How To Make Money From WhatsApp – 2022 Make Money Online Guide

how to make money from Whatsapp
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How To Make Money From WhatsApp – 2022 Make Money Online Guide

How To Make Money From WhatsApp – 2022 Make Money Online Guide

Have you ever thought of making money from WhatsApp? Well, many people are already earning cash from the App. It is 2021, and digitalization has taken over the World so, you can find lots of opportunities in everything. 

how to make money from Whatsapp

Since its takeover by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp has seen a tremendous increase in annual income. The App can be a fantastic tool for users to make a few cash. In this article, I will show you a few tips on making money from WhatsApp.

Before we go into the tips, I would like to share a  brief history of WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp

Founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, Whatsapp started as a free messaging platform. In 2014, Facebook paid a whopping $19 billion to become a part of the messaging platform.

The App has since developed into one of the most used messaging platforms in the World. WhatsApp currently has over two billion users across the World (2021). 

The App’s revenue has also increased since Facebook became a part of the platform. Also, a few more monetization features have been added to the App. WhatsApp business accounts are one of the developments that have leaped their revenue in recent years. 

Now looking at how to make money from WhatsApp, I will share a few tips.

How To Make Money From WhatsApp – 2022 Make Money Online Guide

WhatsApp has put a reasonable effort into monetization in the last few years. These strategies have yielded good performances, as WhatsApp revenues have shown. Nowadays, users have used the App for different marketing and promotional ideas. 

Below are five tips on how to make money from WhatsApp in 2021.


The above ways can help you generate a lot of money from WhatsApp. Here, I will show you how to go about these methods.

Affiliate Marketing

Earning through affiliate marketing involves promoting and selling products for a company to get a commission. You need to receive their affiliate link and get customers to purchase products using your links.  

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways of making money through any platform today. You can also earn a lot of money with WhatApp via affiliate links. Prompting products to your potential customers on your contact list is a productive way of making cash on WhatsApp.  

You can also join large groups with many contacts to promote our affiliate links. This strategy has become a famous way in which affiliate marketers make money from WhatsApp.

Sell your Products

In 2021, selling your products via a  physical store is not just the only answer. Having an online presence can go a long way in boosting the sales of your products. Promoting your products on WhatsApp through marketers on related groups can work magic in taking your business forward. 

If you have a skill or other services you to offer your potential clients, Whatsapp is an excellent platform to render your skills for money. 

You can make sales by simply putting images of your products on WhatsApp status every day. This strategy can work well in selling products to your contacts. An advantage of selling your products on WhatsApp is getting repeat customers to your business. Since they have your number, your customers can contact you quickly. Opening a Whatsapp business account will be suitable in this case.

Short Links

Making money with the use of short links is very popular within WhatsApp. So you might be thinking, what are short links? Well, you might have come across this type of link before. 

 These links are directed to websites that caries information, news, or product reviews. The link usually displays adverts after someone clicks on it. You need to copy the URL and paste it on sites like Shorte. The URL will be shortened automatically.

People get paid by sharing these short links to their WhatsApps contacts. You get paid if you share the links and a contact clicks on them. 

If you have a lot of contacts and groups on Whatsapp, this opportunity is an excellent way of earning reasonable cash on WhatsApp.

Pay per Download

This method is another unpopular way of making money on Whatsapp. If you have never heard of ‘Pay per download,’ I will tell you how it works. 

Some websites pay you if people download content you upload on their site. The process is easy; you can select a niche that interests your contacts, upload videos to the websites, and share the links with your contacts. Alternatively, joining groups related to the contents you want to post would be an added advantage.

Once they click the link, ads will display, or they will be required to perform online surveys before downloading the main contents. A typical example of these kinds of websites is

Cross Promotion

This method is a very strategic monetization technique. Many people are yet to tap from the effectiveness of cross-promotion. Although it is an indirect way of making money from Whatsapp, it works like magic. I will give you a brief explanation of how to use this strategy. 

This technique is usually relevant if you have a YouTube channel or a blog that you want to monetize. The idea is straightforward; to earn from your website blog or YouTube channel, you need a reasonable amount of traffic. 

