Best 10 Online Ideas to Earn N2,000 Daily as a Student.

Online Ideas to Earn N2,000 Daily as a Student.
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Best 10 Online Ideas to Earn N2,000 Daily as a Student.

Making daily money as a student can be challenging, especially if you do not have ideas on how to do it. Here are Online Ideas to Earn N2,000 for a student. With this guide, you will be on your way to making money. Got that, ok let’s go.

Most online ideas for students require little or no capital. A student who knows how to manage his or her time stands to benefit from this write-up. 

With the ideas I am bringing to you, I believe that once you put to go into an online business, you as a student will not regret your action.

10 online ideas to earn N2000k daily as a student

Table of contents


  1. Start a blog
  2. Join Affiliate Marketing
  3. Become a Freelancer
  4. Start Trading Forex or binary options
  5. Engage in E-commerce
  6. Online tutorial classes
  7. Social Media Influencing
  8. Start YouTube Channel
  9. Invest in Cryptocurrency
  10. Graphic Designing
  11. FAQS


If you know how to manage your time, you can make it. Get the required skills and resources, and believe you can do it. Everything is possible, even making 2k daily. 

Online Ideas to Earn N2,000 Daily as a Student

Who knows, you could even make more than that if you find something you can do well with minimal effort.

Taking a chance and doing one if not more of the below online business ideas as a student could be the game changer in your life. It could be your gateway to success.

So believe that you can do it.

Here are some online ideas to earn N2000k daily as a student.

Start a blog

Do you know you can start making money by writing about things you are motivated and passionate about? You can also write of things that can grow traffic from social media or search engines. This will help to increase your blog’s viewership.

Once you have gathered a considerable amount of traffic, register for the Google Adsense program, and that is when the money comes in. Thereafter, you can start earning a substantial amount just from blogging. 

The best part of this blogging is that it pays daily. as your site’s traffic increases, your money increases too. The following are the top online blogging niches for students that pay daily, 

  • Education & Jobs
  • Relationship
  • Finance
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets and Animals
  • Books & Literature
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Music and Video
  • News
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Digital and Internet Marketing
  • Sports
  • Autos & Vehicles
  • Real Estates

Any of the above niches can bring you money at a daily rate.

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Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves advertising products to people from a company and receiving a commission for every product you sell via your link. For example, you recommend a product like a fridge worth N100k, with a promised commission of 30%, which is 30k. You then advertise the product through your different networks and blogs, and 30 people end up buying the product in a month. At the end of the month, you will earn a profit of 30,000 x 30= N900k from commissions.

The internet is a great place to earn good money. As your online presence grows, the more money you make.

This form of online business is cheap to manage. All you need is your data, skill set, motivation, and a decent supply of content. Make money as a student as you monetize your internet presence today.

You must build up your website to have high traffic to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is a nice work-from-home business. When you apply for jobs, you can put up any skill you are good at on freelancing platforms like Upwork. This will lead you to your potential employers by giving you exposure.

In addition, there are so many skills you can acquire to become a freelancer. Some skills include programming, writing, graphic design, and video editing. Freelancing platform like Upwork, SimplyHired, and Toptal helps you get this kind of job. 

You can get virtually anything done on Fiverr if you put your mind to it. Things like programming, music production, academic tutorials,  graphic design, writing, etc.

Start Trading Forex or binary options

Trading forex or binary options is another way to make daily money as a student. You can trade by getting signals, or you must have a base knowledge of trading. Trading forex is simply trading two currencies against each other.

Trading forex or binary options is highly lucrative but highly tempting, and if care and disciple are not taken, you can lose your initial investment.

Engage in E-commerce website

E-Commerce means electronic commerce is simply trading goods and services through the internet e-commerce website. That means you can sell items via the internet and get paid. First, you have to create a website. Then you list the items you wish to sell and start selling them. Your online presence increases as traffic grow toward your website, and your sales will increase automatically.

E-Commerce also saves you money because it does not require you to have any physical shop or a warehouse.

Online tutorial classes

Making money through online tutorial classes is the rave of the moment. You make short videos on different topics that you have mastery over. Then, you upload these videos to virtual learning platforms like Skillshare or Udemy. These sites pay you for every student who signs up and takes your course.

