10 Best Vocational Skills Training to Acquire in Nigeria

Best Vocational Skills Training to Acquire in Nigeria
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10 Best Vocational Skills Training to Acquire in Nigeria


Learning new skills in a specific trade or profession has become necessary in Nigeria. That is because it is the easiest route to self-employment. Vocational skills training is now common among the majority of the young population in Nigeria.

These skills provide a lot of benefits and experiences to people. It is also a good investment that promises to offer good income as a reward for these skills. In this article, I will discuss the best vocational skills training to acquire in Nigeria.

Best Vocational Skills Training to Acquire in Nigeria

What are Vocational Skills?

Vocational skills are typically first-hand skills or professions that someone learns to master in a trade or specific job. These skills can be learned at schools and other social groups or communities. Vocational skills are also regarded as one of the first steps towards entrepreneurship.

Suppose you are looking to gain experience from any industry or profession; you have to learn skills related to the specific industry or trade. Vocational skills in Nigeria have become very popular as many people look to create jobs for themselves. The next section will talk about some of the top vocational skills you should learn.


Top 10 Best Vocational Skills Training to Acquire in Nigeria

If you want to acquire a vocational skill in Nigeria, you should choose from one of the following;

      1. ICT skills and services
      2. Beauty and hairstyling
      3. Graphic Designing
      4. Fashion Designing
      5. Digital Marketing Skills
      6. Makeup Artistry
      7. Event Planning
      8. Photography
      9. Aluminum and Steel Fabrication
      10. Shoe Crafting


Want to know more about any of these vocational skills? Read this article till the end.

  1. ICT Skills and Services

ICT skills and services are practical skills for young and creative minds. There are a lot of young and tech-talented kids in Nigeria looking to explore the digital world. ICT skills are one of the most popular industries to acquire a vocational skill.

An advantage of this industry is that you can choose from many branches. There are options to choose between hardware, software, and other departments of computer skill development. The high demand for computer experts makes it a lucrative venture. So, acquiring computer skills would be valuable to anyone.


  1. Beauty and Hairstyling

This skill applies to both males and females. Male stylists or barbers, as they are mostly called, are a good and valuable skill to acquire. These skills have a huge demand across the country, and they also pay well. Investing to acquire hairstyling skills would be a good investment

Acquiring these skills would give you an edge and provide an income stream for you. If you want to learn a worthwhile venture regardless of your gender, hairstyling is where to go. Beauty salons also offer business opportunities in different other areas. These include makeup artistry, manicure, pedicure, and many other similar services.

  1. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers have a lot of important roles to play in various areas. Acquiring skills in graphic designing also promises a good income flow at the end of the day. This skill is also easy to achieve for anyone within a short period.

It is also very popular in the digital space as well as lucrative. You can work from the comfort of your home while providing graphic designs for your clients.  Graphic designers are responsible for creating flyers, handbills, stickers, and other stationery advertisement tools. That means their services also have a high demand.


  1. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a very versatile and interesting skill to acquire. Learning this skill would enable you to design and create fascinating fabrics and garments. There are a lot of skill acquisition training centers for this type of skill.

The demands of fashion design make it a special skill to learn. From celebrities to models, artists, and down to the average person, everyone needs a fashion designer. In this art, you will need to be able to draw designs and also style them at the same time. If you are looking for a cool skill that also pays well, Fashion designing is another option.


  1. Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing has become very popular today. Many businesses and companies now need digital marketing services to promote their products or services. That is because of the importance of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising and marketing products or services.

Learning digital marketing skills helps you gain experience in promoting content on social media. You also learn how to handle the social media accounts of top brands in different industries.

This skill is regarded as one of the most profitable vocational acquisitions in the internet space.


  1. Makeup Artistry

There is no doubt that makeup artists are now in high demand in Nigeria. This vocational skill gives you the chance to deliver your expertise at salons, weddings, and other ceremonial events. And it is usually practiced by female fashion entrepreneurs.

The job of a make artist is categorized in the beauty industry, and it aims at wearing makeup for clients with the use of different cosmetic products.

