4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland

4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland
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4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland

4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland.

Nairaland is one of the hottest and most popular online forums in Nigeria today. It’s a place where you generate a lot of traffic for free. Now, if you’re not on Nairaland yet, you’re really missing out on something big. Don’t just go to the forum and post your advertisements as every other user does. There are some things you should remember to do when using this platform to advertise your business. Here are four hacks to advertise your business on Nairaland: is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your business without spending a dime on advertising. It’s an open platform where the users are involved with the main project of creating a website that does well in traffic generation. The way this works for businesses is using Nairaland as a platform to advertise and promote their business.

The Nairaland forum is one of the hottest and most popular online forums in Nigeria today. It’s a place where you generate a lot of traffic for free.

 The popular website earned its name by producing a channel that encourages users with the same interests to create their best content and discuss them on the site.

The forum was developed in March 2005 by the Nigerian technology wizard, Seun Osewa, and is targeted at Nigerians only.

In Nigeria, Nairaland is the vastest platform for user-generated content, with a track record of over 4.5 million user-generated content, 2 million registered users, and 12 million monthly visitors as of January 2019.

So, if you’re searching for a new online marketing forum to promote your business and your target audience is Nigerians, you should consider using Nairaland.

Don’t know how to go about this? Well, that’s what this post will teach you so you can start getting massive returns on your marketing efforts.

How to Join the Nairaland Forum

To join the Nairaland Forum is straightforward. Head to and click on “Join Nairaland.” 

Follow the instruction that pops up on your screen to insert a valid email address. Then wait to receive an email at the address you dropped for a registration link.

Once you’ve received your registration link, click on it to direct you to the registration page, where you will input your username and password for the forum.

Then activate your account by clicking on “Join Nairaland.”

And that’s it! Welcome to the Nairaland Forum.

Tip: It is recommended when setting up your account on Nairaland that you register as a business with your business name, logo, and other vital information necessary for easy business identification.

By doing this, your posts will be considered genuine and authentic when visitors come across them, which can significantly improve engagements on your post.

4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland
4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland

How To Post On Nairaland

In this aspect, you will learn how to advertise your business on Nairaland, as well as the correct forums to choose from if you need a high engagement rate.

Ensure you’re logged in on the site before posting on the Nairaland forum or replying to other users. If not, you will be seen as a guest and will only view posts.

Once you’ve logged into your Nairaland account, the next page you will be directed to has various forums, and you will need to pick which ones you wish to post in.

Ensure you pick only the forums in line with the content you’re about to publish. Then click on “create new topic.”

Carefully go through the guidelines, instructions, and rules. These rules are crucial and strictly adhered to prevent your Nairaland account from being flagged as spam.

After reading the guidelines, you can create your valuable content with its catchy headline. You can add relevant images or other files to your post if you wish. However, images should be at most 4 MB and other files at most 250KB.

Next is to click on the submit button. You can check out your profile to view your previous posts, and the number of views gained.

4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland
4 Hacks To Advertise and Promote Your Business On Nairaland

Popular Forums On Nairaland For Maximum Engagement

  • Nairaland Romance:

Everyone has a story of a bad relationship they will love to share with others, or a piece of advice about how to find your better half, or how to please your partner.

People will always have a thing or two to say about romance resulting in high engagement on the forum.

And although the hike in engagement isn’t mainly linked to a specific season, it is a forum that attracts many visitors.

So, if you own a dating app or a business in the romance and relationship niche, you should promote your business on the Nairaland Romance forum.

  • Nairaland Education:

Many prospective students gain helpful tips on which school to choose or what to do when faced with a particular educational challenge.

This forum is the best for you if you have high-quality, valuable information or own an agency focused on students and admission seekers.

Discussions on the forum could range from different universities’ cut-off marks to past questions of various schools, to perhaps just a talk on user-friendly programming software you can use to build your app.

  • Nairaland Politics:

Politics is one of the Nigerian men’s favorite topics. Since the dawn of time, it has never failed to spark up opinions between a group of people.

It is a niche everybody has an idea of which is best, and they unapologetically relate it with passion.

The Politics forum is always buzzing with engagements, and you can consider utilizing it as a marketing strategy to drive traffic organically to your business. But, keep in mind not to spam the forum.

Employ creative ways of interacting or linking your business to a specific topic discussed. If there is no way for that particular topic, let it go.

Do not force engagement just to be noticed; ensure you drop comments genuinely so people can think of you as an authority in that subject matter.

Remember always it’s a forum first and then a marketing channel.

  • Nairaland Jobs:

If you own a site for job seekers, this is the forum that best fits your niche. You can promote your business or advertise other vacancy news for a wider reach and engagement.


These are not all the forums available on Nairaland; they are just the ones with high engagement where you can advertise your business and drive traffic and attention to your business.

Now that you’re familiar with the hot forums on Nairaland let’s discuss some tips you can use when advertising or promoting your business on Nairaland.

