Make $50-$100 a Day With Your Facebook Account in Nigeria

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Make $50-$100 a Day With Your Facebook Account in Nigeria

There are a lot of verified ways to make $50-$200 a day on Facebook while living in Nigeria. And this is possible because Facebook is the largest social media network in Nigeria and the world at large. Everyone uses the Facebook platform to sell products and services, promote their brands or businesses, run ads, build a profitable network, and many more. And the good news is that anyone can make money on Facebook, but you have to follow the right method.

Without wasting much time, here are some ways you can make money from Facebook while still living in Nigeria.

1. Referral Codes or Links

If there’s an online service that you love and are willing to share with others, then why don’t you think of word-of-mouth recommendations, which by the way is one of the oldest and most efficient forms of advertising. A lot of companies in Nigeria are aware of this and that is why they offer a refer-a-friend bonus to people.

One of such companies in Nigeria that offers this refer-a-friend service is Piggyvest. PiggyVest gives N1000 per person when you refer a friend to sign up with them. This means that if 40 of your friends on Facebook sign up with them, they’ll pay you N40,000 just like that. There are several other platforms out there you can check out that provide this.

You can send email invites or share your link on Facebook with your friends to sign up with your referral code. If any of your friends sign up through your referral link, you earn a cash bonus! 

2. Join Facebook Audience Network

If you’re looking for how to make about $200 on Facebook then you should consider joining Facebook Audience Network. The Facebook Audience Network is an in-house Facebook project that helps content creators monetize their works on Facebook. It’s like Google Adsense. This is a straight way to make money from Facebook from anywhere in Nigeria.

For example, let’s say you make videos and post them on your Facebook page. Gradually, you start to have a large audience and views. But one problem is that there is no way to make money from the videos you are posting, unlike YouTube. This is where Facebook Audience Network comes in. Through it, you can show ads and monetize your videos. Facebook has advertisers that want to promote their brands and are willing to pay you for it.

Even bloggers are not left out. You can use the Facebook Audience Network to promote ads and earn money from your page.

It is as easy as that.

If you already have a Facebook page that has lots of videos (original videos) then consider joining the Facebook Audience Network or if you have a blog, then apply for Facebook Instant Articles, after approval you can join the Facebook audience network and start making money as people read your articles and watch your videos.  

Please note: You must have a public page, not a profile to be able to join the audience network.

3. Become a Facebook Partner

Facebook offers the opportunity to become a partner. This is big. Probably bigger than making $200 a day on Facebook even still in Nigeria. We talking in thousands now. Imagine becoming a partner with the world’s largest social media network with over 2 billion active users? That is huge! 

With more than 2 billion users every month on Facebook, companies are looking to drive sales and more on Facebook. This is where you come in, you can partner with Facebook and various businesses and help them reach their goal, and you make money from it.

The first kind of partnership you will get is a Marketing partner. Yes, Facebook offers the opportunity to become a marketing partner. And it is very easy. If you’re a marketing guru, helping clients match with their customers, managing business pages, and so on. Then you have all the requirements needed in becoming a Facebook marketing partner. If you run a marketing agency, you can also consider this partnership too. 

The advantage of this union is Facebook will work with you and help you thrive and make money on its platform as a marketing partner. People actually build their business around this! It’s a very lucrative partnership with lots of huge potentials. 

The second partnership Facebook offers is the Audience Network Partnership. If you’re good in tech or have a team of people good in tech, then you can apply and become a partner with Facebook in finding a solution for its advertisers and publishers. 

Just imagine the vast number of advertisers, publishers, and people targeting Facebook for growth, this opens up huge opportunities.

4.Social Media Manager

You might not know that you can get paid for just managing a Facebook account. You might be wondering how that is possible, is not just to post something? Well Yes and No. It’s not just about posting but about posting the right content for your audience at the right time. 

Many companies are looking for social media savvy individuals that can manage and optimize their Facebook cooperate accounts. Remember 2 billion active users, if a company can get just 100,000 at least, that’s a great milestone and success. So, you see handling a company cooperate account is a very important job. 

In order to be a social media manager, you need to possess the basic skillset of social media management. As a social media manager, your responsibilities are posting content on the Facebook page, designing graphics for content, scheduling posts, responding to comments of the followers, increasing engagement, creating a sense of community, and building the size audience amongst others.

It should be noted that there is a high possibility that you might have to manage other social media platforms where the brand has a presence. So, you may need to be familiar with other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok etc. And bear in mind that different platforms require different approaches.

5. Sell your products

Facebook provides an avenue to open a shop on its platform and sell products. This is a great opportunity to reach a good number of the 2 billion users on the platform with your products. An average Facebook user spends 15 minutes on average every day on the social network. That’s plenty of time to grab their attention and start selling your products.

If you have clothes, bags, shoes, cars, phones, makeups, beauty products, games, accessories, electronics, or whatever you want to sell. You can do that right on Facebook.  

All you have to do is create a business page for your business.