You can get this traffic from Whatsapp. You need to get contacts of people interested in your niche and share the content. This technique will drive traffic to your blog/channel, and as a result, you can earn money. Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and other monetization sources you have will increase with visitors from your Whatsapp contacts.

The options to monetize through Whatsapp are limitless as many ways are still yet to unfold. However, the proven methods I have just highlighted are excellent sources of making money from Whatsapp.

How Does WhatsApp Make Money?

Whatsapp’s revenue has been over a billion dollars in the last few years. This revenue may be a massive surprise to many as the App does not allow direct advertisements. However, there are a few ways Whatsapp generates its income. Whatsapp business is one of the primary sources of income for the App. Also, clicks to Whatsapp ads from Facebook is a monetization strategy. This technique is what Facebook uses to leverage the App.

A new method still not yet established is ‘Whatsapp pay.’ This feature is similar to other payment platforms like Google pay and others. Although this medium is not currently in full fledge, it could be a potential hit for the company. 

Whatsapp is also looking to put in place potential monetization strategies that generate a lot of revenue. They are suggestions about displaying ads on Whatsapp status in the future. It will be a massive leap for Whatsapp after working without advertisements for over a decade since its start. 

Adopting Whatsapp pay in different countries worldwide would also be a good idea for revenue. At the moment, the Whatsapp business account remains the only stable way the App generates income. 

How Much Is Whatsapp Worth?

It was a big surprise to the World when Facebook spent $19 billion to be part of the App in 2014. However, this action does not seem to be one made for profit. As perceived by some, the money spent is due to Facebook looking to eliminate competition with Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp’s increase in users must have prompted Facebook to make that move. This move also led to a rise in their revenue. 

As of 2014, the App had $1 million in annual income in 2021; Whatsapp generated an estimated sum of over $5 billion seven years later.  

Standing at over two billion users and with potential monetization techniques, the App would be worth a fortune in the next few years.

Whatsapp first came into place as a messaging platform. However, it has now turned into a money-making tool for the owners and users. Whatsapp users making money from the App is not a big surprise. A platform with over two billion users across the globe is inevitably an asset. 

If you were wondering how to make money from Whatsapp, your options are many today. Want to know more about this topic? Check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can I make money from Whatsapp?

You can make money from Whatsapp with different methods, and we have mentioned a few in this article. The common ways of making money on the App are selling your products, affiliate marketing, promoting your monetized blogs/channel, and other ‘Pay per click” platforms. 

Leveraging the Whatsapp Business account feature is a huge plus if you sell your product. With affiliate marketing, joining groups related to the products you are promoting will give an added advantage. Alternatively, you can create groups and add contacts interested in your niche and content.

How does Whatsapp make money?

Whatsapp makes its money mainly from the Whatsapp business application. This feature allows users to promote their business to their customers. The App also earns indirect revenues from Whatsapp ads on Facebook. 

Whatsapp’s payment platform, known as the ‘Whatsapp pay,’ is another source of revenue. However, this feature is yet to be available in all countries. 

How many users does Whatsapp have?

Whatsapp had 500 million users in 2014 but has had a 200% increase since then. At the moment, Whatsapp has over two billion users across the globe.

How much activity takes place on Whatsapp every day?

As of 2020, records from Facebook highlight the massive activity of the App by users. Over 100 billion messages are sent on Whatsapp every day. On the other hand, about two billion minutes are used on Whatsapp voice calls and video calls every day.

How much is Whatsapp worth?

In previous years, Facebook disclosed that it had acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion.


Making money from Whatsapp in 2021 is not difficult. Many people are already exploring one of the numerous opportunities. You can also start earning from one of the ways we have explained in this article.

Affiliate marketing, selling products, referring people to download apps, and cross-promotion are all top of the lists in monetizing your Whatsapp. You can do more research and look for other technique that works well for you. The options are always limitless. 

After reading this article, I believe you now know how to make money from Whatsapp. It is now time to leverage this knowledge and start making money. Use one of these famous techniques and try out a few ways. You can also start earning a lot of cash on the App.

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