4 Easy Ways To Market Yourself As A Freelance Video Editor

Freelance Video Editor
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4 Easy Ways To Market Yourself As A Freelance Video Editor

Gone are the days when people used to put all their effort into one job. In the new era of working from home and freelancing, many people are taking their talent and passion to greater heights. Plus, the tremendous growth of social media has opened tons of new job opportunities for people acquainted with video editing.

Freelance video editing is one such job that is seen as a booming career nowadays and for many good reasons. According to recent studies, more people enjoy video content than ever. And not just YouTube, other social media platforms like Instagram have introduced Reels and IGTV features to keep their users sane. 

So, freelance video editors are in high demand because this field requires the perfect blend of talent, knowledge, creativity, hard work, and the right vision to produce a masterpiece. This field does come with risks, but once you understand the market and choose the best video editing tool, marketing yourself will be a cakewalk. 

Freelance Video Editor
Freelance Video Editor

Freelance Video Editor: What Does It Mean? What Do They Do?

The first and foremost meaning of being a freelance video editor is editing the footage and uploading it on video-sharing platforms to get your creativity and skill noticed by a vast audience. The content should stand out from the crowd to attract viewers.

There are no such rules for creating a video that people would want to watch. You have to observe and keep up with the trends to find out ways to make people watch your content. 

As a freelance video editor, you can work with various clients. You will not be making only one type of video content at a time. You will be free to choose the type of content you want to create. You can choose your client as well as your working hours.

Of course, there’s risk involved in this career, and it’s full of unpredictabilities. There will be potential for huge rewards on some days, and there will also be days when you may earn nothing. However, if you are confident about your skills and creativity, if you are a quick learner and ready to face new challenges, this career will be fruitful for you. 

How Can You Market Yourself As A Freelance Video Editor?

Freelance video editors are required for promotional and marketing purposes, wedding events or similar family occasions, music videos, etc.

The workflow of a freelance video editor is –

(i) importing, logging, and tagging video files,

(ii) trimming excess footage,

(iii) rechecking the initial cut and checking for sound and color,

(iv) final reviewing and compressing the final product,

(v) saving and cataloging the finished product.

That being said, let’s know more about how you can market yourself as a freelance video editor.

Video Editing Platforms

If you have made up your mind about getting into the arena of freelance video editing, the first thing you have to determine is what kind of video you want to edit so you can find your clients accordingly. There are many types, such as narrative films, wedding videos, commercials, music videos, graduation videos, etc.

You don’t have to stick to producing one type of video, but you should have a niche to deliver your best work. You also must ensure you have all the equipment you need to deliver the best to your clients.

Choosing video editing tools that blend well with the type of videos you want to create is also crucial. Search a few platforms to find the one that will make you say, “This is the best free video editing software.” The best online video editor provides all the necessary features and allows you to work easily.

No matter what you choose, never forget that you are stepping into a competitive market, and you will need tenacity to get clients. You won’t be around for long if your focus is not on serving your clients with the best. It’s indeed hard work to start a business, but being practical will take you further.

The key is to polish your skills and become flexible to bring newness to the market. 

Once you have decided what kind of video editing you want, it’s time to focus on the audience and see what they prefer watching. This will require market research, which sounds pretty complicated but is very simple if you take enough time to understand and identify the people who would benefit from your services.

Marketing is about creating leads to whom you can sell your video editing services. 

Getting In The Game

Everyone starts somewhere, and the beginning can be hard. But, thoughtful and practical analysis of your target market will reveal the patterns other businesses are missing out on.

Before you start, learn as much as possible from your potential market and try to find the point of entry. Build a unique value proposition for yourself by solid testing with your potential clients.

For this, you will need to list everything you do best and your client’s needs. Notice what you do best to meet your potential client’s needs. By doing this, you will simply have the opportunity to build a unique value proposition for your business.

Building A Strong Portfolio

The first thing your client would want to see before hiring you is your former work. So, creating a stunning portfolio should be one of your top priorities.

Always update your portfolio regularly so your client can see your past and recent projects. Doing this will encourage the clients to patronize you; they will also recommend you to their connections and business partners.

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Publishing Your Work Natively

Sharing your work is the best way to build connections with potential clients. Thanks to social media, sharing your content with the world is now easy. You can start by uploading your work on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Uploading your work on YouTube is the best way to reach the maximum audience as it is the second-largest search engine in the world, and it offers more opportunities to reach your target audience.

But, your job doesn’t end after uploading your work online; you also have to analyze how they are performing. While writing the title and description of your video, make sure to add all the necessary keywords that describe your work properly to help people find you.

You have to keep advertising your work to get them noticed by people. You can share them with your friends and connections, post them as Instagram stories, and even cross-promote them.

Optimizing Your Work

As mentioned earlier, properly promoting your work is important to help you get more clients. Most people won’t have the time to look up your content online, so you have to ensure that your work reaches them, and you also have to persuade them to view your content.

Most creators put the spark of the video at the end to keep the users guessing. Times have changed and so have people’s attention spans. Thus, you only have the first few seconds of the video to unleash the spark that will make viewers stay till the end.

Your content doesn’t always need to be short, but it should have an x-factor. Produce video contents that touch the heart and soul of the audience to create better engagement, resulting in a higher response rate. The more people come across your video content, the more chances you will have to convert them into your clients.

You can also use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grow your business online. This strategy is not only about understanding what your prospects are searching for but also about leveling up your content to make it more relevant and engaging.


As a freelance video editor, the sky is the limit. Follow the tips mentioned above to get a firm footing in the industry and let the world marvel at your creativity.

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