Digital Marketing Strategies: Top 5 Factors To Consider

Digital Marketing Strategies: Top 5 Factors To Consider
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Digital Marketing Strategies: Top 5 Factors To Consider

In the world of advancing technologies, the need for an excellent digital marketing strategy in everyday business activities can never be underrated. 

Digital marketing strategies encompass digital techniques to drive the sale of a product or service.

However, it would help if you familiarize yourself with the nitty-gritty of these strategies to get a chance at succeeding with them.

Fortunately for you, this article will give you an insight into what these strategies are and how each of them works.

Digital Marketing Strategies: Top 5 Factors To Consider

What are digital marketing strategies?

A digital marketing strategy is an action-based plan to achieve a specific business goal.

This strategy involves adopting online tools to achieve your business plans which could be either profit-oriented or creating brand awareness.

Since the world is fast becoming technological-driven, it is a must for businesses to modify their marketing strategy to get a chance among their competitors.

However, divergent business works well with specific digital marketing strategies.

Therefore, you must find the digital marketing strategy that best fits your business.

Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider before selecting a digital marketing strategy.


Factors to consider before selecting a digital marketing strategy

  • Your industry

The first thing you need to consider is your industry or niche. Your industry will go a long way to determine which strategy will work for you. 

You also need to check if your industry allows for the application of digital concepts.

Ask yourself this question;

“How technological-oriented are the methods and equipment used in the industry?”

This question and many more will help you decide the strategy you should adopt.


  • Your Products

This factor is as simple as “are your products naturally digital or non-digital?”

You cannot expect a natural digital product such as e-books to give the same results as a bicycle being sold on the internet.

Different products work well with specific strategies. So you must figure this out to unlock your products’ potential on the internet.


  • Your Audience 

The audience plays a significant role in determining the digital marketing strategy a particular business brand will espouse. 

Your audience is the main focus of the marketing strategy, and hence, it must capture them.

You have to consider the digital exposure your audience

Are they the set of people who use social media a lot? 

Or do they fall under the category of e-mail users?

Survey your audience and apply the A/B test to segregate your results.

Your chosen digital marketing strategy must suit your audience’s age group, interests, and trends, among other vital aspects.


  • Your digital skills

Now, it is time you consider yourself.

You would not want to utilize a strategy you know nothing about; it would be unnecessary.

That does not mean that you must become an expert, but you should understand the basics.

For instance, you should use the social media platforms you want to market on even though you do not know much about Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Then you can hire a professional social media marketer to handle the complex aspects of the strategy. 

Never forget to consider your digital skills before deciding on the digital marketing strategy you should implement.


  • Your Budget

How much do you wish to spend on the marketing campaign?

Can the amount cover the digital marketing strategy you want to utilize?

Your budget must take care of any strategic needs that might come up.

However, if you do not have enough yet, try to gather more funds instead of running a low-budget marketing strategy.

Most times, low-budget marketing strategies usually perform below expectations. Thus, you might lose your money, time, and effort.


Forms of Digital Marketing Strategies 

With the advancement in technology, different forms of digital marketing strategies have been introduced.

Some are complex, with divergent stand-alone digital marketing strategies, while others are straightforward and understandable.

Below are some forms of digital marketing strategies you can implement for your business:

  • SEM
  • SMM
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Feature Marketing/ Product Marketing
  • Ads
  • Sponsored Posts 
  • Influencing 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This strategy involves using search engines such as Google to market your products and services.

SEM comes from running ads on these platforms or paying high-ranking websites to market your products.

It is an effective form of digital marketing strategy that has been in use for quite some time but might require you to know SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps determine how well your posts will rank on search engines.

Good Search Engine Marketing can drastically spike your sales and promote your brand’s popularity.

Imagine the number of people making use of Google daily.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

SMM is one of the most familiar digital marketing strategies, as it requires little or no knowledge to run.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) uses social media platforms to get leads and promote brand awareness.

It entails several digital marketing strategies such as Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, etc.

Facebook marketing appears to be the most popular group and is very easy to implement as virtually anyone with a Facebook account can implement it. 

