UseProof Review 2022: How to Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate

UseProof Review 2022
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UseProof Review 2022: How to Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate

Are you still thinking about how you can enhance your website conversion rates? Sometimes it might be difficult to find a reliable method or tool that really boosts your sales conversion rates. 

There are thousands of tools out there and sadly most of them are not effective, and we know in business “Time is money” which is why we have decided to save you both time and money by talking about one tool that seems to be doing an awesome job with website conversion rates.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you UseProof. If you truly want to increase your website conversion, then you should take a look at UseProof. In this post, we are going to provide the latest UseProof Review 2021 that contains all the comprehensive insights of the tools along with the pros and cons too.

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the features and review of UseProof and look at what amazing features UseProof provides that make it invincible.

What Is UseProof?

UseProof is a software that helps in increasing website conversions with Social Proof. UseProof can be one of the most impactful and effective software that you can have. UseProof is a tool that you need to increase your conversion by simply identifying and converting website visitors into customers.

Using UseProof simply shows how popular your offers are just by showing recent sign-ups along with purchases and more. You also get the following benefits when you use UseProof:

  • 2X Traffic Limits
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
  • Conversion Secrets Course
  • Scale Your Agency to 7K Course
  • Digital Marketing Masterclasses
  • High Converting Landing Page Templates.

Transparency is essential for every online business. You need to see and know what is working and what isn’t? Why are people clicking and not buying or what is making them click and buy in the first place so that you can add more to it and optimize that method.

This is what UseProof shows. It shows how many people have signed up, booked a demo, started a free trial, and purchased in the last 24 hours or notifications showing how many people are currently viewing a product.

By UseProof personalizing this notification based on who is actually on this site, conversion gets increased exponentially.

The social proof notification shows the scarcity and popularity of your product to your website visitors, which influences other people to make similar decisions as your customers are doing.

What is Social Proof?

Social Proof is a psychological and social phenomenon in which our own behavior in action, attitude, words, and belief impacts other people to make a decision.

Positive social proof influences us to patronize a business or brand while negative proof is quite the opposite effect as we stay far away from that business/ brand.

For example, I’m currently using a brand of phone I thought I would never use because of a friend. And I’m impressed with it so much that I’m considering using that brand for the rest of my life and this was made possible thanks to a friend of mine influencing my decision with social proof.

And this little but very important detail in marketing, in general, is what UseProof offers.

Social Proof marketing platform that highlights your best moments like sign-ups, purchases, and reviews as they happen turning your website into a busy and fascinating place that compels buyer action. 

Benefits of UseProof

From our experience, we have used this software and it has helped us in many ways and increase our sales conversions. Some of the benefits of UseProof are:

  1. High Conversions: It will convert more website visitors into signups and buyers.
  2. Increase Visitors Trust: It will really boost your visitor’s trust as people trust companies they mainly see other people buy from as well.
  3. Social Influence: It invokes the FOMO (Fear of missing out) emotion for your visitors. As a result, visitors are willing to perform an action to avoid missing out on an awesome deal.
  4. Save on Acquisition: Your advertising will go further than ever before which will help in many ways.
  5. Hot Streaks: You can easily have the data about the total and the actual number of people who have made an action, such as signing up or making a purchase on your website.
  6. Live Visitors: It will show how many people are currently viewing the page or your entire website in real-time.
  7. Recent Activity: It will show the stream of people who have recently made action. 
  8. Conversion Cards: You can convert more visitors simply with a call to an action button triggered by a notification click along with the time on a page and also the scrolling points or even the exit intent.

Features of UseProof

UseProof is a very powerful platform that will help you get leads and sales, along with exponentially improving your sales conversion. All you need to do is identify and convert more of your existing visitors right into your potential customers. 

UseProof offers two products – Experiences and Pulse. Both products are dedicated to boost conversion rates and optimize the company’s websites for higher sales. Both Experiences and Pulse serve the same purpose – to provide B2Bs with reliable and effective social proof tools, however, they are different approaches to the issue.

