Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Job Vacancies in Nigeria
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Job Vacancies in Nigeria

Are you looking to end your long wait for a Job? Do you want to get off the streets where you are always job hunting? I believe your answer is Yes. Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. The West African giant also boasts a good young population. However, the unemployment rate of the country is very high. Finding Job Vacancies in Nigeria is always a very difficult task due to the high population and unemployment rate.

This article will give you tips on unlocking some job opportunities in Nigeria. I will also give you some hints on how to leverage these opportunities. You will learn about some job vacancies in Federal governments and other job vacancies you can create for yourself.

Job Vacancies in Nigeria

How to find job vacancies in Nigeria

Although the jobs are limited, you can still find a few job vacancies across the country. The guides I will show you in this section will be vital for anyone looking for an opportunity in any state in Nigeria. Firstly, I will be looking at how to find jobs in government positions in Nigeria. Follow the steps below to find jobs;

  • Visit Jobzilla’s website at Here you will get the latest updates on job vacancies across each state of the country.
  • Enter the position you are looking to apply for or the name of the company
  • Select your state from all the states across Nigeria
  • Click on search, and you will see many job vacancies in Nigeria. 

With these few steps, you can find many amazing job opportunities, and you can start pitching for those jobs. Other websites offer similar updates on jobs. Check out these websites and look out for working opportunities.


Federal government job vacancies in  Nigeria

Although the federal government jobs are regarded as ‘hot cakes,’ you can still be fortunate to get employment into one of them. At the moment, the para-military is one of the most sought-after job opportunities in Nigeria. Recruitments into the Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Customs Service, and the Civil defense are very high in demand. The  Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Immigration, and others have many applicants.

Below, I will walk you through some of the latest job openings in the Federal government.


Job vacancies in the Nigeria Police Force

The Nigeria Police Force has the highest annual recruitment among other security agencies. One of the advantages of this recruitment is that it allows candidates between 18 to 25. The minimum certificate requirement is a WAEC, NECO, NABTEB result with credit grades in English and Mathematics from at least two sittings.

The Police force is one of the most regular vacancies in the country as they recruit more applicants almost every year. It is also easy to apply via their official website at So, keep your tabs on and look out for openings to get a chance to work with the Federal government.


Job vacancies in the Nigeria Custom Services

The Nigeria Customs Service also recently opened its recruitment to eligible applicants. This recruitment requires candidates with an  SSCE certificate or even higher educational backgrounds. You can also proceed with their online registration via the official website at


Other Federal government Job vacancies in Nigeria

Aside from the para-military jobs, there are also many other job opportunities in the Federal government. However, it would be helpful to stay updated by visiting job websites and platforms. You can visit sites like the voice of Nigeria to explore some federal government job openings.


How to find career job vacancies in Nigeria

Finding career jobs in Nigeria is mostly a difficult task for people. That is due to the scarcity of jobs and a high unemployed population. However, there are still ways to find career jobs for yourself in 2022. In this section, I will give you a few tips on finding career job vacancies in Nigeria. 

  • Sign up to recruitment agencies
  • Visit the Company’s website
  • Company Referrals
  • Explore career websites.

Sign up to a recruitment agency

This method is one of the best ways to find a career job. There are lots of companies that only hire applicants through recruitment agencies. If you join any of these agencies in your industry, you can easily get invitations to interviews. These agencies will contact you when there are any job vacancies of your specifications.

This method is very effective because agencies usually trust these companies. Hence, increasing your chances of getting hired.


Visit the Company’s Website

This technique might not be as effective as the first one, but it is also a good way of looking for job vacancies. If you know a company in your industry, visit their website and check for open positions. Most company websites usually put job openings in the ‘career’ section. You can easily apply for your preferred roles via this section.

This method might take a lot of time to reach out to many companies. It might even take days if you have a long list of companies in your industry. However, the whole work would be worth the stress if you get something huge.

Alternatively, you can pick the email address of these companies and send them a cold pitch. This cold pitch is a short and precise email address that offers an employer your services. So, check out companies’ websites in your industry and see the job vacancies they have.


Company Referrals

If you are highly skilled in your industry, this method will benefit you. Many companies offer referral bonuses to employees who can find suitable candidates for a particular role.

What this situation means for you is that; you can reach out to a friend who works in a company you want. If you get the job, your friend also earns a referral bonus. In this situation, all parties go home happy.