If You can teach anything and you can provide value in your teaching, your online presence increases, and you can make daily money as you monetize your teachings. 

The coaching business works both in the personal and professional industries.

Teaching is an art that some people can easily do, but others struggle with.

Another application of online tutorial videos is for people who travel to foreign lands, and people need to be taught the norms of a new country or language.

Maybe you have had success with interviews and have worked in different places. If yes, you can help others get their dream job.

Social Media Influencing

Can you command people’s attention and communicate with people on social media? Do you have an ear for the latest? Are you jovial and fun? If yes, then you can become a social media influencer. 

Many brand-making companies are willing to pay someone like you to manage their social media pages, paying handsomely for that so long as you have thriving traffic coming to your website daily. You can do this business as a side hustle, and it is really a good way to spend your time on social media while earning money for it.

You can get started by building up traffic to your site and then find a company to hire you as a social media influencer; remember, you must be very active on social media, post some viral stuff and show off your social media skills.

Be sure to inform people that you are a social media influencer when you put your contact details and mention that you are a social media manager looking for a job. You’ll get a lot of interested persons and companies reaching out to you. It will now be left to you to make a choice.

Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube monetization is a very popular way for students to make money online daily.

 You will see students making all kinds of videos. From documentaries to comedy skits, dance, tutorials or lifestyle videos, fashion, and cooking, the more interesting and entertaining your content, the more you get viewership, the more you get traffic coming to your site, and the more you make daily money as a student. 

 You must get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within your first year to make money on YouTube.

If you are passionate about what you do, When you do what you are good at, it will be easy to meet the requirements within a year.

You will be earning money in dollars as people watch your videos after monetization.

Managing a successful YouTube channel requires creativity, persistence, and interesting content.

 The minimum Equipment, a student, needs to Start a YouTube Channel;

  • Digital Camera or Phone with a Good Camera
  • External Microphone
  • Video Editing Software
  • Lighting
  • Tripod Stand

Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is digital money to make transactions online.

Many financial analysts have predicted that cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy. There is little difference between physical cash and cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is now the wealth creation gold mine to make money. It is more flexible than conventional physical currency.

Below is a list of cryptocurrency exchange blockchain platforms;

  • Bitcoin
  • Binance
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin

A student can invest when the cryptocurrency is low, trade its movement little by little, and make money daily.

Graphic Designing

Making money as a graphic designer as a student in Nigeria is very profitable. The first step toward learning graphic design is to get graphic design software.

Learning graphic designing with a personal computer and practicing it brings about perfection to increase your skill.

The beauty of graphic designing is that You do not need to go to a design school to learn graphic design because it can be self-taught. It is also possible to get the skill by enrolling in a graphic design beginners course online.

The best place you can learn graphic design is on YouTube because It is interactive and free of charge.

Graphic Design Software

Here is the list of software that you can use to learn graphic design as a student in Nigeria;

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Gravit Designer
  • Photoscape

Watch the video below:

How To Make #2000 Per Day On Your Phone



There are several business ideas list about that can be done with little or no capital.

Some of the ideas above require some technical know-how, a little experience, and lots of motivation.


Getting traffic to your site, be it your YouTube channel or your e-commerce website, depends on the content you have that people want to see or have.


Making money through google Adsense is through the number of content and traffics you have coming to your site.


Having a YouTube channel with over one thousand viewers is the best money maker.

 Depending on your content and passion, you can achieve your goal once you are focused and passionate about what you do. Following closely is a forex and binary option. Even though forex is highly profitable, it is highly risky.

Joining an affiliate marketing program has its rewards in time because you will need time to build up your online presence.


Making money as a student is not as difficult as most students think it is. The problem is that many students do not know how to manage their time. But it is not impossible to earn a legitimate income as a student.

I believe everyone is good at one thing or another, finding the ONE THING that you are also at and can passionately deliver by bringing extra money to your pockets without wasting too much time and resources.

If you can do one of the above-listed ideas and are passionate and consistent, you’ll earn at least 2k Naira daily and even more by helping others solve their problems or showing them how to make money too.

Being a student is not a limitation in any way; it just requires you to be focused to increase your earning capacity. You don’t have to wait until you graduate to be resourceful or to earn an income with your skills. You can start right now from where you are, even as a student.

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