How to Share Data on Airtel

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How to Share Data on Airtel

Sharing data with your families has never been easier than now. Most network providers allow users to make use of their data-sharing services. Airtel is one of the best networks when it comes to data offers and bundles.

Airtel users can share, buy, and request data from their friends and loved ones within seconds. Data sharing and gifting are available through USSD code or SMS. This service is accessible to all Airtel users who are willing to transfer data. This article will show you ways in which you can share data on airtel.

If you did not know how to share data on Airtel, you should be able to do it after reading this article.

How can I Share Data on Airtel?


Sharing your airtel data is straightforward and fast when using the USSD. I have highlighted a step-by-step guide on how you can share data with your friends and families;

Go to You can also get started by dialling *129*101#
Enter your Airtel Phone number and log in through the One-time password (OTP)
Next, select the option to transfer data from one phone number to another.
Choose the ‘Share data option’ and type the airtel number of the recipient of the data.

The four steps above should guide you on how to transfer data to another phone number.

How can I transfer data via SMS?

Another way of sharing your airtel data is through SMS. All you have to do is compose a message on SMS and send it to a code. I will show you how to complete this process below;

Open your Message App.
Type in ‘Share’ and send it to 121
You will receive a few a notification from airtel in a few seconds.
Next, add a new phone number to your data sharing plan. To do this, type ‘Add’ and send it to 121.
Press confirm to add the number successfully.
Alternatively, you can dial *141# and select share data and then Data Me2u. This method also works well to activate data sharing.

How to change your Airtel transfer pin

You can change your transfer pin on Airtel using a simple text message. To change your transfer pin, text ‘PIN’ your default password and your new password to 432, and you will get a notification.

The text should be in this format; PIN 1234 4444 to 432. After sending this message, you will receive a confirmation of your new password from 432.

Note that the above will attract a small charge of N10 only.

You can also change your transfer pin by dialling *141#, Choose the number option for ‘data sharing,’ select the dialogue box. Then enter your default password followed by the new password and confirm.

Share data from Airtel to other networks.

Data sharing is not only possible to airtel networks but also other networks. You can complete this service by dialing *141# and selecting the DateM2u option. Choose ‘data sharing’ and enter the number of the recipient.

The maximum limit of data you can transfer in a day is 200 MB. The only way you can send up to 1G is via Airtel ‘Data gifting’ plan.

Best data Airtel plans and offers
Airtel has one of the best data bundle offers and prices, which are available at affordable prices. You can subscribe to these offers very quickly through a subscription code. I will give you the code for some of the best and available offers on Airtel.

These offers have monthly (30 days), weekly( 7days), and daily (1 day) validity.

Airtel Daily plan
If you are looking to subscribe for a quick plan with airtel, there are a few options for you. Airtel has several daily subscriptions that cost as low as N50.
Check out some of the daily data subscriptions on Airtel.

20MB for just N50;To activate this plan, Dial *141*50#
75MB at N100; Activation code is *141*100#
200MB at N200; Activate this plan by dialling *141*200#
1GB for N300; dial *131*354# to activate
2GB for N500; dial *141*504# to activate

For whatever amount you have, there is a daily plan for you. Try out any of these plans with the codes above to enjoy data services daily.

Airtel weekly plans
Airtel’s weekly subscriptions are also excellent as they are available at various prices. Below are some of the best networks’ best offers valid for seven days;

350MB for N300; Dial *141*300# to activate this weekly subscription
750MB for just N500; to start, dial *141*500#, and you can enjoy this plan for the rest of two weeks.
1GB at N500 only; Dial *141*502# if you want to get this plan.
6GB for N1 500; This plan is only seven days, you have to dial *141*1504#, and you can also subscribe to this plan.

With airtel, your data bundle options are limitless. You can get any of these weekly plans I have mentioned at a fair and affordable price.

Monthly Plans
Airtel users can also access long-term subscriptions for affordable prices. I have listed some fantastic offers with their prices below. From N1 000 to N20 000, you can get any amount of data that you can afford.