Tips on How to Advertise Your Business on Nairaland

Like the saying goes: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” It would be best if you always had a well-detailed strategy on how to make a good return on your investment (ROI) of money and time on Nairaland.

Luckily for you, we have gathered some tips to put you on the right track with advertising your business on the Nairaland Forum.

  • Get familiar with the community:

It only makes sense to understand and get familiar with how the Nairalnd community functions before you begin posting random things about your business.

Most of the users on the Nairaland forum are male within the age range of 18-29 years and are well-versed in how the internet works.

They seriously despise spammers and people who try to take advantage of the community to advertise their brand’s products aggressively.

So, the first thing you should do on the forum is to genuinely get yourself familiar with the users and understand how the platform operates.

Create your profile (preferably with your business name and make it look honest) and begin observing the activities in forums relevant to your niche.

For instance, if you sell romance ebooks, you have no reason to be on a forum that talks about jobs.

Pay attention to conversations to get more information about users engaging in topics related to your niche.

If they notice you’ve been aggressively promoting your business, they won’t think twice before flagging your profile, and that can negatively affect your brand. You know Nigerians don’t chill

  • Create engaging content:

Nairaland is particular about user-generated content that is engaging enough to get users’ comments, likes, and shares.

Content with a high engagement rate automatically gets featured on the platform’s front page, where millions of users can see it.

Nairaland is a vast forum with many submissions made every day, making it difficult to stand out. It is necessary only to post captivating and engaging content to grab the attention of users fast and make them want to stay to comment.

If you’re lucky enough and your post gets featured on Nairaland’s front page, then you can be sure of an increase in followers, massive traffic to your business, and perhaps a few conversions also.

  • Select the correct forum to post on:

There are two options when considering the section of Nairaland to post on.

First, you can opt for a section based on niche (such as investment, travel, programming, etc.) with a minimum number of engaged users.

The primary advantage of doing this is that users on niches like that are relatively easy to convert because they come to your post with an action in mind.

For instance, if you’re surfing through a clothing post, there is a high probability you’re looking for clothing ideas for an occasion.

The second is to post on the large sections (such as business, politics, entertainment, etc.) that attract thousands of users.

The downside of this option is that you may not get conversions; however, you will get a lot of traffic.

  • Utilize Nairaland paid ads:

Nairaland makes available a Targeted Ad Platform. Any of the Nairaland users can place adverts to reach any of the sections on the platform that harbors their targeted audience.

For instance, a Nigerian microfinance bank could decide to run ads on the investment section on Nairaland for a better reach and conversion.

Steps on how to place ads on Nairaland;

  • Design your ad banner
  • Your ad banner must be without borders; it must be 318 pixels wide, 106 pixels tall, less than 30kb in size, and JPG or PNG format.
  • When you’re ready to go live, visit
  • Click on “Upload Ad” to upload your ad banner and landing page.
  • Wait for approval

After your ad has been approved, you will be provided with additional information on proceeding with payment. Click here to view the estimated advertising rates on Nairaland.

You can also check out this page for more tips on advertising and promoting your business on Nairaland.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Advertise your Business on Nairaland

How do I advertise my business on forums?

  • Join the right forum
  • Check the community rules and guidelines
  • Create a captivating profile
  • Choose an exciting logo and username
  • Add value to the forums you joined
  • Monitor casual online forums
  • Simplify the process and grow your business

For more information, click here

How can I promote my business in Nigeria?

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Free giveaways
  • Place signs and posters in front of your shop or office
  • Organize shows or events
  • Email marketing
  • Use social media

For more guide, visit here

Should you promote your brand on a forum? Why or why not?

Forum marketing is a perfect marketing strategy to drive more traffic, increase ROI, get more conversions, or build loyal customers.

Forums allow you to connect with a targeted audience interested in products or services related to yours.

Best ways to promote my business on Nairaland

Now you have a well-detailed guide that will help you advertise and promote your business easily on Nairaland without being spammy. Always try to post in the correct forum, even if it’s not as captivating as you want.

If you’re to post on another forum, ensure you tweak your content to match the topic of discussion on that forum.

Abide by these guidelines, and you’re good to go.


As you’ve read above, there are tons of benefits to advertising on Nairaland. You’re able to connect with a wider audience, get more customers and clients, and in general expand your business. In addition to these benefits, the Nairaland forum is perfect for businesses that want to generate traffic on their websites. If you want to get more people aware of your business, you should definitely consider using this popular forum.

Nairaland is quite different from the rest of the blogs and forums we researched. Quite a few people, especially new users, have complained about the low quality of user-generated content as well as the way that moderators police the site and get rid of any bad content. However, this site is still one venture you should include in your mix of free promotion techniques. It offers some basic analytics to track the number of visitors and page views from new visitors. It might be integrated with Disqus, which offers no way to administer posts individually. You probably shouldn’t use it for anything critical or investors-only discussions about your business or product.


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