The Best 5 small business ideas in Nigeria without quitting a day job

5 small business ideas in Nigeria without quitting a day job
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The Best 5 small business ideas in Nigeria without quitting a day job

The level of unemployment in Nigeria is quite alarming and harmful. The salary received by the few employed is not enough to cater to their economic needs. 

Many are still struggling with financial challenges because they are yet to understand the principles of wealth.

Read through this article and discover the 5 small business ideas in Nigeria without quitting your day job

5 small business ideas in Nigeria without quitting a day job

It is not ideal for an individual to have a single source of income. Multiple sources of income are the solution to the financial crises faced by any individual.  These business ideas would be ones that would not involve quitting your regular job. 

The small business ideas in Nigeria discussed in this article perfectly fit full-time employees. All you need is to plan your time according to your working hours.

5 Small Business ideas in Nigeria 

The following are the business ideas to be considered 

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Marketing
  • House cleaning
  • Rental business



Blogging involves creating content that can be published online. “Blog” is a short form of “weblog,” meaning an online journal or information website. 

People involved in the blogging business are often referred to as a blogger. 

The content created may be textual, pictorial, or visual. The blogging industry is one of the top businesses combined with a day job in Nigeria. 

Blogging business is a frequent update of information. The ability to communicate effectively and create content easily attracts people to the blogging site. 

You can start your own blogging business today and make a maximum profit.

How can I start a blogging business?

Starting a blogging business is not as difficult as you think. The following steps can be considered if you want to create a blogging business.

  • Name your blog

The blog name is the first step in starting a blogging business. You can imagine this step as naming your business brand. 

It is advisable to name your blog site according to the type and nature of the content you want to be providing. 

Also, let the name be simple and attractive to the online audience. 

Don’t forget that the name of your blog depends on your blogging area of interest. 

To successfully create a name for your blog, the following tips can be considered:

  • Think of the best area or niche you would love.
  • Ensure that your blog subject has a lot of content.
  • Let your blog name be simple and attractive to the readers.
  • Get a web host and domain name

A domain name is essential in creating a blogging site. The domain name is the URL, i.e., the blog’s address.  

You can picture this as the location and address of an office or a company.  A web host is also important because it makes your domain name accessible on the Internet. 

The web host keeps all the domain information and makes it accessible to people visiting your blog.

  • Choose a blogging platform

It is important to have a platform on which your blogging will occur. If an individual is sick, they visit the hospital. Also, for blogging, you need to get access to a blogging platform. 

Some available blogging platforms you can choose from include WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace, and Weebly. You can start with WordPress as it is the most popular of all. 

All these applications are available on the google play store and can be downloaded on your device when needed.

  • Create and launch the blog

In this step, you need first to install the application of the desired blogging platform on your device. 

After installation, create and customize your blogging site on the platform according to your desire. 

Afterward, your blog site can be launched on that same platform.

Since your blog site is set, it is time to start writing and posting the articles of your interest on your site. 

It might not be easy to get viewers at first, but persistent writing and publishing will make you renowned in the community of bloggers. 

You can use the knowledge of Search engine optimization (SEO) to create keywords for your article. 

How can I make money through blogging?

The following are ways in which money can make money through blogging.

  • Subscription: if you have a functional and well-established blogging site, people have to subscribe to access the site. 

A certain percentage of the fee will be shared with the blogger creating traffic of viewers.

  • Google Adsense:  a blogger can also earn from the advertisement placed on their content by Google. 
  • Affiliate marketing: This involves creating traffic on your blogging site by recommending a product to the audience. 

The more people visit your site to buy the product, the more you earn


Freelancing is a business idea in which an individual uses professional qualifications, skills, and ability to provide service for multiple clients conveniently to make money.  

As a freelancer, you are not committed to a particular person or organization, and you can render the best of your service at your own convenient time.

If you are wondering about the services you can provide as a freelancer, then you can think of any skill, talent, or academic qualification you have. It implies that any skills you have can qualify you as a freelancer.

How can I start a freelancing business?