You can even use your eCommerce platforms to sell on Facebook (if you have one)

Instead of having Facebook as your only option, you can use an eCommerce platform like Shopify to list products on your Facebook stores. This offers more advantages as you won’t need to enter products manually.

The biggest benefit is that, even if you don’t have products, you can still open a shop with Shopify, copy products and their information from major suppliers such as eBay, Amazon, Ali-express, and others into your shop, and whenever someone orders, the product is shipped to them and you get paid. It’s as easy as ABC

There are free apps in Shopify that can help you auto-link your Shopify store to Facebook shop free. 

This way you make money from both Facebook and eCommerce platforms all while still living in Nigeria.

6. Drive Traffic

This is perhaps the most explored way when it comes to making money on Facebook. This method involves using your Facebook page or profile to drive traffic to a blog, your shop, business website, or email list and from there, you convince them to make a sale or you make money just by them being there.

For instance, you can decide to start a blog. This works really well for bloggers. You first build a Facebook page, post viral, engaging content, promote it and get lots of followership. If you can promote and push the page till you get up to 1 million or more followers then you are set to earn BIG MONEY.  

Now set up a blog for your Facebook page. Write the same viral and engaging content on your blog. Monetize it with Google Adsense and affiliate links. Now share your blog posts to your Facebook page and drive traffic to it. 

You can be getting from thousands to millions of visitors every day to your blog depending on the size of your page.

Examples of blogs that use this strategy and are now big players making big money are,,, etc.

For some bloggers who aren’t interested in running blogs but making constant money. You can create like 4 blogs on different but closely related topics. Use their Facebook page to drive traffic. The blog becomes big and with huge followers. Then go to and sell the blog for big money. Then begin the process again. So, the Facebook page becomes a big asset.

Or if you sell products on your websites or anywhere else that is outside Facebook, you still can use your Page to generate traffic and leads.

In summary, you use Facebook as a medium to drive people to where your business interest is and from there convert to customers, clients, or users.

This is a great and effective method but building the page up to get good followers will be very hard. But in the long run, building a Facebook page with engaged followers is a big asset that can bring a massive return on investment.

7. Become a Facebook influencer

Social media Influencers are simply people with lots of followers on social media and who can influence people’s opinions on particular events, topics, or products.

You can build a large following on your profile or page and become a Facebook influencer. There are lots of companies ready to pay you to market and talk about them on your Facebook profile or page. I even paid one not quite long to promote my product on their page.

These companies can reach you directly if they want, but there are platforms that can easily connect you with them. One of the most popular platforms is Famebit. They help you get sponsorship on your social media channel and through these sponsorships you make money.

Just sign up with them, connect your social media account and from there you can write proposals to brands that are interested in your kind of audience.

There are also other influencers platforms you can join and make money through your Facebook Influence, they include: Izea, Dealspotr, Ifluenz, and more.

If you’re already an influencer then you don’t need to worry about how to make money on Facebook, just go ahead and join these platforms and put your influence to use.

And it’s important to note that you can do all these while living in Nigeria.

8. Selling of account

Another way you can make up to $200 a day on Facebook is by selling an account. Well in this case it’s more than $200 since it’s a one-time sale. We talking from as little as $500 to as much as $20,000, all depending on the followership and engagement.  And yes! this is possible and easy. You can create a Facebook account, build followers for it, then when it has a huge following you put it out for sale. 

These days, marketers and brands buy Facebook accounts for promotional purposes as Facebook gives more weightage to an old account.

So, if you have a Facebook group that’s old and you no longer use it, then you can consider selling it. There are lots of online businesses that basically need a Facebook account with a good number of relevant followings to buy in order to kickstart their business. 

9. Join a Pay Per Click (PPC) Network

Pay Per Click Networks is another great way to make money on Facebook in Nigeria. The process is pretty simple. You sign up with them. They give you content or you choose the contents you want to share on your social media pages then you are paid for every click it generates.

Generally, PPC is very sensitive, you must not click on the links yourself or ask someone you know to click, if they track this and find out, you will be banned!

So, basically, you share their content on your Facebook page and get paid for every clicks it generates. Examples of some PPC networks you can join are; SharePop, Viral9, and more.

10. Short-links

This simply involves using a link Shortner service for every link you share on social media. You will likely not make big money through this method but if you will like the opportunity of making small incremental passive income, then this is for you. If you regularly share news or any information on Facebook, this is also for you.

All you have to do is, before you share the link to any news or information, go to a link shortener, past the link, and shorten it. Copy the shorten one and share it on your Facebook.

Whenever someone clicks on it, the link will first show them an ad before redirecting them to the news or information. That is how the link shorteners make money from which they will pay you.

Popular link Shorteners that pay include: Link Shrink, ADF and OUO


All of the above-mentioned ways of how to make money on Facebook while living in Nigeria are achievable if you are really put in the work. Invest your time in carrying out good research about any methods that interest you and find a way to make it work for you. A lot of people are already doing them so you just need to find a way to stand out amongst other competitions. And with time and consistency, you could be making more than $200 a day on Facebook.

Originally posted 2021-08-13 12:35:07.

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