Digital Marketing Agency: All You Need To Know

Digital Marketing Agency: All You Need To Know
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Digital Marketing Agency: All You Need To Know

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “digital marketing”?

Probably you were thinking “a form of marketing done through the internet,” right?

Although you are correct, digital marketing has developed more than mere marketing services.

That is why you need a digital marketing agency to help handle your online issues and oversee your activities on the internet.

But, what exactly are these issues and activities you might need a digital marketing agency to handle?

This article will discuss more everything relating to digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Agency: All You Need To Know

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a modern business setup that offers digital marketing techniques and other related services to people.

The agency comprises a team of experts in each aspect of digital marketing to help them provide their services effectively.

A division of a digital marketing agency might be specialized in Social Media Marketing (SMM), influencing, or even copywriting.

On the contrary, another digital marketing agency might focus on only one service and provide professional insights regarding the service.

To a beginner, digital marketing might appear as an online form of physical marketing.

However, digital marketing is a very wide marketing aspect and requires a lot of work and expertise contributions to get satisfying results.

Therefore, you can also describe a digital marketing agency as a business setup that helps develop an online presence for your brand. 


Services Offered By a Digital Marketing Agency 

The services offered by a digital marketing agency can be broadly classified into three:

  • Marketing Services (Primary services in most cases)
  • Strategic & Consultancy Services 
  • Web development and design services 

Under each of these services, we can further breakdown the services offered by a digital marketing agency as shown below:

Marketing Services:

  • Implementation of digital marketing strategies (SMM, Email marketing, and so on)
  • Content creation and copywriting 
  • SEO services 
  • Lead generation 
  • Online branding 
  • Launching Ads campaigns 

Strategic & Consultancy Services 

  • Market research 
  • Sales funnel development and optimization 
  • Creation of brand awareness and positioning 
  • UX consulting

Web development and design services 

  • Website development and design 
  • App development and design 
  • UI design
  • UX design 
  • Running the beta test of online platforms 
  • Animations 
  • Graphics design 
  • CRM and CMS development and utilization 
  • Hosting services and development 


Why do you need a digital marketing agency?

There are several aspects you will require the assistance of a digital marketing agency in running your business, as you can see from the above section. 

Nevertheless, here are some additional reasons you should consider employing the services of a digital marketing agency;

  • Cost reduction 

The irony is that you save more when you hire a digital marketer or an agency, as the case may be.

It prevents you from spending unnecessarily on the wrong materials or expenses you might incur from making bad decisions.

In most cases, you may also be given a money-back guarantee which means you can earn money to pay the agency during the trial period.

  • It gives you more free time to take care of other needs

Business owners all take time as a big factor in their daily activities. The help of a digital marketing agency can give you the freedom to explore other sections of your business. 

Why don’t you hire a digital marketing agency to handle vital areas? This move would free you from unneeded stress.

Employing a digital marketer gives you more leisure time to do the things you love aside from your business life.

  • Professional Insights 

Experience, they say, is the best teacher,” and you probably lack sufficient experience at the moment.

Digital marketing agencies are made up of experts in the field whom you may call “best of the bests.”

The impact of their experiences and insights on your development is another reason you should consider.

  • Rapid business development 

A good digital marketing agency can revive a dead business through divergent marketing techniques and strategies. 

It also can speed up the rate of brand growth and awareness.

  • Exposure to new trends in your niche

You might not have time to research what is happening in your business world due to huge workloads.

Therefore, you need the assistance of those that will ensure you remain current and get first-hand information about the latest trends in your business.

How To Locate A Good Digital Marketing Agency?  

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies around us (both online and offline), so you should not have any big problem locating one.

You can either locate one physically or through the internet. The following are some of the locations you can outsource for one:

  • Google 
  • 400;”>Social Media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and so on)
  • LinkedIn 
  • Websites and blogs
  • Newspaper and magazines and other print media
  • Television and radio e.t.c.

However, it would help if you were extremely careful not to choose the wrong platform. That is why we have included a recommendation section in this article.

Also, check out the features you should look for before deciding on the next section. 

Features of a good digital marketing agency 

Before making a deal with a digital marketing agency, you must be convinced that the below-listed features are apex in the standards of the agency:

  • Timely: Time is key in everything we do. Therefore, the agency you wish to work with must meet deadlines. 

