How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria 2022

How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria 2020
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How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria 2022

Agriculture based on snails Nigeria is among the most lucrative ideas for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Snail farming can be a practical and viable business option which is not yet fully researched in Nigeria as well as the rest of Africa.

Snail farming might not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of business opportunities that are profitable to start in Nigeria.

How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria 2020

This article will make you aware of the massive wealth which can be made through the establishment of an enterprise of snail farming in Nigeria.

Why Snail Farming?

The market potential of snail farms in Nigeria and across Africa is vast, yet undervalued. Snails constitute a significant part of the diet of many regions of Africa however, they’re not always inexpensive and readily available throughout the year.

If you raise snails in commercial quantities hotels, restaurants, and fast food establishments will be your frequent customers.

In Nigeria the cost of matured and raw snails can go from N250 to N600, depending upon the amount. The annual demand for snails in Nigeria is approximately 7.5million kilograms annually.

The snail trade is booming across Europe as well as North America. In the United State America imports more than $4 million worth of snails every year from across the globe including Nigeria.

Since the beginning picking snails from the fields or the bush was the only method for snails to reach the market and to the table.

The demand for snails is much higher than the supply which indicates that the market for snail is endless, globally and locally.

The establishment of both large and small scale snail farming enterprises is the best method to fill the gaps that exist between snails and the supply of it in Africa.

5 Steps To Starting A Snail Farm In Nigeria 2022

Below are the five fundamental steps you must follow in order to start a successful snail-farming business Nigeria in 2022

Step 1: Decide On The Snail Species You Want To Keep For Your Farm

In order to create a snail farm it is necessary to select only one species of snail. Studies have shown that snail species like Achatina is the most suitable for warmer climate areas such as Africa.

Step 2: Prepare Your Farmland To Be Used For Housing.

Your snail’s home must have enough space to allow your snails to roam free. In the event of overcrowding, it hinders the growth of snails and consequently should not be done.

A properly-spaced snail house lowers the risk of outbreaks of diseases due to overcrowding.

Snails are adept in escaping their homes where they live, which is why it is important to build an escape-proof housing. Pens are a good option for a home that is spacious and easily accessible, with a soil thickness of 10 inches and trees in the vicinity.

Step 3: Buy Your Snails

If you’re planning to set up your own snail farm it is necessary to purchase the snails. After you have set up a suitable housing space and farmland to house the snails, the time is now to purchase some fresh snails at the market or from any farm. It is always recommended to inspect the snails before purchasing to ensure that they’re healthy.

When you begin with your farm of snails, it’s important to have healthy full grown snails to lay eggs and contribute to the growth of your farm. Take a look at the snail’s shell. If there’s a lip, it indicates they’re fully grown snails.

Step 4: Feeding And Rearing The Snails

Snails are a vegetarian and are fed with a wide variety of food items like cucumber, cabbage, mango and bananas, eggplant tomatoes, pear Okra, paw-paw, cassava leaves, or even lettuce. But, you could also feed snails bananas, pineapple, or the paw.

Mating and laying eggs is an essential part of snail farming. In general, mating takes place between the spring and summer.

Being hermaphrodites, snails are able to fertilize one another as soon as they’re mature enough. To ensure that eggs to lay smoothly, you must utilize high-quality soil that has the right humidity and temperature.

Stage 5: Harvesting, And Then Selling Of Snails

It’s not economically prudent to collect your snails prior to they reach maturity. They need to be mature prior to harvesting. Don’t take all the matured snails in one go to offer them on the market.

It is essential to keep a some for breeding purposes and also to be used as a the base stock in your farm snails.

Snail has a high market demand and is priced well. You can sell snails at the local market. The consumption of snail meat is rising rapidly around the world. Therefore, exporting to the international market could earn you more cash.

Cost of Starting A Snail Farming Business

The essential expenses you have be aware of if you’re contemplating how to establish an animal farm are: housing, purchasing fresh snails, food processing, handling of your snails, marketing and transport.

It is possible to start your business by investing N60,000 or N100,000. It all depends the size you would like your farm of snails to become. In addition to the amount of your investment, you can also choose to raise 1,000,000 snails that are worth over N5 million every year.

How Much You Can Earn From Snail Farming In Nigeria

This is possible due to the availability of extremely prolific Achatina snails that lay between 200-400 in a single batch, which is twice or three times per year.

If you can produce 100,000 snails which sell at N250 per snail that is N250 x 100,000, you’ll earn N2,500,000. You’ll earn about N25,000,000 annually or more if you make 1,000,000 snails.

For those who are new to the field, developing an enterprise plan for snail farming is a vital element that must be taken before beginning. This will provide you with the complete understanding of what that must be completed.

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In terms of costs and time snail farming is an extremely low-risk venture. As opposed to many other livestock enterprises snail farming has minimal startup and operational costs. It is possible to set up your snail farm in within the yard of your home to avoid the purchase of farm land.

The ideal time to begin setting up with a snail farming business is during the period of rain, especially from July through October as this is when snails typically begin breeding.

Also, it is important to know that snail prices rise when there is a shortage in the months between march and december which is when it’s dry.

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