Small business tips – 5 ways to improve your leadership skills

5 ways to improve your leadership skills
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Small business tips – 5 ways to improve your leadership skills


Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals in different career specializations need good leadership skills. In any area you belong to, improving your leadership skills is one of the most vital aspects. To improve your leadership skills, you do not have to be a leader among a group of people or an organization. Leadership skills can also help to improve your self-development as a person.


Owners of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and career personnel all need good leadership skills. This post will show you some ways to improve your leadership.

If you have a small business, you need good leadership skills to manage your business. In this article, I will give some tips on 5 five ways to improve your leadership skills. You will also learn the habits of an effective leader. So stay tuned.

5 ways to improve your leadership skills

How to improve your leadership skills

In this section, I will discuss five valuable tips that will help unlock your leadership skills. They include;


  1. Lead by Example

This leadership characteristic is the first and most important skill you must adopt as a business owner. To be a leader, you must act like one. Leading by example means setting the standards for your employees, workers, or business associates.a

The best way to improve this skill is by taking responsibility and working hard instead of allocating complex tasks to your employees.

So, if you want your leadership to stand out, you have to set a standard and work towards it.


  1. Build a good relationship

A good rapport and relationship are vital in any business or profession. This feature of a leader is essential in attracting customers, clients, employees, and even investors. They are ways to improve your leadership skills across all levels of your work.

With employers, you have to build a good relationship by being a source of inspiration and motivation. It is also essential not to owe employees or anything related to such. This quality would give a good relationship with everyone around you.

In handling clients, keeping a fantastic relationship is crucial. A good rapport with your clients can stay loyal customers hence stabilizing your business.

Good relationships in small businesses have also helped attract sponsors and significant partnerships with some companies across the world.


  1. Be a communicator

Communication is an essential attribute to leadership in any profession. So many small businesses, organizations, and companies have crashed due to poor communication skills between the leaders and employees.

Having good communication in a work setting is essential because it creates transparency. If you want to keep a good relationship when running your business, communicate every detail effectively.

In terms of employees, communicating your goals, salary, job descriptions, etc., is essential. Communication is also very vital when handling clients; communicate your services honestly. This attribute would build trust and an effective partnership.


  1. Assign task

This attribute can help take the burdens of huge workloads off your shoulder. As a good leader, it is not only about having smart people around you. It is also vital that you trust your team enough to assign specific tasks.

Assigning tasks would make them feel motivated and, at the same time, ease the workload on their shoulders. Also, delegating tasks to your team can help you focus on bouldering your business. So do not be afraid of exploring the group of talents you have around you. If not, they might lose confidence and motivation to work.


  1. Be a good listener

Communication is vital in any small business. But as a leader, you also have to develop a good habit of listening. Being a good listener makes your employees and partners find it easy to talk to you.

As a small business owner, listening is essential to providing the best services to your clients. Your clients want to solve one problem or the other. And the best way to deliver is by listening and understanding their problems.


The essence of listening in a small business and any other profession cannot be overemphasized. This attribute is very vital, and every good leader must adopt it.

So, if you want to improve your leadership skills, consider the five tips I have just discussed above.

Now that you know how to improve your leadership, I would like to talk about some essential habits that a good leader must adapt.


What are the habits of an effective leader?

As a good leader, there are some habits that you must adopt to be very effective. Below are eight practices of an effective leader;

  1. Calmness
  2. Self-development
  3. Good decision-making
  4. Discipline
  5. Accountability
  6. Creativity
  7. Enthusiasm
  8. Admitting mistakes


  1. Calmness

Calmness is an excellent attribute for every leader. If you run a small business, there are many responsibilities to handle. Your employees, clients, customers, partners all look up to you to deliver. This responsibility might cause a lot of pressure.

However, good leaders must have a habit of keeping calm and composed even under pressure and challenging circumstances. If you cannot keep your composure under pressure, you will lead your credibility and competence as a true leader.