The following can be considered when starting a freelancing business:

  • Acquire a digital skill: It is important to acquire a marketable skill in the 21st century to be a successful freelancer. Several skills can make you a successful freelancer in Nigeria. 
  • Build a portfolio: Your past and present experience in the skill of your choice should be gathered and made available to the client. A professional portfolio will improve the client’s confidence in the service you are rendering.
  • Join a freelancing site: To be successful in the freelancing business, you must join a freelancing site. The site will make you accessible to many people who need your service conveniently. Some of the available freelancing sites available for freelancers include Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal e.t.c
  • Set up your profile: It is important to set up a professional profile after joining a freelancing site. The profile must clearly define you to be a master of the skills you are rendering.
  • Set up your rate: Since your service as a freelancer is not free, it is important to place a monetary value on all your services to make a profitable income.



Marketing in this small-scale business involves an individual skillfully and persuasively introducing goods and services to their targeted client for purchasing and profit.

This business is one of the easiest and most accessible small-scale businesses combined with our daily salary job. 

Marketing of goods and services can be done anywhere and anytime. 

A marketer can either convince others to buy products they are personally selling as an entrepreneur or refer others to products selling as an affiliate marketer. 

Marketing can be done online and offline in this 21st century. 

Online marketing is easier, faster, and more encompassing. 

Perseverance and convincing others are the best skills needed to be a successful marketer.

The 4P’s of Marketing

Before an individual can start a marketing business, the 4Ps of Marketing are an important aspect to know. 

Below is a brief description of the 4Ps of marketing.

  • Product

The product can be regarded as a marketable good to be sold to consumers. This aspect is a key marketing element because it is the center of focus. A product must meet the consumer’s demand and strive well in a competitive economy. And it will better enhance the need for the product, therefore, reducing the stress of the marketer.

  • Price

Price is also a prerequisite for marketing because every product comes with a price tag. When placing a price on a product, cost price, marketing cost, and distribution expenses must be considered by a marketer to have a good output at the end of the day.

  • Place

Place refers to the distribution of the product. Key considerations include whether the company will sell the product through a physical storefront, online, or both distribution channels. When it’s sold in a storefront, what kind of physical product placement does it get? When it’s sold online, what kind of digital product placement does it get?

  • Promotion

The last P is the actual concept of marketing. Effective product promotion is a marketing strategy that involves all forms of advertisements and sponsorship.

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House cleaning business 

House cleaning is a term used to describe all the processes that make the house clean, healthy, and appealing

Starting a company that offers this service would be a good idea. 

In Nigeria, the house cleaning business is becoming lucrative, especially in cities and urban areas, because of the busy schedule of people living in such places. 

The House cleaning business in Nigeria can be used as a side hustle to complement the salary received from the normal day job. 

House cleaning services are often needed mostly during the weekends; therefore, such service can be provided to housing apartments and offices without affecting the weekly job activities.

Starting a house cleaning company is lucrative. If the company is well established and renowned, it becomes a gold mine for you. 

Rental business 

The rental business involves leasing out materials for events or social meetings. It is a highly lucrative business in Nigeria because Nigerians love partying. 

All you need to start a renting business is capital to buy all the materials like canopies, chairs, tables, cooking utensils, plates, e.t.c. 

Advertising yourself is also important to promote your business. Once you are fully recognized for your service, you can continue making a significant income daily and weekly.

This article has discussed 5 business ideas in Nigeria. Have any questions about this topic? Check out the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any other business ideas apart from the 5 stated in this article?

There are other business ideas in Nigeria that this article cannot cover. Some of them are catering, photography, event planning, POS business, water supply, e.t.c.

How can I join a freelancing site?

Download a freelancing site of your choice. I will recommend Fiverr or UpWork for you as a beginner. Sign-up and follow other instructions to set your profile and create your gigs.

How can I combine a business with my daily routine work?

Determination and passion is the key to successfully combining the two. I will also recommend effective time management.

How much does it require to start up this business

The type of business determines the capital for investment. It ranges from starting up with little or no capital to investing with quite a huge amount of money. 


After reading this article, it is important to take bold action towards starting a business of your choice to save yourself from financial hardship.

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Technology has made a lot of things easier. Most of the business can be done through technology at a convenient time. 

Therefore, start up a business today and earn massively.

The 5 business ideas in Nigeria I have outlined will be helpful. 

Found this post interesting, kindly share it with your friends and families. 

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