Explore Career Websites

This method is another effective and reliable way of exploring job vacancies in Nigeria. Companies usually post job opportunities in Nigeria via websites. You can visit these search engines and explore the jobs that match your specifications. There are many websites that you can explore and search for career jobs. A good example of these websites is Alternatively, you can also explore for other opportunities.

So, check out these websites and find great job opportunities in your industry.


Requirements for job opportunities in Nigeria

The requirements of a job differ from many factors. The role, educational background, and job descriptions can be crucial in a candidate’s requirement for a particular position. Federal government jobs in Nigeria require a minimum educational background or certificates from SSCE to ND, HND, and B.SC.

SSCE (or its equivalents) candidates require a credit grade in Mathematics and English from at least two sittings. That is the standard for most companies and federal government opportunities.

Some Jobs across the country also have ND and HND requirements. B.Sc holders require a copy of their NYSC discharge certificates and other relevant documents.

The requirements for a job vacancy in Nigeria are dependent on the job qualification that the employer/company highlights.


Self-employment jobs opportunities in Nigeria

Like I have discussed above, there are some job opportunities in Nigeria where you can be employed. However, getting jobs in the Federal government or any other private company can be very competitive. That means you might have to create your jobs and earn a living from self-employment.

In today’s digital world, you can easily create jobs for yourself and earn thousands of naira while sitting at home. There are different ways you can create these jobs, and I will walk you through this process.


How to create self-employment jobs in Nigeria

These days a lot of people are earning a living from learning a digital skill. These skills have created many jobs for a lot of Nigerians. With the rate of competitive job vacancies in Nigeria, self-employment is now a very reliable alternative.

Want to create an employment opportunity for yourself? Don’t worry. I will guide you through some useful tips on how to earn a living from your skills. Below are a few tips on how to create a job for yourself;

  • Learn and master a digital skill(s)
  • Build an online portfolio
  • Find available jobs on freelance platforms


Learn and master a digital skill(s)

Investing your time, money, and energy in learning a skill today would be a very profitable investment. You can choose from many industries and niches to build and master a craft.

Learning digital skills is usually the first step to creating a job for yourself. This process ensures that you offer value to your potential clients. It also gives you a good chance of getting paid gigs from companies looking to hire remote workers.


Build an online portfolio

Many hiring managers prefer applicants with some work experience in a specific field. So after learning a skill, you have to put these skills into practice. It might be doing this work for free or just something you do to build your portfolio.

Your portfolio shows your work experience and reflects your abilities in a field. So, building an excellent portfolio for yourself is very crucial.


Find available jobs on freelance platforms

If you are new to the freelance and remote workspace, you are missing a lot. Popular freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer people digital skills. On these platforms, you can find high-paying clients and companies looking to pay you for different services.

So, if you have had a hard time searching for job vacancies in Nigeria, you have other alternatives which you can explore.

That’s it! All you need to know about the latest job opportunities in Nigeria. Want to learn more about this topic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Which Federal government Agency is currently recruiting in Nigeria?

The Nigeria custom services are currently receiving applications for recruitment into their ranks. The deadline for this application is expected to end in January 2022. You can also visit the official website of these agencies to get the latest recruitment updates.


What are the types of job vacancies in Nigeria?

There are different types of jobs available in Nigeria. The federal government provides job security agencies, military forces, paramilitary, and ministries.  Jobs are also available in the education, health, and engineering sectors. NGOs also offer some employment to so many Nigerians across the country.


What are the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria? 

Nigeria has a few high-paying jobs with a very high stake and competition. Some of these jobs include; surgeons, pilots, engineers, medical doctors, judges, lawyers, and military officers.


What digital skills can one learn in 2022?

In every industry or field, you can find various digital skills to learn. Among the most popular and easiest skills to learn in 2022 include Freelance writing, graphic designing, web design and development, and so on.

 Watch How To Get A Job In Nigeria Using Jobberman


Unemployment in Nigeria seems to be a big task to handle. As a job seeker, you must follow a few strategic techniques to get employed. The easiest way to get employment is to check out opportunities across the countries.

Here, I have highlighted a few ways to search for job vacancies in the Federal government and other companies. I also gave you tips on creating your job opportunities from learning a skill.

So, I believe this article has shown you a hint of how to know about job vacancies in Nigeria. 

Now the ball is in your court. You should be able to explore the job opportunities available by using the tips in this article.


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