The Best 50 Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

50 Business Listing Sites in Nigeria
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The Best 50 Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

Many businesses are willing to push their presence online and leverage this medium to create awareness. The best way to reach this goal is by utilizing business listing sites. As a business owner, you can find many business listing sites in Nigeria. You can provide details and relevant information about your company or business through these sites.

50 Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

If you are a business owner in Nigeria, one of the best ways of promoting your services and building an online presence is through business listing sites. In this article, I will give you 50 business listing sites in Nigeria.

Before we go into that, let me talk about what business listing means.

What are business listing sites?

A business listing site is an online profile that reveals the information of your companies, individual businesses, and organizations. These sites show important information about your details, such as contact, website, name, and business address.

Business listing sites aim to create awareness of brands looking to build an online presence. It is also a great strategy that businesses use to get found on search engines. If you want to get any of these services, getting on a business listing site is the most effective way.

List of 50 Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

Below is a list of 50 business listing sites that provide great services for businesses looking to get their profile in the online space;

  1. Google My Business
  2. VConnect
  3. Facebook
  4. Business list
  5. Connect Nigeria
  6. Dealdey Nigeria
  7. SME arena
  8. Finelib
  9. NG contact
  10. LGT Nigeria
  11. Expat/com
  12. Tech directory. oi/ Nigeria
  24. Business finder. ng
  28. Business directory. ng
  31. VisCorner
  32. Naibac Social Network
  33. Anakin Business listing
  34. AM forums
  35. Com
  36. WhatsApp groups
  37. Viewfinder
  38. Hotfrog Nigeria
  39. Nairaland Forum
  40. Infoisinfo
  41. Nigeria Business links
  42. com
  43. Naijaguru
  46. Jiji

These sites are some of the most popular places where you can grow your online audience and get found on search engines. Many businesses have utilized this technique to get leads and more customers to purchase their services. The good thing about this strategy is that you can also leverage social media platforms to get on business listings.

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Top 10 Business Listing sites in Nigeria

These business listing sites all help to achieve similar goals. A huge advantage is getting some of these sites for free. In this section, I will show you some of the free and best business listing sites in Nigeria.

1. Google My Business

This business listing site is Google’s way of helping small businesses get local awareness from its search engines. Google My Business works with SEO and ranks firms for local searches that include ‘near me’ or ‘city name.

For Example, if you run a clothing line, you could appear for searches such as ‘clothing line near me’ or clothing line Abuja.’ With these sites, you can get your business shown on Google’s map, local finder, organic searches.

This site is free, and you can get many benefits from it. The site allows you to put business details such as websites, addresses, and contact details. It is an effective way to get customers from the online space to your physical business address.

2. VConnect

VConnect is one of the best and most popular business listing sites in Nigeria. They provide almost every kind of service you want. If you are a local professional or a Small business owner, Vconnect can take you closer to your customers.

These sites give access to valuable information of so many businesses and create a platform where people get assistance from local businesses. This site is another effective way of promoting your local business to potential customers around your location.

3. Facebook

The Facebook Business page is one of the most popular sites globally. You can use this feature of Facebook to offer services and allow your customers to find your business.

With a Facebook business page, you can post relevant content related to your local business and get reviews. These reviews sometimes could also appear on Google search engines for some key terms.

Facebook allows you to post links, events, videos, and photos on your page. You can also put a link to your website and address your business. It also allows you to run ads to increase your reach to the right target audience.

4. Business List

Business list among the top Nigerian business listing sites. They make your business easier to locate for people looking for your services.

The website has an easy-to-use interface and works as a search engine for people looking to locate local services. It also has listings in different categories and all 36 states in Nigeria. If your business is on their list, you can get found by your customers who search for your services.

Nigeria Business listing provides a search database for visitors. Their visitors can search for different business categories, enter the location, and suggestions of business would appear. If you are on this listing, you can easily get found.

5. Connect Nigeria

Connect Nigeria is another great site that provides information on Nigerian businesses. It is one of the best business listing sites in Nigeria. This site gives you business-free awareness and provides your information to locate you.

