How to transfer data on MTN: A Step By Step Guide

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How to transfer data on MTN: A Step By Step Guide

It is interesting to discover that you can share data bundles with your friends, families, and your loved ones. MTN users can enjoy these services as well. With your MTN number, you can share, request, and buy data in different ways. This type of service is known as Data gifting.

You can transfer data on MTN using a transfer code, MyMTNApp, or a simple SMS. These three ways are straightforward and you can easily complete them within a few seconds.

In this article, I will show you how to transfer data on MTN in different ways. The process is not complex if you want to share, buy, or transfer data bundles to another MTN number.

How to transfer data on MTN using USSD code

Sharing data on MTN with this method only requires that you dial a simple USSD code and follow the instructions. Below, I will show you how to transfer data on MTN using a USSD code.

Firstly, you have to register for the MTN data share by sending REG to 131.

Alternatively, you can dial This USSD Code *131*2*1#, and you will receive a notification of a unique security PIN to confirm your registration.

You can change the security pin to any number of your choice.

To do this,

dial *131*2*5# or send CHANGE with your precious and current password to 131.

Here is an illustration; CHANGE 1234 4321; where 4321 is your new pin.

The next step is to add beneficiaries so that you can share data easily in the future.

To add a number to your beneficiaries, dial *131*2*3#.

This service allows you to add only five beneficiaries as a sponsor.


you can share data with your friends and family by dialing *131*2*4#.

These four steps can help you share data with your beneficiaries. It is also important to note that you can only have five beneficiaries. The MTN data gifting services also allow you to be a beneficiary of other users.

How to share data on MYMTNApp

You can also share data with MyMTN App by following a few steps. Follow the instructions below to transfer MTN data via the App;

STEP1: Open your My MTN App, and you will see the homepage.


STEP 2: ‘In the Menu Bar Below Click on “BUNDLE”.’


A BUY BUNDLE Menu Will Open with 11 Data Bundle Menus.



STEP 4: Select The Amount Of Data You Want To Share and Enter Recipient Phone Number


STEP 5: CLick Proceed, Confirm Your Transfer and Its DONE

Note: MyMTN App only allows sharing data of 500MB or below. This amount is the maximum amount of data bundle you can share on the App. There are also options to transfer 20MB and 50MB with your friends and families.
You can also use the MyMTN App to send airtime to your friends. With a few steps, you can send airtime quickly.

Below is an easy guide on how to transfer airtime with the app.

After opening the App, click on the icon that reads ‘Recharge’.
Next, click on ‘MTN share.’
Enter the phone number of the beneficiary and the amount you want to send
Click on ‘Proceed’

For more information, you can visit the MyMTN website

How do I request data on MTN?

Like I said earlier, you can quickly request data from your friends or families. This service is also part of MTN data gifting.

Dial *131*7*3# on your MTN line if you want to request data.

The MTN data sharing service also allows you to view the status of your request. You can do this by dialing *131*7*4#

How do I buy Data for someone on MTN?

Buying data for your friend or family is possible on MTN. You can do this by dialling a code with the beneficiary’s phone number.

To buy data for your friend, dial *131* with your activation code and the recipient’s phone number. Below is an example of how you should do this by dialling a simple number;

*131* 130*08137243388#

You can buy data for your friends, families, and loved ones on the line on the MTN network.

The best MTN Data plans and offers

Data is a necessary commodity for all smartphone users, especially for those who use social media. Many people complain about the high cost of MTN data bundles. However, they are a lot of affordable data bundles available for users. I will give you a list of some of the best data plans available for MTN users.

Some affordable data bundles and their activation codes are listed below;

Monthly Plans

Buy 1.5G for N1, 000 by; To activate this plan, text 106 to 131
Get 2G for N1 200 (plus 4G for YouTube night streaming) by texting 130 to 131
Also available is 3G (plus 4G for YouTube night streaming) for N1 500. Text 131 to 131 to activate

These are some of the most affordable monthly plans you can get on the MTN network. They are lots of other packages you can explore with MTN. Simply dial *131*1# to see more data plans.