1.5GB at N1 000 valid for 30 days; *141*1000#
2GB at N1 200 valid for 30 days; *141*1200#
3GB for just N1 500 valid for 30 days; *141*1500#
4.5GB for N 2 000 only with a validity of 30 days; *141*2000#
6GB at N2 500 valid for 30 days; *141*2500#
8GB at N3 000 valid for 30 days; *141*3000#
11GB at N4 000 valid for 30 days *141*4000#
15GB for just N5 000 (30 days); *141*5000#
40GB at N10 000 valid for 30 days; *141*10000#
75GB for N15 00 valid for 30 days; *141*15000#
110GB at N20 000 valid for 30 days; *141*20000#

The plans above are available for all airtel users. An advantage of these offers is that you can have them with little or big money. The price variations make airtel subscriptions affordable for all classes of users.

Social Plans
They are one common thing among social media freaks, and that is data. Airtel’s social media bundle has a package for you even if you are out of reasonable cash to purchase more expensive subscriptions. Among the Airtel ‘social plans’ are;

N50 for 40MB; you can activate this by dialling *991*4#

N25 for N10; dial *948*4# to activate.

All the monthly, weekly, daily, and social plans are available for all airtel users. Airtel’s expertise in incredible data bundles is one of the best you can have. They are not called ‘The Smartphone network’ for nothing. Airtel’s offers are suitable for smartphone users who consume a lot of data every day.

How to share airtime on Airtel
I have described to you how to share data on airtel. However, they are still some airtel users looking to find out how to share airtime with friends and families. It only takes a few simple steps to transfer airtime from your airtel line to another sim. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can transfer airtime on airtel;

On your phone, dial *432# and enter the ‘transfer airtime option
Type the phone number of the recipient.
Enter your transfer pin
Finally, confirm the transfer by responding with ‘option 1.’
With these easy steps, you can transfer airtime to your friends and families. Alternatively, you can complete this transaction via SMS.

Text 2u, followed by the recipient or receiver’s phone number, the amount, your transfer pin, and send to 432.

Below is the format of how the transfer via text should look like;

‘2u 09087342617(phone number) 1000(Amount) 1234(transfer pin) to 431.’

How to request Airtime

It is possible to request airtime from your friends or families. Airtel’s service allows you to do this with a simple code. This service is known as ‘Credit Me service’ available for Airtel users. To request airtime, dial *141*8*phone number#

When typing the phone number, make sure it is the number of the person you are requesting airtime from; they will receive a message “Please credit me”.

This service is only restricted to Airtel to Airtel phone numbers.

So, you can share data on Airtel and transfer and request airtime from your families and friends.

If you have any questions about this topic, check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I share data from Airtel to other networks?
You can share your Airtel data with just a simple transfer code. Dial *129*101# where you can easily share your internet data to another mobile number. Alternatively, visit Airtel’s official website to complete this transaction. You will see options for Data gifting and DataMe2u. You will see a few guides on how you can share data on airtel.

What is DataMe2u?

DataMe2u is Aitel’s platform that allows users to transfer data from their existing data balance to another user. The receiver of the data can be either your family or friend that is also an Airtel customer. This service is also known as ‘Data share.’

What is Data gifting?

If you do not have an existing data balance to send to your friend, you can use the Data gifting option. Data gifting allows you to purchase any data bundle or offer for your friends and families.

How long does shared Data last?

Many people also ponder the validity of the data you received from a family or friend via DataMe2u. Data bundles shared with another person will last the same time as the original data. For example, if I share data that expires 30th of October with my friend, the data will also be valid till 30th October.

How Often Can I gift data?

They are no restrictions on the number of times you can gift data to other customers. So, you can give out data as many times as you please every day.

How many people can I share data with on Airtel?
The maximum number of persons you can share data with two for every day.


Data sharing and gifting on Airtel are some of the best services for smartphone users. Although both services are different, they all offer the same thing; share data. Data sharing allows you share to transfer to your friends from your existing balance. On the other hand, Data Gifting permits you to buy any data bundle for your friends or families.

Airtel also permits the transfer of airtime from one customer to another. This feature is commonly used as you do not need a smartphone to share airtime. All you need to do is dial the code I have mentioned in this article.

I have also looked at some of the data offers available for all users of Airtel. It is fascinating how much you can do with the network. Sharing data has become very easy, and you can complete it in a few seconds.

So, I believe this article has shown you how to share data. If you were wondering how to transfer data to your friends and family, I am sure you can now do it yourself.

Do you want to activate any of these services? Start exploring Airtel’s data sharing services to enjoy data.

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