If you are looking for anything, even a restaurant or bar, Connect Nigeria can connect locals to your business. Connect Nigeria also has a simple user interface making the platform fast and easy. Are you looking for free publicity for your brand? Connect Nigeria is a great option.

6. Dealdey Nigeria

Dealdey is a Nigerian eCommerce website that supports local businesses through their sites. This business listing site in Nigeria allows merchants to attract new customers by providing relevant detail and information on their profiles.

The site allows consumers to reach the services of local business owners with absolute ease. If you want to get a free online presence, get listed on Dealdey Nigeria.

7. SME arena

SME arena was launched by mobile network company Etisalat, which is now dysfunctional. This site works like a search engine and provides great ways of getting services. It is also great for both consumers and sellers. SME search engines are one of the largest for buying and selling transactions.

The eCommerce site allows you to show your products or services to potential customers and business partners. Since 2016, this site has been active and provides a great deal of publicity for local services.

8. Finelib Nigeria

Another fantastic business listing site in Nigeria is Finelib. The site helps local businesses meet their customers easily by creating and promoting mostly Nigerian content. They utilize information about local companies in different categories and help Nigerian companies develop with their content and information.

If you need customers to find your services, Finelib is a good opportunity that you need to leverage. So, get your business information on Finelib’s listing and get results with new customers.

9. NG Contact

NG contact is one of the best sites in Nigeria for companies looking to build an online presence and get customers. It comprises the details of company executives across different organizations. This site provides information about companies like address, website, and contact address.

If you want to promote and market your company, NG contact is an amazing option for you. That is also because they are regarded as one of the most trusted sites and sources for business information in Nigeria.

10. LGT Nigeria (Let’s Go There Nigeria)

LGT Nigeria is another great business listing site across the country. This site aims to gather information and details of Nigerian businesses and offer them to customers looking for these services. They make the information very easy to access by customers at any time.

If you are a Nigerian start-up looking for customers, this platform would greatly be valuable to you. LGT allows merchants to list their business details at no cost. Customers can easily search for specific services or products, and your details might come out.

These are top business listing sites in Nigeria; you can leverage one and get online awareness to provide services to people within your area.

The Importance of Business Listing Sites in Nigeria

Online publicity can be very expensive and time exhausting to achieve. Business listing sites promise to give you brand awareness that takes less time and is also affordable. These sites help you get found on local searches for your services. Your business listed on these listing sites is another way that brings customers to businesses.

Here I am going to explain a few reasons why business listing sites are important;

Business listing sites are great for local SEO

Local brands always struggle to get awareness due to a lot of competition. These sites assist brands in achieving local SEO, which means they can get found for relevant keywords through search engines. A good example is having your business appear for searches like “Hair salon near me’ or “Hair salon in Lagos.” These would provide your information to people searching for these services.

Get Found on Business listing sites

Business listing sites receive thousands of daily visitors looking for one service or another. If you benefit from your service on these see places, you will get found in the relevant categories and locations. Your potential customers will also access your business address and contact details.

These are the most important reasons local small businesses should not overlook business listing sites.

That’s all we have on business listing websites in Nigeria. Have any more questions,  check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can I find a business listing site in Nigeria?

There are many business listing sites you can find for free today. Google My Business is one of the best business listing sites. That is because it is launched by the most popular search engine in the world. Google.

What is a local business directory?

A local business directory is a website that features information and relevant details about local businesses. These listings could cover specific locations, companies, or categories. The listing contains information such as the business name, address, contact, and website.

How do I list my business in SEO?

Getting your business in Search engines would require a few techniques. These include; writing long descriptions, choosing the right categories, uploading photos, adding a local phone number and address to your listing.

What are listings?

Listing is the details of your business in the online space. They help you get found by potential customers both online and physically.

Do business listings help SEO?

Business listings help your off-page SEO as it influences search engine results for some local searches.

What is the importance of having your business listed on these sights?

Search engines consider business directories with standard categories and detailed business listings. If your business appears on these sites, you can get higher rankings in search engines.


Business listing sites are a great way to get online awareness of your local business. A huge advantage of this strategy is that it is mostly free and very effective.

This article has covered some of the best free business listing sites in Nigeria. If you also want to get your business listed, try out these websites.

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