Jumia Affiliate Program A-Z: How to Join and Earn N10k Daily

Jumia Affiliate Marketing A-Z: How to Join and Earn N10k Daily
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Jumia Affiliate Program A-Z: How to Join and Earn N10k Daily

Many articles describe ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer, but most of these posts are fixated on western countries. But we also know that right here in Africa and Nigeria, to be precise, you can utilize the use of affiliate marketing with our very own brands. And today, we are going to look at the Jumia Affiliate Marketing program and how you can join and earn cash every day with it.

Who is Jumia?

Jumia was founded in 2012 with just five staff members and launched its early website as They were at first known as “African Internet Group” an e-commerce marketplace and classified website.

They started with retailing fashion wear and electronics online as a direct competitor with Konga. Now Jumia is one of the biggest online giants when it comes to shopping online.

Jumia is now a pioneer company when it comes to Retail, Internet, and E-commerce in Africa with over 5100 employees and owned by a Group (Goldman Sachs, AXA, Rocket Internet SE, CDC Group, MTN Group, and Millicom), making it a stable and safe platform to join as an affiliate marketer. They are offices in over a dozen African countries, including big markets such as Nigeria and South Africa. 

So, without much further ado, let’s dive in.

How to become a Jumia Affiliate?

The first thing you would want to do is to head over to the Jumia affiliate site and then click on “become an affiliate”.

Fill in the needed information (add your website or blog if you have one, but it’s not compulsory).

After this, you will get a confirmation in a few hours regarding the approval of your account. Once you get your said confirmation, you can go to the affiliate login page to view your dashboard and start working.

Just put in your username and password to sign in (

How to use the dashboard

Now let’s briefly study the sections.


Here, you will see the progress of all the products you are promoting in real-time, plus their status, if the commissions have been approved.

Advertising Tab

In this section, you will have three subheadings: Link for Mobile Apps, Link Builder, and Banner Generator. 

Link For Mobile Apps

If you have access to a mobile app and you want to promote Jumia offers there to your users, just click on this, fill in your country, Target Screen, and your mobile app link; once you’re done, Jumia will automatically create your unique affiliate link, which you can promote on your app and earn commissions on every purchase made.

Link Builder

This is the place where you can get any product from Jumia’s main website and create your unique affiliate link to earn a commission each time someone you refer ends up purchasing the product.

Like the banner generator, when you click on the tab, you will be asked to select your country.

After that, head over to Jumia’s Nigeria page and select a product (Men’s Jacket, for instance), and paste the link in the link builder. Once done, you will receive your unique link, which you can use to start promoting across all channels.

The banner generator is considered one of the excellent tools in the Jumia affiliate program dashboard; it has pre-made and ready-to-use banners gorgeously designed and ready to use. To begin, select your country, then you will see a screen containing banners of available offers together with your unique affiliate marketing links for you to promote and earn commissions. You should see the three options; Image URL, Add URL, and Banner Code (for those who have a website). All three hold your unique affiliate links.

If you want to maximize your chance of succeeding as a Jumia affiliate, you will need more than just the tools they provide.  Speaking from experience, once you are finished setting up your account, it is essential to invest some money in sales funnel builders such as ClickFunnels, this way, you can generate leads and make sales even on autopilot.

Reporting Tab

This section is divided into three main sub-sections: Daily Summary, Conversions, and SUBID.

Daily Summary

In this area, you can have daily details for a particular time frame, such as unique clicks, pending conversions, total clicks, etc. To begin, input your country, followed by the range of period you want a summary about, then click “Apply” to have the data.

One amazing feature is that you can export the data to either an excel file, doc, PDF, or even print the page.


This is the area where you can view your conversions, the date, and status.


Most times, you might not even need the SUBID feature, especially if you are just starting in affiliate marketing, but for the more experienced affiliate entrepreneurs who have set detailed metrics and want to know how they are doing, this is the section for it. Let’s say you are trying to know which product is performing better on which channel; then this area is for you as it will give you all details to let you focus on the profitable channels.

How to earn with Jumia Affiliate Marketing 

Jumia affiliate program is a great way you can make money with Jumia. It is pretty easy; all you need to do is promote Jumia products with your unique affiliate link. That’s all. Jumia pays up to 13% commission on any product you promote.

You don’t need to own a website before you can promote products as a Jumia Affiliates Marketer. You can promote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Just ensure you’re not using the Jumia brand name or logo to be committed to Jumia Affiliate Program terms and conditions.

You can even sell products on Jumia using the seller center and at the same time promote the products as a Jumia affiliate. You earn money as a seller and as an affiliate.

There are a lot of ways you can make money as a Jumia affiliate marketer 

If you own a blog, you could utilize both to complement each other.

You can review random products, though it’s best to review niche products. In other words, products are basically under the same category. Your review blogs can be around fitness equipment.

Pick a category that interests you and write reviews or tips about the products. And make sure you include your affiliate links in the products as you write about them on your blog.

Use this tactic, and you will be surprised at how much you will be making with Jumia monthly.

That is not all, by the way, as your traffic increases, you could also add Google AdSense to it and make additional money with Google.

Also, it is well noting that Jumia’s cookie’s lifetime is seven days, which means Jumia will track any order that occurs through your link in a 7 -day cookie window after the click. This means that if a user clicks on your affiliate link and then buys any items within seven days period post-click, you will still earn a commission on all the items purchased.

The commission is typically approved three weeks after the order delivery to be sure that it will not be returned. The payment method differs from country to country, but it is mostly bank transfer and mobile cash transfers for Nigeria. Just make sure you put in your correct details on the “Payment Details” page to guarantee that you receive your payment on time.


These are proven and tested ways to earn money every day with Jumia affiliate. So instead of disturbing your family members on Facebook with spammy links hoping someone will click and buy, you can be smart about it and create something people will find value from. If you provide value, people will patronize you. Making money online in Nigeria shouldn’t be as hard as some people think, at least with the Jumia Affiliate Program we have discussed so far; we hope you can get started today to earn a living online. 

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