Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2022

Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2022
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Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2022

Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2022
Nigeria Police Salary Structure 2022

The Nigerian police force is the number one security agency assigned with law enforcement in Nigeria. Many other departments carry out different duties in enforcing laws and protecting the citizens of Nigeria. The police force has different salaries that come with various factors. Generally, Nigerian police staff receives between N9 019 to N711 498 depending on the rank of the officer. This pay ranges from the recruits and up to the top of the ranks in the Police force. 

This article will be talking about the Nigerian police salary across all ranks and officers. Before moving into the main topic, I would like to discuss a brief history of the Nigerian Police.

About the Nigeria Police Force

A Police Force was first established in Nigeria in 1820. The armed paramilitary constabulary, the Lagos Police, Niger coast constabulary were also among the first Police in other regions.

In the 1900s, the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern regions brought about a joint Police Force. 

According to the Act of 1999, the Police force is embodied with the responsibility of law enforcement in the state. The Nigerian Police also have a few departments that facilitate the duties of the Office. 

Officers hold different ranks in the Police Force. This rank ranges from the constable to the Inspector general of Police. 

All the departments of the Nigeria Police are under the supervision of the Inspector General of Police (IGP). These departments include the Police Mobile Force and the Criminal Investigation Department. 

The Police Mobile Force is the anti-riot unit which is also under the supervision of the IGP. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) handles crimes and other related activities. 

Government agencies also have supervision over the Police force. These agencies include the Ministry of Interior, the Nigeria Police Council (NPC), and The Police service commission (PSC).

Nigeria Police Salary Structure

The salary of the Nigerian Police officers varies with their ranks. Here, I have a complete list of the salary structure of all the levels in the Nigeria Police Force. 

Police Recruit

The Nigerian Poice recruits earn around N9 019 every month. This salary sums up to approximately N108 300. 

Police Constable

There are two grade levels in this rank. 

  • Police consable grade level 10 gets N49 113. 
  • On the other hand, Police Constable 03 earns approximately N43 300.

Police Corporal

  • Police corporal on grade level 04 (1) receives a monthly salary of N44 715. 
  • Police corporal on grade level 04 (10) earns N51 113 every month.

Police Sergent 

  • A police sergeant on grade level 05 (1) collects a monthly salary of N48 540. 
  • Sergent on level 05 (10) collects N55 973. 
  • Sergent major on grade level 06 (1) gets N55 144 monthly. 
  • While Sergent major grade level 06 (10) receives N62 200

Cadet Inspector

  • Cadet inspector on level grade 07 (1) gets N73,231. 
  • Cadet Inpector on grade levle 07 (10) recieves N87 135 

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)

  • ASP on grade level 08 (1) gets N127 604
  • ASP on grade level 08 (10) receives N144 152
  • ASP on grade level 09 (1) N136 616
  • ASP on grade level 09 (10) collects N156 318 every month. 

Deputy Superintendent

  • Deputy Superintendent on grade level 10 (1) gets a monthly salary of N148 733
  • Deputy Superintendent on grade level 10 (10) receives N170 399

Superintendent of the police

  • The superintendent on grade 11 (1) receives N161 768 monthly
  • The superintendent in grade 11 (10) gets N187 616 every month. 

Chief Superintendent of the Police

  • Chief Superintendent on grade 12 (1) earns a monthly salary of N172 000
  • Chief Superintendent on grade 12 (08) receives N199 723

Assistant Commissioner of Police

  • Grade 13 (1) receives N183 185 monthly
  • Grade 13 (10) gets N212 938 monthly

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

  • DCP on level 14 (1) gets a monthly salary of N242 715
  • DCP on grade level 14 (07) earns N278 852 every month. 

Commissioner of the Nigeria Police

  • Commissioner of Police on level 15 (1) receives a monthly pay of  N266 777
  • The commissioner on grade 15 (07) earns N302 970 every month. 

The top three ranked officers are the Assistant IGP, deputy IGP, and IGP; they all get good pay at the end of the month. The monthly salary of the top 3 ranked officers of the Nigerian Police are as follows;

  • Assistant Inspector General of the Nigeria Police receivesis N499 751 every month.
  • The Deputy Inspector General of Police has a monthly salary of N546 572
  • The inspector general of the Nigeria Police force earns N711 498 monthly. 

So, these are the salary structure of every rank in the Nigerian Police force. This salary ranges from the lowest to the highest grade. 

What are the Departments of the Nigeria Police Force?

As I mentioned earlier, the Nigerian Police force has a few other departments under the supervision of the IGP. The Criminal Investigation Department and the Police Mobile are two relevant sections of the Nigeria Police force. 

Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

The CID is the department of the Police that heads criminal investigations and related cases across the country. The CID also heads illegal activities within and outside the boundaries of Nigeria. This section of the Nigeria Police Force is under the supervision of the Deputy Inspector General.

The Criminal Investigation Department is divided into various sections. These sections include; Administration, Anti-fraud unit, Forensic Science Laboratory, and so on. 

The controversial dysfunction SARS unit was also a part of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Police Mobile

The Mobile Police is under the control of the Inspector General of Police as an Anti-riot unit. This department specializes in tackling situations of civil crisis across Nigeria. So, in cases where riots and emergencies go out of hand, the Police Mobile is called to duty.

The Mobile Police take control of crises where the regular Police cannot wholly handle. These units have more than 12 commands across the country. 

Nigeria Police Ranks and Hierarchy

The Police force is ranked from the recruit and up to the Inspector general of Police. Below is a list of the Nigeria Police force ranks in Ascending order;

  1. Police Recruit
  2. Constable
  3. Corporal 
  4. Sergeant
  5. Sergeant Major
  6. Inspector of Police 
  7. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  8. Deputy Superintendent of Police
  9. Superintendent
  10. Chief Superintendent of Police 
  11. Assistant Commissioner of Police 
  12. Deputy Commissioner of Police
  13. Commissioner of Police
  14. Assistant Inspector General of Police
  15. Deputy Inspector General of Police
  16. Inspector-General of Police

All the officers in these ranks have different roles in their service to the Nigeria Police Force. 

Nigeria Police Duties

The Police Force has a call of duty to the nation and must abide by the code of conduct. They are tasked with different roles and obligations to the Police Commission. Some of the responsibilities of the Nigeria Police Force includes;

  • The Police Force helps keep law, peace, and order in the state.
  • The Nigeria Police are responsible for settling crises and disputes between the citizens.
  • They are allowed to use firearms when disputes go out of hand. However, this happens only with permission from a senior officer.
  • Policers officers also have a particular unit for controlling traffic.
  • The Mobile Police Unit is trained in situations handling riots. 

So, these are the responsibilities of the Nigeria Police force in the line of duty. 

Nigeria Police Recruitment

The Nigeria Police is the force in Nigeria with one of the highest officers in numbers. Police recruitment opens its windows more regularly than any other security agency in Nigeria. People with at least a level result can apply for the Nigeria Police force. Citizens with Higher education such as OND, HND, B.SC are also eligible. 

The Application process of the Police force has some requirements. Here, I have some information on the application requirement of the Nigeria Police Force. 

  • The applicants must be Nigerian and should have a national identity card.
  • The applicants must be above the age of 18
  • Applicants must not have any form of disabilities such as flat feet, amputation of any part of the body
  • Male applicants must be 1.67 meters and above, while females must not be less than 1.64
  • O’ level results with five, including English Language and Mathematics, from at least two sittings. 
  • Applicants for cadets Inspector must have an OND or NCE results to qualify
  • and  HND certificates are also requirements for holders 
  • All applicants must download and fill the Guarantor’s form 
  • A medical certificate of fitness is compulsory. Every applicant must be physically and medically fit to be eligible. 

So these are some of the vital information about the Nigerian Police force. This article has discussed the Nigeria Police salary, officers ranks, Police departments, duties, and the application requirements. 

Want to know more about the Nigeria Police Force? Check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who designed the Nigeria Police Flag?

The flag of the Nigeria Police Force was designed by a 23-year-old Nigerian student in 1959. Taiwo Micheal Aknwummi was the young man behind the flag design. This design by Taiwo won an award from numerous other entries in a competition. The flag has three colors; green, yellow, and green.

What does the Nigerian Police crest represent?

The police crest has an elephant standing on green vegetation with two cross staves with an eagle standing on the starves. 

The Elephant represents steadfastness and reliability, while the eagle represents strength. The two crossed staves symbolize Office and authority. 

What are the departments of the Nigeria Police Force?

The criminal investigation department (CID) is a department of the Police force that handles criminal cases. This department is divided into sections like the Administrative, Anti-fraud, and other units.

The Mobile Police is also a Police department responsible for a particular duty. Police Mobile takes its specialty as an Anti-riot situation. They are primarilyreceiveslevelInspector used for crises where regular Police fall short.


So, here you go! The details on the Nigeria Police salary and other essential information of the Police Commission. 

The Police force in Nigeria handles security and criminal-related issues across the country. They are responsible for the protection of every citizen. So, if you have an emergency, dial the Nigeria Police emergency number with 122 or 199

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