Depending on your needs, you may choose between two UseProof products. The two are very diverse in their functionality; however, there are some features they have in common.

A/B testing

It’s a process of marketing research that’s used to compare a control group with a set of test groups. It is a beneficial tool to increase sales and determine the ideal settings, which boost conversion rates. This UseProof feature separates traffic and studies the effects of individual configurations on conversions. Then, it displays analytical data for control and test groups including the number of sales, visitors, and conversions. In case of Experiences, it also evaluates how well-personalized settings work and their influence on sales.


Both applications offer analytics on your website work. In Pulse, the information is shown on the dashboard. It shows the number of sales, number of visitors, and conversion rate, in a chosen day or time interval. In Experiences, analytics provide information on the lift and statistical significance – the possibility of deal negotiation. Since Experiences is mostly goal-based, these particular data sets help to understand the impact of personalization on goals progress.

Site Personalization

This UseProof feature lets you edit images, text, and CTAs. These basic functions help to personalize the looks of your website and create a striking interface to attract customers. You can edit, delete, and move the elements around the page, set different backgrounds and spacings, and change the corners of CTAs. Besides that, it’s also possible to hide these objects, so they won’t be displayed in desktop or mobile site versions. It should be noted that these UseProof features work on all kinds of website-building platforms. It also supports single-page apps as well as more traditional ones, which could increase the load speed of your site and give it a refreshed look.


If you don’t want to create your own information blocks from scratch, you can use templates offered by UseProof. This feature provides a top bar and inline-block templates that you can use to insert new sections, highlight certain information, or provide fast access to other site resources. This simple feature will save you time and effort and give your webpage a fresh look.

Conversion Goals

To measure the specific actions that users take on your website, you can set conversion goals. These actions can include making a purchase, adding a product to a cart, looking up product reviews, visiting a particular page on your site, etc. This tool tracks the result of personalized site settings on conversion goals. Thus, it helps you understand the behavior of the visitors and the impacts of site personalization of conversion rates.

Targeting Audience by Behavior or Traits and Events

This feature of UseProof helps to personalize the experience for the visitors that show certain behaviors or traits or partake in particular events on the site. For example, you may set the program to display the order placement section for those who visited the pricing page. This comes in useful to enhance visitor experiences and provide relevant services and products to the target audience.

Unlimited Notifications

Notifications are a good way of notifying your customers about significant events and activities. Keeping visitors up-to-date with sales, new offers, and other things you may find important is a significant part of success. UseProof doesn’t charge for every individual notification, so your customers will always get updated information. This can help to make potential clients make quicker decisions, which will increase conversions and sales.

UseProof Review 2021

Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks notify you and the visitors about the recent activities on your website. It shows the number of customers who just made a purchase and displays it live on the site. This tool helps to boost credibility and show website guests that others already made a positive decision. Hence, it will encourage a potential customer to buy your products and hence increasing the conversion rate.

Custom Settings

This is the basic website editing tool. It helps to personalize your site and optimize it. You can edit timing, position, duration, personalization, and display settings for every campaign. With this feature, you can highlight more demanded or recent products to boost sales.

Live Visitor Count Notification

This feature displays the number of visitors to your website in a live format. This option could be useful to create a sense of competition and urgency among potential buyers when there is a limited offer. This will encourage customers to take quick actions in case of a limited number of goods or services available on the site at the moment.

Recent Activity Notifications

When a visitor takes an action on your website, you will get notified about the details regarding the action. This way, you can always keep track of users’ activity, see common patterns, and look up your progress. It is a good option for pages such as, landing pages, webinar registration and homepages. Seeing users taking certain actions will keep you motivated, especially after the lift increase.

Other Professional Features

UseProof usually offers the assistance of professional engineers and experts to help improve conversion rates and optimize experiences. These include personalized messages to customers, custom code injections with HTML and CSS, SLA support, and changes history audits. The audit option will show the history of changes made on the website and who logged in or made those changes. The personalized messages feature will greet or fit the messages to the customer’s needs.

