Selling on Jumia in 2022

Sell on Jumia
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Selling on Jumia in 2022

Jumia is one of Nigeria’s biggest online marketplace. They sell a lot of products in different categories. If you are looking to purchase a product online in Nigeria, Jumia is one of the best options you have. 

Customers can order whatever products they want, and you get them delivered. Jumia also offers you the platform to sell your products. 

Sell on Jumia

Many people have used this opportunity to grow their businesses.  If you have a product and you are thinking about selling on Jumia, you are in the right place. 

However, some rules and regulations govern this offer. I will show you everything you need to know about selling your products on Jumia. But before that, I will briefly discuss how Jumia started.

About Jumia

Jumia is Nigeria’s number one online marketplace for shopping goods and services. More than 200 million people go to Jumia to search for products every day. The Jumia group was created in 2013 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Piognonnec, and they have their head office located in Yaba, Lagos. 

In Jumia’s early days, their specialty was Rocket Internet. However, Jumia now sells varieties of products in different categories.  They also offer opportunities for people who want to sell products through the platform. This aspect is what I will discuss today.

How to sell on Jumia

You can sell your products on But only if you adhere to their policies. The first step to selling on Jumia is to create an account, provide the necessary information and comply with other conditions. 

To create an account, follow the three easy steps below;

  • Visit Jumia’s seller center page and complete the registration form. You will be required to provide your contact details (mail address and phone number) and your Business information.
  • Go through the training materials for new sellers and learn how to use the platform in just a few minutes
  • List the products that you want to sell. 

With these three easy steps, you can start selling your products on Jumia. Like I mentioned earlier, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of Jumia’s seller center.

Why Should I Sell on Jumia?

They are a few other alternative online marketplaces to sell your products. However, Jumia provides you with some of the best benefits and advantages of success on the platform. Aside from a free registration fee, Jumia gives sellers some benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Jumia;

  • Although there are tactics to rank on Jumia’s website, you can quickly get thousands of buyers to visit your products every month.
  • Jumia works on a commission per sale system. But with new sellers, you can enjoy the first month without paying any commission fee.
  • You can also get a free photo session for your first 30 items.

So with Jumia, you can get some added advantages and sell products quickly. It does not matter the type of item you sell. Sellers have the chance to show their products to some of the 200 million daily visitors on the website.

How much does it cost to sell on Jumia?

Jumia’s sellers pay commissions fees for products they sell on the platform. This commission depends on the category of the products and also the method of delivery you choose. The commission also includes a VAT of 7.5%, in line with the Nigerian Government’s policy.

The shipping fee for all the different categories includes 7.5% for the Valued Added Tax (VAT). The platform provides sellers with details of how this process works.

How to manage the Jumia Seller account 

Registering with Jumia provides you with a lot of freedom and authority to manage your website. You can explore the seller center and manage your account dashboard, overview listings, update product information, handle sales and orders, etc.  Want to learn how to use your seller center? I have highlighted a few features the seller allows you to do;

  • Monitor your orders on the Jumia platform
  • Monitor the items and your products listings
  • Join advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Keep track of your product’s performance with tools that monitor customers’ actions and behaviors on the website.

There are other features that you can use to master the seller center on Jumia.

Product listing in Jumia

Product listing is one of the most important parts of selling on Jumia. Listing your product on the seller center account can be done with a few methods, which I will show you. These methods depend on the quantity and type of product you want to sell. Here is a list of the options to list your products;

  • You can put the product online ‘one by one.’
  • Another way of listing your product is by using the “sell yours’ feature.
  • Use the product creation template
  • Sellers can also contact the Jumia content team for product listing.

There are many resources available on how to list your products on Jumia.

How to process an order on Jumia

Sellers can receive notification of an order for their products through different means. You can check for orders on your seller center account or Email address. Nevertheless, you have only 24 hours to start the shipping process.

You have to get the product ready as soon as possible to get a good score. Sellers must also take note of the return policies, quality checks, and other related details.

Delivering your products on Jumia

There are two ways to deliver your products on this platform. These include;

  • Deliver your order to Jumia’s VDO station

When you have your package ready, deliver it to the delivery provider you chose during the shipping process. Jumia takes the responsibility of only delivering the product to the final destination. That means you are in charge of the storage and maintenance.