Makeup artists can acquire skills through online tutors and coaches. They could also attend formal classes for these skill acquisition. Whichever way, it gives you an experience of beauty and cosmetics.


  1. Event Planning

Event planning is another valuable skill that you should consider if you want to gain experience in the industry. In Nigeria, there is a big knack for celebrating events and memorable days. So, this talent would be valuable in rendering services to these types of gathering.

Occasions such as weddings, child dedications, house parties, and others always need an event planner. This job requires supervision and management skills. It also gives you the chance to work with other talents such as photographers, Bands, DJs, etc. Event planning is yet another fascinating vocational skill for young Nigerians to try out.


  1. Photography

This talent is one of the most common and best skills in Nigeria. Vocational skills training for photography can be obtained at app run in photo studios or a for class training. These skills are also important in delivering services at weddings, child dedications, and other events.

Photography is a valuable vocational skill to learn and also requires much time. However, you can gain experience from the numerous opportunities that photography brings. So, if you have a passion for making fascinating and eye-catching images, then this job is suitable for you.


  1. Aluminum and Steel Fabrication

This skill involves fabricating aluminum and steel products to make amazing windows, doors, roofing, and house construction materials. Fabrication of steel and aluminum is very in house construction.

There are several areas you can venture into with this skill. These could be windows/door fabrication or aluminum roofing. Building construction is not complete without these services. So, it means that learning this skill would be valuable as it is a crucial part of house construction.

Venturing into aluminum and steel fabrication is a lucrative skill, and it would be valuable to learn.


  1. Shoe Crafting

Shoe crafting has always been a popular vocational skill in Nigeria. It is one of the most applicable relevant arts and crafts. It is amazing how people can get creative and craft fascinating footwear designs.

You can get vocational skill training classes or apprenticeships in shoe crafting businesses.

Learning this skill will help explore your handy skills and creativity. It is also very lucrative to craft shoes and sell them to buyers. You are good at drawing shoe designs; adding craft would be a good idea.

So the list discussed above shows some of the best vocational skills training to acquire in Nigeria. You can find various platforms to get any of these skills today.


The Benefits of Vocational Skills Trainings Training

Vocationational skill has become vital in Nigeria as it is a path towards self-employment. In this section, I will give you a list of some of the benefits of acquiring a vocational skill in Nigeria

  • It provides an avenue for self-employment to many individuals
  • Vocational skills give you a vertical skill that can be easily utilized
  • Training and acquiring these skills are easier and faster compared to educational institutions
  • It provides an income stream for a lot of people

The benefits of vocational skills go on and on.


Is Acquiring Vocational Skills Training Worth it?

Vocationational skills may sometimes seem to be a waste of time as the market is already satisfied with similar services. However, learning a skill or trade that can earn you a living is worth the time and energy put into training sessions.

The advantages that acqui arering a skill gives you cannot be overlooked. A lotManyuates in Nigeria in the past decided to turn back to their skillabilitiesake an income. So, in a place with a high unemployment rate, learning vocational skills is valuable

So, That’s it about acquiring a vocational skill. If you have any questions on this topic, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the best vocational skills available today?

There are many skills that you can acquire and earn a living. Some of these skills have been covered in this article. However, in today’s world, digital skills have become more lucrative with a going demand from companies across the globe.


How long does it take to learn vocational skills? 

Learning vocational skills does not have a specific time frame. Especially as these skills come from different industries, some take longer to understand than others. However, practical experience of these skills is the best way to test your competence.


Are vocational skills expensive to learn? 

The cost of acquiring skills in Nigeria depends on different factors such as industry, training center or facility, and o,n. On the other hand, you can learn some digital skills via free online tutoring and watching video sessions.

Watch Top 10 Skills You Can Learn online


Vocational skill acquisition in Nigeria has become more common. Even graduates in Youth service camps get basic skill acquisition orientation.

If you are looking to explore your passion, learn a new skill, and make a living as a self-employed person, you must learn a vocational skill.

I believe this article has shown you some of the best vocational skills training to acquire in Nigeria. 


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