractive, and companies keep updating their websites’ layout.

If you possess all the skills required to run a successful business, then starting an enterprise in the field of web design could be the right choice for you. There are many clients and a few experts to satisfy their requirements. Website design is among the small-business ideas that have worked for many.

#11. Digital Marketing

The business world has become digital, and being online is essential for companies in the present. Contrary to traditional marketing, online marketing assists companies connect with their customers all across the globe. So digital marketing services offered by digital marketing are sought-after that it can be the most affordable business to begin.

All you require is a team of professionals and a location to begin your business. To attract customers, you need to make a convincing web presence and captivating information for your business.

You could also visit the best website to purchase Instagram followers. These websites or digital agencies aid businesses in increasing their followings through various strategies. (But it is best to increase the number of your followers organically to ensure they can become advocates for your company in the long run)

#12. Currency Trading

The business of trading in currencies could be among the most lucrative and exciting small-scale business concepts. If you’re an individual who can handle numbers, is willing to put in the hours, and take on high risks, this could be the right business for you.

Various currencies can be traded online, such as CFDs, Futures, Indices, and even cryptocurrencies. I would highly recommend seeking a mentor who will help you through the process to make your learning curve and profits easier to achieve.

#13. Event Planning

If you’re an exceptionally organized, meticulous person who enjoys coordinating events, then you’ve got the ideal personality for starting your own event-planning business. You can decide to focus on particular occasions (wedding or birthday celebrations, company meetings, etc.) or go with any event. Your event planning preference should be on your abilities or experience.

The main benefit that comes with having an event-planning company can be realized if clients are satisfied with the work you do, you’ll receive repeat clients. In addition, they will recommend you to potential new clients. The most crucial part, you are paid in advance before beginning any task.

#14. Photography

Photography isn’t just about taking pictures but capturing emotions as well. Photography is not just a hobby anymore. It’s become an industry. In 2015 the market for digital photography was estimated at $77.66 billion, and it is anticipated to hit $110.79 billion in 2021.

These numbers are sufficient to demonstrate that it can be among the most effective small-business strategies. This kind of business usually expands through word of mouth. However, you could also set up your own Facebook page, Instagram or Pinterest page, or any other social media platform that allows you to tag your customers and gain a following.

A Pro-Tip: Make sure your website should be visually appealing since you’re promoting your expertise with the arts of the image. With the increasing amount of visual content available online and the variety of formats that can be used to engage your audience to turn into customers, including videos, Slide shows, Collages, or skits. In addition, apps such as Instasize allow you to change the size and add borders, design collages, and even add text to your images using your phone. In this way, you can alter how your feed looks even when using your mobile phone.

#15. Fast Food Joint

The idea of opening a fast-food chain is among the most miniature profitable business concepts. Even though the market already has many large sharks such as McDonald’s, KFC, etc., there is a chance to earn money if the location and the food quality are excellent.

Everyone is always looking to discover new eateries. They also look for the nearest food establishment for delivery at home, thanks to Google maps. Beyond food quality for grabbing the attention of potential customers, be sure that your business has a distinctive and appealing custom logo.

#16. Yoga Studio

Today, Yoga is widely recognized as a science and art of health. People from all over the world show the desire to practice Yoga to obtain relief from mental and physical health. Therefore, the establishment of a yoga studio can be a straightforward business idea to start.

There are many chances for you to succeed in this industry if you can execute all the steps precisely. However, to distinguish your company from the rest, you must create something distinctive and original. It could be anything – a yoga logo design, straightforward ways to perform asanas, or other features.

#17. Pet Business

Did you realize that 68 percent of U.S households have at the very least one pet? In nations like that of the USA, UK, India having pets is considered a status symbol. Therefore, the majority of people will spend huge sums on grooming, boarding, and daycare flyers.

Once you have a better understanding of what you know, you should agree that this is among the most profitable business ideas to make money.

#18. Daycare Business

Care for children when their parents are away at home in high demand. For parents, finding an appropriate and reliable daycare can be a bit difficult. Make a difference in your community by opening the daycare business.

It’s not just the most profitable business idea, to begin with, no capital, but it also has the potential to earn

  • Flexibility,
  • Recession-resistant and
  • markets that are not seasonal.

#19. Content Creation Agency

Nowadays, creating engaging and original content has become one of the significant challenges for businesses. Instead of relying on a single expert, the companies have begun to seek assistance from agencies to develop stunning content. So, if you’re an exceptional writer, think about starting one of the top businesses in 2021.

As a content marketing professional, you must create valuable and relevant content for your business to grab potential customers’ attention. You can choose any method to provide content such as videos, infographics, websites, blogs, etc.

Being featured on significant websites’ search result pages can prove your expertise and capabilities. So a little SEO expertise is highly appreciated too.

#20. Mobile App Development

The majority of users who use smartphones have access to many apps being created every day. In addition, businesses have discovered that mobile apps are superior to desktop apps, making them a viable source of revenue. There are currently 2.53 billion Smartphone users worldwide, and this number is projected to increase by 2.87 billion before 2021’s end.