  • Deliver through Jumia Express Services.

This alternative is straightforward. Sellers deliver their product to Jumia. Then Jumia takes charge of the packaging, storage, and delivery to the customer. You can subscribe to Jumia Express to get these services. 

How to receive Payments on Jumia

The payment policy on Jumia is straightforward. Payments for your product are sent to your bank account through a deposit. 

I will show you how to enter your payment process in five easy steps;

  • Go to your profile settings on your seller center account and click on ‘Bank account.’ Enter the name of your Bank, account name, and number.
  • When you get an order, it will reflect on your account in the seller center.
  • You will have to wait for the money to be available. This process is usually a few days after the order. Payments are left in ‘Due and Unpaid’ to ensure the customer does not want a return.
  • Payments are sent directly to the bank account details on your seller center profile.
  • For transparency, you can download the ‘Account statements’ of your transactions. This statement is present in the three documents on your account profile.

With these five steps above, you can have a smooth payment process with Jumia. However, it would help if you also take note of the dues and commission fees that apply to every order you receive on the platform.

Getting Sales and orders on Jumia

This shopping store already boasts millions of daily visitors to give you a good chance of selling products. However, a few strategies can help sellers optimize the Jumia seller center. The features allow a few techniques to increase sellers’ chances of making more sales and getting orders. These include;

  • Special offer and Promo

Festive seasons and memorable Days can be an excellent time to make sales on Jumia. The platform customers offer during seasons like Valentine, Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, etc. Sellers have the opportunity to join these season offers. Although the cut area on the sellers, this strategy can be very effective in increasing sales.

  • Run Sponsored Ad

You can get your products visible to your target audience with this technique. This ad is available for sellers with different plans, prices, and store products. Your product can be sponsored by the Jumia website to their social media platforms. Sellers’ products can also get visibility on Google ads through search engines. 

  • Loan Offers

Another way you can use to grow your business on this platform is by utilizing the loan offers. Jumia partners with loan providers like Phastmoney and Lendigo so that sellers can get loans. But Jumia only qualifies worthy sellers for the loan offers with their partners.

These alternatives can boost your sales on Jumia. If you are a seller, you should consider trying one of these techniques.

So, here you have it! Everything you need to know about selling on Jumia. This shopping site is Nigeria’s number one online marketplace. It is also a reliable and easy place to sell your products. 

Have any questions about how to sell on Jumia? Check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

How can I Sell on Jumia?

Jumia offers opportunities for people with products to sell on the website. You can easily open a seller center with the seller center. Then you can earn through dropshipping and selling your products. The platform is one of the best shopping sites in Nigeria. With Jumia’s website, sellers have a good chance of making sales from visitors searching for products on Jumia.

Alternatively, you can join Jumia’s affiliate program. Here, you will get a commission for promoting the website’s product and getting people to purchase them.

How much does it cost to sell on Jumia?

Jumia gives sellers free registration but charges a commission from the sales of products. The commission depends on the seller’s method of delivery/shipping and the category of the products. Fees also come with Value-added Tax (VAT), which is in adherence to the Nigerian government’s policy.

For example, the commission for products in the Baby category is at least N100. Other product categories could have a commission fee of up to N300.

The commission ranges from different product categories available on Jumia’s seller center. 

How does the Value-added Tax (VAT) work?

The Value-added Tax (VAT)  includes 7.5% of the shipping cost. 

For Instance, You sell a product in the Automobile category with a shipping cost is #150. The shipping cost with consideration to VAT would be;

(7.5 X #150)/100 = 11.25

                 150 + 11.25 = 161.25 

The new shipping cost will be #161.25 

Once you follow the proper process, your products have a chance of going live on You can then start exploring various ways to help you make sales on the site. The seller center account is always accessible for you to track relevant information.


Growing your Business in the online space has become a necessity. A physical store is not the only option business owners can sell their products. Jumia’s seller center feature gives you the ability to get more customers to your business. 

Like I have illustrated in this article, opening an account is easy. Many people are earning millions of naira through this technique.

If you do not have a product, you can use the dropshipping technique on the website. Jumia also has affiliate programs that you can join.

That’s it! All you need to know about selling on Jumia. Are you looking to sell your products on one of the best and reliable platforms? Join Jumia Seller center.

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