Everything must be done according to the stipulated time to ensure you do not miss out on important updates.

I suggest you check the agency’s records and give them a trial before extending your deal with them.

  • Reliability: Being reliable encompasses many things, ranging from trust to responsibility.

You must be sure whether the agency can keep business-related confidentiality and take responsibility in times of leaked info to protect your reputation.

  • Flexibility: How is the agency flexible to new trends in your industry?

A good digital marketing agency must bend easily to adapt to new trends, so you are not left lagging.

You may need to consider how creative, innovative, and modernized such an agency is to check this box.

  • Attentiveness: The agency is here to help you achieve your aims and, therefore, must listen to you.

Consider this question: how much of your feedback are they adopting?

There must be significant positive feedback from old and existing clients of the agency to show how good their customer relationship works.

  • High Performance: The major reason you are employing the agency is to help you with your brand, and this can only be shown through results. 

The agency must perform beyond expectation and open you to better opportunities in your industry.

That is why you need to gather real pieces of evidence on an agency before moving on with them.

  • Team-spirited: The agency must maintain a high team spirit between you and its employees. It would be best if you were carried along in everything they do so you do not end up where you started from.

There must be a significant difference between the “you” at the beginning and the “you” after outsourcing a digital marketing agency.


Cons of hiring a digital marketing agency

  • Presence of scammers and fraudsters: The ubiquitous digital marketing has brought some bad eggs into the crate. 

There are a lot of pseudo-digital marketers on the internet who claim to be what they are not. 

Some of these people even go as far as using the same names as reputable digital marketing agencies.

Therefore, you must be cautious and smart while transacting with any agency, especially those you met through the internet; otherwise, you might fall victim to the hungry lions.

  • Exorbitant fees: The high fees charged by many digital marketing agencies is one of the most discouraging factors in hiring the service of an agency.

Although there are still digital marketing agencies whose low and affordable prices, it seems the expensive ones have overshadowed them.

Some agencies would not even accept payment in Naira; instead, they would opt for dollars to make more money.

  • Substandard agencies: This is another major discouraging factor as the reputation and standard of an agency cannot be fully determined at a first impression.

Some agencies might perform excellently at the beginning to pin you down. Then they start misbehaving, especially if the work is dynamic.

In such a scenario, such an agency might have done the first aspect, which is mostly quite easy in a remarkable manner, then find it difficult to complete the work.

Thus, it would help if you were not deceived because even “seeing sometimes is not believing.”


  • Lack of specialization: This is quite related to the point above but differs based on your needs. Some of your needs might require more specialization.

This fact, in turn, will require the agency to have sufficient workers and experience to provide a solution to your problem.

The agency might claim to be specialized in this, and at last, you will discover that there is nothing but amateurs in the service. 

Apart from the above points, there are still several other challenges that you might face from hiring the service of a digital marketing agency.

Nonetheless, all these challenges are inevitable if you are cautious and follow our recommendations. 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Is a digital marketing agency needed only for online businesses?

Ans– No, any business can employ the service of a digital marketing agency

  • My products are physical; can I hire a digital marketer?

Ans– Yes, you can

  • What is the function of a digital marketing agency?

Ans– Basically; marketing, development and design, and consultancy services

  • Which digital marketing agency is one of the best in Nigeria?

Ans-  Odigital, Amplify, Anakle, etc. 


Recommendations on the best digital marketing agency 

In one of our next articles, we will focus on the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria.

However, let’s glance at some of our recommended digital marketing agencies that you probably should check out if you need to attend to an urgent issue regarding your brand.

  • Odigital
  • Pilumdigitals
  • Pyxl
  • Amplify
  • Anakle

The list is unending, but we will stop here and give you the full details about the above-listed platforms and some other top digital marketing agencies in the country in the main article on the topic.


Watch How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business


As much as you understand the importance of a good marketing strategy, you must contact a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency takes the burden of ensuring your success in this world of technological advancement. 

So, I believe you now have a good knowledge of how digital marketing agencies work. 

However, you must know that except it is specifically stated, do not assume digital marketing agencies to be financial advisors and only take risks you can afford to lose with any agency. 


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