Alternatively, you can also see many other great plans on the MyMTN app. You can win Special offers and bonuses from regular recharge or use of these data plans. So, whichever method you choose, MTN always has great plans for its users. These data bundles are also available at affordable prices at any time.

MTN Special data offers and codes

N200 for 1G
The MTN network provides special offers for some of its users who have recharged within the last 30 days. You can get IG of data for just N200 only. However, this offer is only valid for one week (7 days).

To activate this plan, all you have to do is recharge N200 MTN airtime. After topping up your airtime, dial *131*65#. A dialogue box will appear. Select ‘2’ to complete the activation of your 1G for N200.

Note; This offer is only eligible for selected sims and users.

N300 for 1.5G
This offer is also one of MTN’s unique packages for eligible users and sim cards. Just like the other plan I revealed earlier, it is valid for only seven days. You can easily activate this plan by dialling *121*1#.

This plan is known as ‘data4me’, and the code is *121#. To get a lot more ‘data4me’ offers, dial this code.

MTN’s limitless offers and packages for data bundles and airtime bonuses have made it the most preferred network.

How can I recharge MTN from my bank?

It does not matter what bank you are using. With MTN, you can recharge your sim card directly from your bank account. You can Recharge directly from your bank is quickly through the use of a USSD code.

Another way you can recharge directly from your bank is by your Bank app. However, I will show you how you can top up your MTN line from different banks.

Fidelity Bank
Dial *770# and select the options in the dialogue box. Alternatively, you can just dial *770*Amount#

Access Bank
Simply dial *901*amount # to recharge your MTN line.

Zenith Bank
The code for recharging your MTN line directly from your bank account is *302*amount#

United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Dial *919*amount# to recharge directly from your bank.

First Bank
First Bank users can recharge from their bank directly by dialling *894*amount#

You can recharge your MTN line with a lot of Banks. But I have only listed a few of them. However, if you want to check the code for your bank, you can check recharge through MTN’s network USSD code. Dial *904# to recharge your line.

Note that the number you used to open the account should be your MTN line before using the USSD code.

MTN is one of the best networks in Africa. The network’s robust and effective services are why it is popular among many.

From data transfer to other services like data bundles and recharge options, MTN is such a fantastic choice.

I believe you now know a lot of other services MTN provides apart from data sharing. Have any more questions about how to transfer data on MTN? Check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers sections’ below.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

How can I send MTN data that is more than 500MB?

You can send 1G of MTN data through SMS. With just a few steps, you can quickly transfer data to your friends and family.

To do this using the SMS method, send SMEC>MTN Phone number>PIN> 131.

You can also do this via USSD code. Dial *461*Phone Number*1000*Pin#

How can I transfer data from MTN to MTN?

Transferring data from MTN to MTN is possible through a transfer code. Want to share data with your friends, families, and loved ones? Dial *131*2*3#. Alternatively, you can send a text message to 131 with the phone number of the recipient.

How many times can I transfer MTN data in a day?

You can only share MTN data twice a day. After the exhaustion of your daily limit, You will have to wait for 24 hours before you can transfer data again.

How to activate MTN data share?

To activate MTN data share on your phone, you have to dial a short code; *136*5#

How do I get my MTN data transfer pin?

You can get your ‘MTN transfer pin’ by sending a short SMS with your Default pin and new pin (twice) to 777.

Here is a perfect example of how it should look like; 0000 432The Truth About Making Money Online In NigeriaHow to Effectively Use Email Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your WebsiteInstapage Review: best Lead [landing] page builder in 2021Google AdSense for Newbies in NigeriaKwfinder review: Discover profitable low-hanging keywords to boost your site’s traffic.1 4321 to 777.


The transfer of data on MTN has become very easy with different options and ways you can do it. You can now share, buy, receive, and even request data from your friends within a few seconds.

MTN data gifting is available for all users, and you can easily activate this plan with the guides in this article. The MyMTN app is another method in which you can use to complete data gifting.

So, if you did not know how to transfer data on MTN, I believe this guide has given you every detail you need to know.

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