Composure under pressure is a habit that every good leader must adopt when handling a small business.


  1. Self-development

Self-development is essential in any area of life and not just for leaders. However, leaders must task themselves to continue to improve every site of their business.

They are some ways to help develop yourself as a leader. The habit of self-development can be enhanced by continuous learning, taking advice from customers, and having an open mind. This habit must be present in every leader.

If you want to develop your small business, you must improve yourself to have the skillset to progress.


  1. Good decision-making

Making the right decisions is always crucial to running a successful business. A good leader must be decisive and calculative when making decisions. That does not mean leaders are not capable of making wrong decisions. However, when making decisions, you have to be more intentional, calculative, and rational.

One mistake people make is taking decisions out of emotions or sentiments. Good leaders must have the habit of making decisions that favor the group rather than for selfish gains.


  1. Discipline

Discipline is a habit that a good and effective leader must learn. An effective leader must be disciplined and dedicated to work in every sense. This attitude is also an essential attribute to improve your leadership skills.

In any business, discipline has to be one of the core principles. Leading a small business must require discipline from the leader and every team member. So, if you want to be an effective leader, you must portray the habit of discipline.


  1. Accountability

Without accountability, no company, group, organization, or business would succeed. This habit is one that every leader must learn to practice in their everyday activities. Accountability brings about transparency in any industry.

On the path of the leaders, accountability must be an ever-present criterion. As a leader, you must take responsibility for certain decisions and tackle them. This attribute should be a core principle that an effective leader must adapt to at all times.


  1. Creativity

Every single person can be innovative and create something special and unique. This skill is referred to as creativity, and it is a valuable tool for any small business.

As a leader, you must unlock your inner creativity by thinking outside the box and finding solutions to problems. It is also essential to build this creativity habit in handling particular areas in your business. Want to be a better leader? Get creative.


  1. Enthusiasm


A good leader must be enthusiastic about their business. You have to show an optimum interest and eagerness in everything that concerns your business. This habit is about having a passionate and emotional commitment to handle your activities.

So good leadership also comes from being enthusiastic and interested in any commitment you make.


  1. Admitting mistakes

Even though a competent leader has to set high standards and principles for himself, it is not completely bad to admit when you make a mistake. It is in human nature to make mistakes, and to admit your mistakes would be a good learning process for any leader.

Admitting your shortcomings as a leader would help you fix them. If you make a wrong decision, do not be afraid to make corrections and learn from the experience. Good leaders become better from their past experiences and mistakes. So, it is essential to cultivate this habit to improve your leadership skills.

You must adopt excellent leadership skills if you want to run your small businesses to succeed. This habit would help your working relationship with team members, clients, and even partners.

The eight habits of an effective leader I have just discussed would help improve your leadership skills.

So that’s it! All you need to know about the ways to improve your leadership skills. Want to learn more about this topic? Feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section below.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answer section

What are the four leadership behaviors?

The four leadership behaviors, according to House and Mitchell in 1974, are; Directive, Supportive, Participative, and Achievement


What habits should a leader avoid?

Some habits a leader should adopt are; Discipline, self-awareness, composure, accountability, etc. On the other hand, there are some behaviors that you must avoid as a competent leader. These include; playing solo, spending time alone, being too bossy, and so on.


How can I become a good leader?

Being a good leader can take a lot of discipline and effort. Some challenges come from assuming the responsibilities of taking a leading role in any area of life. However, I believe this article has discussed how you can become a good leader.

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All the points we have covered on improving your qualities as a leader are essential. These would not just help your small business but also enhance your personality.

I have also covered the habits you need to adopt as an effective leader. These habits are primarily found in the world’s most outstanding leaders. They are vital if you want to imitate the excellent leadership world’s famous leaders in different industries.

So, I believe you now know how to improve your leadership skills. Take this as a tip in leading your small business to the next level.

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