Because the majority of apps run on a freemium or free base, app purchases and digital ads are their main strategies for monetizing apps.

It’s giving lots of developers of apps a great future in the business. So if you’re tech-savvy and think this business is something you can do in 2021, do find as many customers as you can. Engage other developers if needed to meet the needs of your customers.

#21. Agriculture Business

The agriculture business is about the marketing and production of agricultural products through agricultural products associated with livestock and crops. If you own a suitable space for farming and are interested in starting a business related to agriculture, it could be the ideal home-based business plan.

Agriculture Business

Here’s a list of ideas for business in agriculture:

  •  Farm for Agriculture
  • Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business
  • Poultry Farming
  • Beekeeping Business
  • Fish Farming
  • Basket Weaving
  • Dried Flower Business
  • Dairy Farming
  • Farming of fruits and vegetables.

#22. Interior Designer

It’s among the most innovative business concepts to kick off your entrepreneurial career. The popularity of interior design is growing exponentially. This is because the market has been so competitive and flourishing. As a result, many people have begun to think about the possibility of launching new businesses within this field.

In the field of interior design, there is a myriad of areas to specialize in; a few of them are

  • Residential developments,
  • workplace initiatives,
  • commercial projects, etc.

Interior design business involves the ability to meet new clients each day. To create an impression and to promote your services, you’ll need an outstanding business card. These are just some areas that you need to pay close attention to if you intend to stand out.

#23. Make-Up Artist

Businesses from all over the globe have come up with new cosmetics that increase confidence, not just for women but also males. As a result, make-up artists are among the most lucrative home-based businesses that are available currently.

It’s the most lucrative industry that offers flexibility, resilience to recessions, and non-seasonal markets that are not seasonal and recession-resistant. So if you’re able to make magic with lipsticks, powders, as well as shadows, then this might be the perfect business for you.

#24. Homestay Business

Nowadays, the costs of hotels have gone up significantly. Also, during the summer months, it’s pretty difficult for travelers to secure an affordable hotel room cost, which has led to homestay businesses’ popularity. Contrary to the past, people planned an extended vacation to unwind their minds and get away from their routines. They are now planning an occasional weekend getaway or a short trip throughout the year.

If you own a property (with all facilities) that you could offer to lodge to travelers, then it could be a fantastic side business idea. In addition, you could earn a substantial amount of money through this kind of business.

#25. Online Tutoring

The online tutoring industry is multiplying with the continuous advancement of technology and the widespread use of the internet. People who aren’t able to take classes full-time are now accepting online courses.

Pick the subject you’re passionate about and assist others in gaining understanding by offering virtual classes. In every phase, individuals are eager to explore new knowledge. Therefore, online tutoring could be a lucrative business.

#26. Decor Business

If you’re looking to launch your own business and seek innovative small business ideas, this could be an ideal alternative for you. For example, it is possible to run a home decor company or office decor business. Both have great potential in the present market and also in the future.

Decor business can be run online or from a brick-and-mortar office. The essential thing in this industry is unique designs. You may choose to design your strategies or hire vendors and market the designs under your brand name.

#27. Dance Studio

The rising popularity of dance T.V shows has sparked interest in people of all ages take classes in dancing. If you own office space that you could convert to a couple of classes or more significant performance space, you might create a dance studio. It is also possible to rent it out to Youtubers who want to dance but require a shooting area.

#28. Gift Wrapping Business

Today, like the gift itself, the way you present the present is of great importance. The presentation of skills is not just limited to work environments but also in other industries such as gifts, food, etc. It has opened the door for many people to create an enterprise from home at a low cost to start.

Suppose you’re an artist who likes mixing vibrant paper, ribbons, flowers, and more. You might think this is the right business idea for you.

#29. Music Studio

Plato once said that music training is a more potent instrument than others since harmony and rhythm make their way to the inner areas within the human soul. Everyone enjoys music. Research has proven that music aids in the development of the mind.

Upcoming singers are looking to become professionals looking for studios to record and release their songs and albums. So, starting with a studio for music can be the most straightforward business if you’ve got the proper infrastructure.

#30. Clothing Boutique

People with a keen sense of fashion can create various styles using any pattern and create a stunning look for any occasion. If that person sounds like you, then think about incorporating your love for fashion and business.

As with any other type of business, when you are opening a clothes boutique, you must have a well-organized business plan as well as a location that is suitable and well-trained staff. While you set up your boutique, create a list of your suppliers, and then market your business before. Learn how to make business names that are suitable for fashion businesses.

Bonus Small Business Idea for Small Businesses:

#31. Travel Planning

With the rise in costs of travel, travelers are searching for offers and ways of saving cash. If you’re aware that you can get amazing deals on rental car rentals, hotel rates, hotel rooms, or airline tickets, you could start your own online travel planning business.

In comparison to other companies, it is a lot less expensive to start this type of business. Therefore, even if you work for a company and would like to create a company with no commitment to quit, it is possible to consider this one of the top business plans.

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