How to send money to Nigeria instantly with transferwise

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How to send money to Nigeria instantly with transferwise

If you’re searching for ways to transfer money from abroad or client abroad to Nigeria, You can do it instantly by using Wise, which was previously called Transferwise, to send money online.
 In the past, transferring into Nigeria was a complex undertaking to undertake. Because you’ll need to either send money through an intermediary travelling to Nigeria or use Western Union or Moneygram, the recipient must visit the bank with documents to get the cash. When you use Transferwise, You can transfer cash into Nigeria, and the recipient receives the money quickly and directly into his bank account. There is no need to travel!


Wise, previously called Transferwise, is an online financial service first launched within the UNITED KINGDOM in 2011. It’s available all over the world. It is also possible to transfer money from nearly every nation to Nigeria without any hassle.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Transferwise is that it’s several times less expensive than the bank.

 Yes, an excellent option of sending money with Transferwise is a lot less expensive than regular banks. This is achieved by using two local transfers rather than only one global transaction.

The company first came to the public’s attention after American billionaire and the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Brandson, was publicly interested in investing in the company. It has since become the quickest, most affordable, and most secure method to transfer money.


There are many benefits to consider when choosing to transfer money to Nigeria using Transferwise.

Transferwise employs a real-time exchange rate. The exact rate that you find through Google and other sites is the rate used by Transferwise. There is no short-changing.

They will transfer your funds directly into the accounts for the beneficiary within Nigeria within 24hrs. Twenty-five percent of transactions is credited in minutes.

In reality, they are typically less expensive than the banks or through any other transfer company available.

Transferwise is currently used by more than 10 million users around the globe.

Tansferwise is 100% secure and is controlled through the Financial Conduct Authority, just as the Financial Conduct Authority of a UK bank.

How to transfer money to Nigeria via Wise (Transferwise)

Use these instructions to transfer money to Nigeria using Wise:

Sign up for an account with no cost

The first step for paying money via Transferwise is to sign up for an account for free. Go here for more information on how to sign up for Wise.

It is easy to create an account for absolutely free. The person you wish to transfer money to doesn’t need to sign up for an account. Only you, the sender, need an account.

Sometimes, you may be required to conduct a verification. This isn’t always the case; however, it should be simple for you to do and can take up to two days.

You can join as an individual. If you’d like or include your business.

Enter your recipient details

Once you’ve completed your setup, you are ready to make the transfer. Enter the information for the person you wish to send it to. You can transfer money to your friends, family or business partners, and you may even send cash to yourself (maybe you’d like to transfer money to your Nigerian savings account).

Enter the account’s number and the account details. This is it. Your recipient doesn’t need to sign up for a Transferwise account to transfer the money.

Transfer funds to your account

You are now able to make payment for the transfer. Paying for your transfer is easy. There are numerous choices. You can pay using your debit or credit card. You can also make a local transfer to a bank. Other options are available based on the country you’re sending money from.

It is best to use a credit or debit card to transfer cash quickly. Transfers to banks can take a few days before your money is transferred to Transferwise for you to transfer funds.

Relax and enjoy the wait

 Your payment is set to be processed. If you include your email address to the recipient, the recipient will be immediately aware of your transfer.

If you’re ready to make an offer, visit this page now.

NOTE: You can also sign up for a free Transferwise account to request payments from relatives abroad or clients outside Nigeria. Click here.

In the end, Transferwise is undoubtedly the most efficient and cost-effective method for sending money to Nigeria from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and anywhere around the world.

We have many options of sending money to Nigeria, transfer wise is one of them you can explore other options we have online to receive funds in Nigeria.

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