Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs In Nigeria

Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria
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Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs In Nigeria

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing business in Nigeria and many people are changing their careers to digital marketing.

In fact, there are many digital marketing jobs available in Nigeria and these digital marketing  positions have not be filled.

Companies are now realizing that relying only on traditional ads to market their services will yield very little or no results. If companies want to advertise directly to their target audience, digital marketing is the way.

The explosive growth in Internet use in Nigeria today is more 70% of the total population , and due to the rise of digital advertising, businesses who use online tools and techniques to enhance their operations are seeing that the results obtained through digital marketing are staggering in comparison to conventional methods.

Some are working to upgrade their digital abilities to make them more relevant and updated on the recent trends.

The reality is that jobs in digital marketing are ever-changing and diverse and therefore, if you’re contemplating a job in digital marketing or working as a digital marketing company in Nigeria you should keep up-to-date with the constantly changing flow of technological advancements.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria

Most businesses and organizations in Nigeria require the assistance of a digital marketer some way or another. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the management and business, tech or the creative side of the spectrum there are always digital opportunities to you as a recent graduate.

I’ve compiled comprehensive details including description & the salary structure on the most sought-after digital marketing jobs available in Nigeria.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are accountable for establishing, implementing, and managing marketing strategies that advertise a business and its products or services.

The manager plays significant roles in improving brand awareness in the digital world and is also responsible for increasing website traffic and gaining leads or customers.

A digital marketing manager examines and analyzes new digital technologies and employs tools for web analytics to analyze the traffic on websites to improve marketing strategies.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Manager:

Salary Range Of A Digital Marketing Manager

The salary for Digital Marketing Managers in Nigeria can be as low as N180,000 per month but a highly skilled and experienced manager could make more than N350,000 per month.

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executives (also called Digital Marketing Specialists and Digital Marketing Strategists) are typically accountable for supporting Digital Marketing Managers in establishing and implementing the company’s online marketing strategies and plans, and accomplishing the goals and objectives of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Executive can choose to specialize in specific areas, like the optimization of search engines (SEO) and Paid search (PPC) and the display of media and social networks as well as shopping feeds.

Furthermore, they could be a general knowledge of digital marketing and be called an executive in digital marketing.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Executive

  • Create digital media campaigns that are suited to your business’s goals.
  • Manage and coordinate the creation and management of digital media, such as blogs, websites Press releases, videos, infographics, podcasts and more.
  • Create a trusted online platform and strive to increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Manage and maintain the social media platforms.
  • Coordinate with Sales, Marketing and Product development teams.
  • Provide suggestions and implement direct marketing techniques.
  • Provide strategies and suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow your competitors regularly and gain insight into the strategies of your competitors.
  • Monitor and develop ROI as well as KPIs.
  • Stay current with digital media technologies and most recent developments.

Salary Range Of A Digital Marketing Executive:

The salary for a new Digital Marketing Executive in Nigeria could be less than N150,000 per month but a seasoned and experienced marketer could earn more than N250,000 a month.

Social Media Manager

Another online marketing position suitable for any Nigerian individual who is tech-savvy is managing social media.

Social Media Managers assist companies communicate with their customers on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social Media Managers are knowledgeable about the usage of analytical tools that help them understand how their customers interact with their brands.

Managers of social media’s marketing develop content campaigns to attract and engage both new and existing customers.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Social Media Manager

  • Implementing a social media plan that is in line with the company’s goals.
  • Engaging and communicating with followers on social media in response to inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Staying abreast of the latest technology and developments in social media.
  • Analyzes tools for social media analysis to determine the perception of consumers and offer suggestions for strategies to be implemented.
  • Communicate with different departments and teams to create effective social media strategies that will improve all aspects of the company.
  • Send ideas for stories on social media to editorial teams , and keep everyone informed of the latest news and popular topics.
  • Learn about the preferences of audiences and identify the latest trends in social media.
  • Monitor and manage all social media accounts and social media pages.
  • Create a unique social media calendar of content on a monthly as well as a quarterly.
  • Find innovative ways to increase content across media platforms and types.
  • The report examines the performance of social media using analytics every week, monthly and sometimes according to campaign analysis.

Salary Range Of A Social Media Manager

The beginning salary of a social Media Manager within Nigeria can be as low as N120,000 per month however a well-tried and experienced manager could make more than N200,000 a month.

Content Strategist

Content Strategists (also called Content Developers or Content Writers) manage the development and creation of captivating material, such as white papers, website copy blog posts, blog posts, videos, social media posts and descriptions of products or services.

A Content Strategist is responsible for adding value by actively engaging customers/stakeholders and maintaining a cohesive brand voice.

Other tasks performed by the Content Strategist could include studying marketing metrics and working with other departments to implement branding initiatives.

