How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria
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How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

In this post, we are going to teach you how you can become an amazon affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

It is a well-known fact that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. They’ve been the undisputed e-commerce leader for the past decade and are generating an average of $135 billion in revenue annually, so you might as well join them now and take your own piece of the pie.

Affiliate marketing is one of the prominent ways to make money online and the amazing thing is, the money keeps flowing in on autopilot. Once you’ve set your requirements, you are good to go.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program is a program managed by the world’s biggest online store. They have different sorts of products that everybody would love to buy. The Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon associates) allows you to promote links on your site and you get paid a commission when a customer purchases a product through your unique affiliate ID.

To simplify, you earn a commission on every product bought through your affiliate link on Amazon. There is no limit to what you can earn from doing your job as an affiliate, you earn as much as people buy.

If a product from Amazon costs $200, and a customer purchased that product through your affiliate link, Amazon pays you a commission for that product. The affiliate commission on Amazon products is mostly 10% commission. This means you can earn up to 10% commission on every product you’re promoting.

Let’s say you are promoting a product of $200 at the affiliate commission of 10%, your commission is going to be $20. Which is okay, now, let’s assume you were able to generate 3000 traffic per month which is very low and just 30 of them bought the product on Amazon using your link. Your affiliate commission is going to be $20 multiply by 30 which equals $600 (N216,000) on just a single product.

Now, if you are promoting multiple products and just 150 people are buying through your link every month. That’s 150*$20 = $3000 (N1,080,000) every month and increasing! That’s amazing. 

It’s important to know that your success solely depends on how much traffic you can direct to your link. It’s best you have a website, blog, or social media account that you can use to gain traffic to your products. It makes it easier for you.

Now that we have seen the value of the Amazon affiliate program, how do we get on board with it?

How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Marketer In Nigeria

To become an amazon affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you need to register for Amazon Affiliate Program and you need to have the following resources;

  • A fast internet connection and PC to register
  • A mobile phone, to receive a phone call. Don’t worry, I will explain this a little later
  • A VPN
  • A new email to register
  • And a website, blog, mobile app.

Step 1: Visit Amazon Associates sign-up page.

If you have all the resources listed above, click on the link below and head over to the Amazon associate sign-up page to create an account. Click Join now for FREE! And on the next page, fill in your name, Email, and Password, then click Create your Amazon account.


Step 2: Verify your information.

Now it’s time to verify your email address. Check your mailbox for a code that will be sent to you and type it in the box on Amazon’s webpage. Then click  Verify. If you didn’t get any code, you should click “Resend Code”, and you will surely get the code in your mailbox.

On the next page, fill in your account information and leave the “main contact for this account?” As “The payee listed above”, then click Next.

Step 3: Website and Mobile app List.

The next page is the Website and Mobile App List. This is where you will list all the top-level domains and mobile apps on which you plan to display banners, widgets, Special Links, or other ads from Amazon Associates. You need to have and add at least one website or mobile app. You can add up to 50 websites, blogs or mobile apps. Then click Next.

After clicking next, you will see another piece of information that reads, “Are any of the websites or mobile apps listed above directed primarily at children under 13? These websites and mobile apps are not eligible to display banners, widgets, special links, or other ads from Amazon Associates. You are required to declare this information.” Just mark “No” and click” Confirm.”

Step 4: Profile page.

Under the Profile page, you have to fill in your preferred Associates’ Store ID, which is like a  username. The “*” sign shows that this is vital information to them and MUST be filled.

Kindly fill in the following:

  • “Which of the following topics best describes your websites or mobile apps?” 
  • “What type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your websites or mobile apps?” 
  • “What type are your websites or mobile apps?”
  • “How do you drive traffic to your website (s)?”
  • “How do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income?” 

and so on, until you get to the ending of the page, then click Next.

Step 5: Verification

The Identity Verification page is very tricky, and by now, you should know that Nigerians cannot have an Amazon account. Unfortunately, the Amazon affiliate program is only accessible to people living in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherland. This means that people living outside the shores of these countries cannot have an Amazon affiliate account. But fret not!

Nothing’s impossible on the internet today. Having so many developments can’t be for anything. So, even if you are not in those countries, you can still very much have an Amazon affiliate account. 

Just go through the following two procedures that I’m going to list below to help you bypass the verification stage and you will be all right.

Procedure 1

You will need a USA number to scale through the verification phase. And for that to happen, you will have to download a VPN that changes your location to the US. Download the ZenMate VPN app from the Play Store and create an account. Zenmate will send you a link to your email that will be used to verify your email address for you to start using the FREE 7 Days Premium trial of the ZenMate VPN service.

 Once you are done with that, login to the Zenmate app from your Android device and set the location to the United States. ZenMate will then connect, showing a green logo and a key at the top of the notification bar of your Android device. 

Procedure 2

After procedure 1, download the Text Plus app, this is where the VPN is useful because, without it, you can’t download this app. Make sure the Zenmate App is on, and the location is set to the United States. 

Download and install the Text Plus app. Next, input your user name and password and accept the terms and conditions and then click on the sign-up button. Next click on “Select State.“, Choose an area code and then click on add a phone number. You’ll have to verify that you are a human by completing the reCaptcha. And that’s all, you now have a USA number.

Back to the amazon verification page, type your new gotten USA number in the box, and click Verify. A PIN will be provided on the verification page so that when they call you, you will have to type it on your phone. Just think of it as you trying to get to a GLO customer care representative. 

It is very important to make sure you are on the Verification page while placing the call.

A 4-digit code will be generated by Amazon on the registration page.

When the call comes in, click on the dial pad and wait till the caller tells you to punch the 4-digit code that is displayed on the Amazon affiliate Phone verification page.

After that, mark I agree to the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement’s terms and conditions and click Finish. On the next page, you will be asked for your Tax Information. You need to follow these procedures and answer the questions as they are stated below;

Tax Information Interview

  1. Who will receive income from Amazon or its subsidiary? — individual
  2. For U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S. person? — no
  3. Are you acting as an intermediary agent or other person receiving payment on behalf of another person or as a flow-through entity? — no

Tax Identity Information

  1. Enter your full name.
  2. Select “Nigeria” as a country of residence.
  3. De-Selected “I have a Non-US TIN.”
  4. Select “I could not/have not obtained TIN from my local authorities because of other reasons. “
  5. Click “Continue.”
  6. Set “location of services perfumed” to: All services will be performed outside the U.S.
  7. Accept agreement/consent.
  8. Enter your full name as “signature.”

Click Save > Preview > Submit


As you already know that without traffic your website can’t make any money so you need to start promoting it. This should be your main focus if you really want to make money with the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria.

To start generating traffics in no time you might need to focus on the following:

  • Sharing post on social media
  • Answer Questions on Quora
  • Focus on getting Backlinks
  • Collecting Email on your site for re-visit
  • Promoting Your Site Through Sponsored Ads

Doing this will help you gain customers that will patronize you.

And that is all that you should know about how to become an amazon affiliate marketer in Nigeria or any other country that doesn’t support it. Now, you should go ahead and create ads that you can place on your website, blog, or app.

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