Download Free Invoice Template – Know All Its Importance Uses [2022]

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Download Free Invoice Template – Know All Its Importance Uses [2022]

An invoice is an important document that every freelancer or small business should prepare. Getting paid for your services or product delivery is done after preparing a good Invoice. This invoice contains relevant information about your services and how much you are to be paid. 

There are many ways to prepare an Invoice to send to your clients. You can also use some templates that give you a sample layout. In this article, I will show you how you can download free invoice template. 

This article will also tell you everything you need to know about creating an invoice. Want to know how to download and prepare an invoice? Read this article till the end. 

Download Free Invoice Template

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that contains the description of your services or products delivered to a client or customer. Invoicing has become a necessary tool for small businesses and freelancers.

This document contains every detail of your business and the terms of payments. A good invoice includes a title, date, product/service descriptions, contact, and account details. An invoice is very important as it is the most popular way entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses get paid.

There are several ways you can create an invoice. However, an invoice template is the best option, especially for starters.

What is an Invoice Template? – How to Download a Free Invoice Template

An invoice template is a document layout or sample that shows the default forms of everything an invoice should contain. Invoice templates are made with default details to put in your information.

Although many template tool providers offer them subscriptions, you can as well find and download free invoice templates. 

An invoice template is mostly very professional and reduces the tendency of errors. To download an invoice template, follow the instructions that I have listed below;

  • Visit an invoice tool website. One of these invoice templates sites is Invoicehome 
  • After visiting the site, click on create an invoice
  • You will see various designs to choose from; select from any of the numerous designs available for free.
  • Download the template file. It is usually a form that contains a sample of an invoice.
  • Edit the default information and enter the details of your services and business.

Using an invoice template is the best way to prepare this document for your services. It is also affordable as it is available for free.

What is an Invoice used for?

The primary use of an invoice is to provide details about the services they have delivered to a client. An invoice also contains payment terms and details alongside the address of your company. Companies use invoices to get paid for their services/products. 

There are many other uses of an invoice. They include;

  • It is used to request payments from customers.
  • Invoices can also be used to monitor sales.
  • It is important in recording business revenues for tax filings.
  • Invoicing helps in making Bookkeeping activities easier.

What are the benefits of an Invoice?

One of the biggest advantages of an invoice to small businesses is that; it helps them get timely payments from clients. 

Invoicing also provides some other benefits for freelancers and other small businesses. It gives your business professionalism and credibility. You can also provide contact and business address to your clients. Invoice templates have made it less tasking for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers to prepare these documents. Free invoice templates and software have made this process even easier.

What does an Invoice Template contain?

A good invoice template must contain a title, date, address, contact information, product/service descriptions, amounts due, and account information. These details provide a Professional impression of your business to the client. 

Here, I will discuss everything that a good invoice must contain.


The file must contain the title, which should be on the top of the invoice page. It should be marked as an invoice.


A professional invoice should contain the date it was sent to the client. It may also carry the due date of payment. Some people might offer discounts on early settlements. These terms of payment should also be covered in the invoice.

Terms of Payment

The payment terms are important information that you should cover in an invoice. Payment terms such as the due date for the client’s payment, deadlines, additional late payment fees, etc., should be present in the invoice.

Name and Address

The name and address of your clients, plus the name and address of you or your business, should be written. These details must also carry your contact address like mail or postal addresses. Contact information is very important in this section as it helps your customer reach you in case of any questions.

Invoice Number

Invoice numbers are mostly combinations of numbers and letters that are unique to identifying the special purpose of each invoice. They are essential because it helps you monitor and keep your work organized. It also enables you to keep track of your income report.

Listings of Products/Services and charges

Every invoice must contain the listings of the product(s) or services offered to a client or customer. This listing must have a clear and comprehensive description of the unit price (rate) and the total price of the services or products.

The total of every service offered is brought down and written below the listing table.

These are the main and essential things that an invoice must contain. Some invoices might have VAT charges if it is applicable.

Also, your details are mostly provided in the bottom corner of the invoice page.

Invoice templates come with different designs, and companies or small businesses have their preferred templates. Many design methods of invoice templates carry various styles of templates. Invoices are also available in other formats show

How Do I Prepare an Invoice?

You can create an invoice in various ways and methods. In this section, I will show you three ways to prepare a template for your business.

Download an Invoice Template

This method allows you to use software templates with either Microsoft or Excel. They are very user-friendly but also professional. An invoice template can be sent as an email attachment or a printed hard copy.

You can find various sites where you can download a free invoice template. They come with different designs and formats that are simple and professional. Using a template is one of the common ways of preparing an invoice. And this article has covered how you can download a free invoice template.

Accounting Software

If you use software that handles your accounting needs, this method is an easy way to create an invoice. The app streamlines the process and makes it easy to prepare an invoice. Accounting software helps you design professional invoices to send to your clients. In addition, some accounting software gives you the luxury of sending the invoice via email.

For those who do not have Accounting software, using an invoice template would be a good alternative.

Use a Paper Invoice

Some companies may not fancy the use of software or other invoice tools. In this case, they prefer to fill out a paper invoice. This invoice can be done manually. Alternatively, you can also purchase them from office stores.

Filling out a paper invoice would not involve software or templates. It is mostly prepared, and you can also order them from amazon.

These are the three common ways to prepare an invoice for your customers. However, the use of an invoice template is the most popular. That is because it comes with varieties of designs and has a professional appearance. A template can be created for free, making it cost-effective.

How Do I Invoice Clients?

The best way to invoice clients is by sending invoices through the mail. It is also advisable to send an invoice immediately when you complete service for the client or customer.  The invoice should include every detail like;

  • Address; which your client may need to contact you
  • Payment information; That your client will use to pay for the services.

So, I have covered everything you need to know about invoicing and how to download a free invoice template. Have any more questions on this topic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the best free invoice template?

Although there are some paid invoice templates, you can find hundreds of free invoice templates.
Freshbooks, Zoho, Invoice Bus, and Skynova are some of the best free invoice templates you can get.

What format can I get a free invoice template?

You can easily get an invoice template by downloading it. The templates mostly come in a PDF file. However, you can also find MS word and excel invoice templates.

What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

Invoices are issued to the client before payment is made. Receipt, on the other hand, is given after the customer or client has made the payment.

What is the difference between an invoice and a bill?

A bill is not the same as an invoice. Bills work when a business owner offers a customer a bill to make an instant payment. A good example of this scenario is receiving a bill after eating a meal in a restaurant.

Is an invoice proof of purchase?

Although an invoice provides a statement of service offered, it does not mean that any payment was made. An invoice cannot be used as proof that the purchase of an item was complete.

How should I invoice a customer?

An invoice should be sent to a customer immediately after an order or purchase has been fulfilled.

How long should I give a client to pay an Invoice?

The time differs depending on the company or individual. However, it is advisable to give a maximum of 30 days time frame to the client or customer.

Watch How to Get Free Invoice Sample for your Business on Google Sheets


Invoicing has become a very crucial part of small businesses today. Companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even individuals use this tool to get paid by their customers.

It is not difficult to prepare an invoice, and this article has discussed some easy methods to create free invoices. Downloading a template, using accounting software, or filling a paper invoice are some of the common ways of this process.

This article must have given you a guide on downloading a free invoice template.  You can now follow the steps and prepare your invoice.

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