However, for more advanced marketing campaigns, one might need to consult professional social media marketers. 


Email marketing 

Emails are one of the oldest forms of digital marketing strategies and are still effective.

Email marketing involves sending out divergent emails to your list for better interaction and promoting sales.

One good thing about this strategy is that you can reach many people simultaneously.

It is also straightforward to automate the process of marketing through emails.

To some people, email marketing might seem crude since they believe people do not check their emails daily.

However, to those who know how to utilize email marketing tools, it is a must-have strategy in everyday business life.


Video Marketing 

As the name implies, video marketing uses virtual content to promote your brand and products.

It is ubiquitous to see flyers, ads, and audio content used to advertise products and services.

However, the use of videos is seen to be more productive than these methods 

Videos give you a realistic view of the products being promoted.

Moreover, “seeing they say, is believing”


Running Ads

Running ads is another great digital marketing strategy you probably should try out.

You see ads every day on almost all websites you visit, on Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

Do you think they are just for entertainment? Of course not.

Brands running ads get leads and record-high sales even from just one ad campaign at times.

Running an ad is quite simple, but due to currency conversion issues, you might need to seek assistance during the process.


Use of influencers

Influencers help promote products through their popularity, especially on social pages or day-to-day activities.

They create an impression that your products are authentic, and due to their influence, many of their followers are likely to take their words and patronize your brands.

There are a lot of famous influencers in the world, with the majority of them being celebrities.

You can reach out to an influencer to help you promote your products.


A sponsored post is similar to running ads but involves buying a web page space

It is done by contacting website owners and bloggers to help you advertise your products on their websites/blogs.

These are often tagged “Sponsored Posts” on such websites/blogs, making it easier to differentiate them from regular ads.


Feature Marketing / Product Marketing 

Feature and product marketing are two similar digital marketing strategies.

They involve promoting a product using a specific feature (feature marketing) or full product features (product marketing).

Feature marketing is an innovation but can be very effective if leveraged judiciously.

The strategy requires you to identify a key feature of your products and emphasize it during your marketing campaign.

On the other hand, product marketing that is quite common involves running a promotion for a product or product as the case may be, considering its full features.

To achieve the above digital marketing strategies, you may need to combine them with some of the digital marketing strategies discussed before.


Limitation of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies are highly-productive but can be hindered by some factors and activities on the internet. 

  • Technological advancement 
  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Lack of proper digital skills
  • Implementing a wrong digital marketing strategy
  • Cyber fraud
  • Marketing a non-digital oriented product


So, that’s it about Digital Marketing Strategies. Have any questions about this topic? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.



  • What is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy uses online tools to achieve a business goal.

  • Can I implement a digital marketing strategy for a physical product?

Yes, you can

  • Can two digital marketing strategies be used to market a particular product?

You can use as many digital marketing strategies as you wish to market your products

  • What are SEM and SMM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and SMM is Social Media Marketing 

  • Is SEO an essential aspect of digital marketing strategy?

No, it is only essential for SEM and SMM most times.


Watch Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2022


Due to the divergence in services, products, and brands, it is challenging to state which strategy will work for a particular industry. 

Therefore, you must carry out proper research before delving into adopting a digital marketing strategy.

There are numerous ways you can perform your research, and sometimes, you can spy on your competitors to see what they are doing.

However, you should know you are not to imitate whatever your competitors are doing but beat them to the game by doing better.

One great skill you will find instrumental is the A/B test.

It involves segregating your audiences into different sections to know each section of your audience. It would help if you directed specific marketing strategies. 

You can segment them based on age, demographics, geographical location, interests, purchasing power, and so on. 



The lack of information most times hinders our progress business-wise.

If your products are not selling through traditional marketing strategies, why don’t you try a digital strategy?

Good enough, you do not need to do this yourself, find a professional digital marketer and watch your sales spike.

However, it is advisable you also understand the basics of the strategies the digital marketer might want to implement for your brand.

In case you are not sure where to find a digital marketer for your brand, then you might need to check out our top 10 list of digital marketing agencies in Nigeria


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