How to Get Started With UseProof

Getting started with UseProof is really very simple, you can start using UseProof in minutes. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any coding skills. But it also doesn’t come cheap.

It is not top-secret that UseProof products are one of the most expensive on the market. However, they have a few pricing plans that could suit your interests and budget.

Note: The prices also depend on the number of unique visitors you get each month.

UseProof Experiences Pricing Plan

There are two price plans for Experiences. The first UseProof price for 10k unique visitors per month starts from $599. This plan also includes access for two different users, an option to contact the Useproof support team via email, targeting Audience by Behavior, up to 5 Conversion Goals, Standard Editor tools (text, image editing),  and A/B testing. For up to 50k unique visitors, you’ll pay $799 per month. 100k and 300k unique visitors will cost you about $999 and $1499 relatively.

The second Useproof pricing plan is called Growth and has a price starting with $799 per month for 10k unique visitors. It offers access to a team of 10 users, Advanced Editor tools (text, image, and CPAs editing), Account Manager tool, targeting Audience by Traits and Events, Single Page Apps support, up to 15 Conversion Goals, Merge Tag personalization, and Segment, Clearbit, and Advanced integration tools. You will have to pay $999 for 50k visitors, $1199 for 100k visitors, and $1799 for 300k visitors.

UseProof Pulse Pricing Plan

Unlike Experiences, Pulse offers annual subscription plans. The price starts from $29 for 1k unique visitors per month, or $24 if you choose an annual subscription. This plan involves all features discussed previously, except for Live Visitor Count and Hot Streaks.

The prices for 10k, 50k, 100k, and 200kunique visitors per month are $79, $129, $199, and $299 (or $66, $108, $166, and $249 per month with annual subscription) respectively. These plans include all the features available for Pulse. Starting from 50k unique visitors, you will also receive a priority support feature.

If you want to test the waters before diving full in with your credit card details, to know if it is for you, then you can opt-in for their 14-day free trial. This is more than enough time for you to test the software and see if you like it or not. 

Pros Of UseProof

  1. UseProof allows real sign-ups to be used.
  2. UseProof works with visitors along with opt-ins and not the purchases.
  3. UseProof generally and perfectly integrates with all popular and commonly used software.
  4. UseProof will automatically notify you way ahead of time right when you will exceed your visitors limit and it will upgrade automatically.
  5. It provides plenty of personalization options. 
  6. You can connect your Clearbit, HubSpot, Segment, and other accounts to transfer data and make it even easier to optimize.
  7. UseProof targets the audience by different behavior, traits, and events to provide the site visitors the most relevant and helpful information. 
  8. You can choose what your customers will see next and therefore provide a personalized experience for everyone. 
  9. The products by Useproof feature well-designed analytics tools. They provide the most appropriate analytical data that is easy to follow and apprehend
  10. Some of the tools offered by Useproof software can be used to personalize the looks of your website. The best thing about it is that you do not need to be an expert in website coding. 

Cons Of UseProof

  1. UseProof pricing is very costly
  2. UseProof doesn’t allow past purchases
  3. Beginners may find it difficult to cope up with UseProof
  4. You will have to pay more for better technical support. Some customers stated that it might be hard to get a reply to their problems via email, which is covered by the basic pricing package

Final Words: UseProof Review 2022

No doubt, UseProof is one of the finest and reliable software that will help you in boosting your website conversion by simply making use of social proof. And if you’re getting a good amount of traffic but still want to increase your website conversion then you should definitely go for UseProof.

We highly recommend you using this amazing software called UseProof. It helps in numerous ways that you can’t even think of. Your leads and sales are going to increase dramatically. And if you haven’t made up your mind about the software, you can try it out for free with a 14-day free trial.

Don’t miss the opportunity presented by this software to up your website game, try it out for free, or try a cheaper lesser plan before fully diving in.

We hope this post answered your questions about UseProof and more. Feel free to comment with your opinions. And also feel free to share this post on all trending social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, if you find this post helpful.

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