A Content Strategist also comprehends the importance of research on keywords that can help improve the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Content Strategist

  • Marketing copywriting to advertise the company’s products or services.
  • Produce regularly different types of content such as emails social media posts blogs, white papers.
  • Promote and manage the blog for the company, as well as submit content to relevant third-party platforms.
  • Investigating topics that relate to the industry (combining interviews, online sources and case research).
  • Editing and proofreading blog posts and other pieces written by other team members.
  • Submission of work to editors for comments and approvals.
  • Searching for keywords using a variety of tools and following SEO guidelines to increase website traffic.
  • Update the content on the website of the company whenever necessary.
  • Work with other departments to develop creative ideas for content.
  • Create content marketing campaigns that bring in leads and keep subscribers.

Salary Range Of A Content Strategist

The beginning salary for a content Strategist in Nigeria can be as low as N80,000 per month However, a highly-trained and skilled strategist could make more than N150,000 a month.

Search Engine Specialist (SEO & SEM)

Search Engine Specialist manages all aspects of search engine marketing (including SEO & PPC) of an organisation.

Search Engine Specialist work on behalf of businesses to ensure that when users seek out relevant and relevant information using Internet websites, websites of the companies they represent are listed in the top results.

The Search Engine Specialist duties include formulating strategies with the most well-known search engines, creating or testing keywords that are new, directing the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns analysing click-through information and content strategy, linking construction and keyword research strategies and conducting studies.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Search Engine Specialist

  • Examining and analyzing the client’s websites to identify areas that could be improved or improved.
  • The preparation of detailed strategy reports.
  • Finding powerful keywords that will drive the most beneficial traffic.
  • Conducting PPC campaigns.
  • Effectively crafting calls-to-action that make visitors convert.
  • The process of filling your website and other content with relevant keywords.
  • Effective SEO content writing for websites, blogs or social accounts.
  • The process of developing link building strategies.
  • Examining SEO and keywords employed by competitors.
  • Staying informed on both black and white SEO techniques to ensure you being in compliance with search engine guidelines.
  • Presenting SEO guidelines and compiling them.

Salary Range Of A Search Engine Specialist

The salary for an SEO/SEM Specialists in Nigeria could be as low as N150,000 per month however a proven and skilled specialist could make more than N300,000.

Digital Business Analyst

An Digital Business Analyst performs routine business analysis by using a variety of digital and data methods. Digital Business Analysts review a vast amount of information in relation to the traffic their companies receive.

They also study information relevant to their field to understand the trends within their market. In the end, they wish to collect all relevant data for analysis and give suggestions about how businesses can boost their business by offering relevant information and services to customers on the internet.

Duties & Responsibilities Of A Digital Business Analyst

  • Determine the business requirements and then report the results to key stakeholders.
  • Establish operational goals through studying business functions collecting information, evaluating the output requirements and formats.
  • Make technical reports by collecting data, analyzing and presenting it in a summary and developments.
  • Develop and coordinate the creation of secondary and primary market research studies to aid of planning strategic and marketing initiatives.
  • Review the current organization of the business and determine how it can use technology to meet its objectives.
  • Oversee the implementation of the latest technologies and systems that are aligned with the goals of the business and goals.
  • Develop ways for businesses to improvetheir performance, based on the previous research and data analysis.
  • Inspire stakeholders from both sides of the advantages of using new technologies or strategies.

Salary Range Of A Digital Business Analyst

The beginning salary of a Digital Business Analyst within Nigeria could be less than N120,000 per month however a highly skilled and skilled business analyst could make more than N300,000 per month.

UI/UX Designers

The User Interphase (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers are in charge of the complete creation of websites as well as digital marketing software.

They could have a solid technical background or be more knowledgeable on the design side in the range. UX/UI designers focus on understanding websites from the a marketing perspective and to do this they have to be aware of the audience and have an extensive understanding of the service or product that a particular client provides.

Duties & Responsibilities Of UI/UX Designers

  • Create original graphics designs (e.g. sketches, images, or tables) to represent the brand of the company.
  • Create UI prototypes and mockups that clearly show how websites operate and look.
  • Design ideas with storyboards, process flow diagrams, and sitemaps.
  • Find and fix UX issues on the website of the company.
  • Engage with customers to learn about the goals and objectives of their businesses.
  • Collaborate with the Product managers and the development team to design prototypes for the development team for innovative product concepts.
  • Enhance the existing user interface designs and plan to implement new designs.

Salary Range Of UI/UX Designers

The initial salary for a UX/UI Designer can be as low as N180,000 per month however, a well-established and skilled designer could make more than N400,000 per month.

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Any person involved in business marketing for any company ought to consider their current and future digital marketing abilities as highly valuable even if they’re not super high tech.

However, if you don’t believe you’re technologically knowledgeable or knowledgeable, don’t fret!. There are plenty of opportunities & websites where you can learn  and get digital marketing courses to enhance your abilities even if you don’t think you’re in the position to can afford the time and the resources to attend the school full time.

E-learning and online learning are the key to success for many, particularly those who wish to change their the skills they have acquired in their career.

There are some particular subsets of expertise that you can improve in the comfort at your home. For example, content development and marketing WordPress SEO, marketing automation are just a few of the areas that will always be sought-after.

Whatever you decide to focus on, all is going to require people with knowledge of digital marketing. And even if you’ren’t technically inclined, there are many opportunities to build the career you’ve always wanted in the field of digital marketing and earn a decent income.

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