Ways SMEs can use WhatsApp to Grow Their Businesses in Nigeria

Ways SMEs can use Whatsapp to Grow Their Businesses in Nigeria
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Ways SMEs can use WhatsApp to Grow Their Businesses in Nigeria

Social media networks have transformed the way we communicate, which means for businesses to reach their audience and be successful, they have to adopt and adapt to these technologies.

One such technology is WhatsApp.  It is one of the largest messaging applications, WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users globally, and businesses have begun to use it as part of their communications solutions.

However, with the official feature of WhatsApp for business, it has evolved and it’s now being used for more than just internal communications. WhatsApp can now be used by businesses to communicate with their customers even more.

Even your small business can leverage WhatsApp to market your products and services, and better engage with your customers.  The business version of WhatsApp lets you automate, organize and, carry out various functions. The business version was created with small business owners in mind.

WhatsApp business comes with quite a lot of business tools where you can update your profile with business information starting from websites, to the type of the business, addresses are also involved, emails can also be added and several other useful information like payment links. 

Asides from the business tools, there is the product catalog manager where you can showcase your products or services. 

Here are ways SMEs can use Whatsapp to Grow Their Business in Nigeria.

Real-time Customer Service

Let’s be honest, providing real-time customer service is a luxury small businesses can’t afford, but with WhatsApp, you level the playing field. You and your small staff can answer any questions your customers might have quickly. And because the app supports media, you can use audio, video or text, to provide a rich personal customer service experience. And a positive experience means a happy customer base and a happy customer base means constant revenue as they will keep coming back.

Build User Loyalty

The group lists in WhatsApp have shown more brand loyalty than any other social media group. Likewise, brand personas seem to have established a good rapport with their followers. This is reinforced with some of the tools listed above, like broadcast lists, push notifications, and group chats. Having a loyal customer base equals success because you can always bank on them to make use of your products. An example is the Apple fan base.

Customer Support

Small businesses provide a lot of services, and whether you are an electrician, store owner, or entrepreneur, you can create video presentations for your customers. These can be easy how-to explanations of tasks they can perform on their own. 

The customer support can also utilize live-video help or tutorials to fix something or offer guidance. This will make your business a reliable source that customers can count on, and when they need extended services, you will definitely be the one they call first.


The open rate for WhatsApp messages is 80 percent, which is higher than any platform. So instead of calling customers for feedback, you can generate questions for your group that will deliver answers that are relevant and useful to your business. This is marketing research at its best, and it is free.

With the feedback you get from your customers, you can improve on the products and services you provide. By developing creative and engaging questionnaires, you can interact with your customers in a way that is not intrusive. 

Personal Touch

As your WhatsApp group keeps growing, you can personalize the interaction with your customers using one-on-one communication. This is particularly important for small businesses because you can have a direct relationship, where customers can reach you if they need a particular product, have a question, or need support.

WhatsApp can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, so you can be able to talk to your customers anytime if you choose to make yourself available.

Creating and Targeting Groups

Your business already specializes in a particular product or service, and by creating or targeting groups in WhatsApp that are interested in related topics, you can expand your customer base.

Members can easily share your service with contacts that are outside of the group. This can lead to more users consuming the content, joining the group, and ultimately even becoming customers.

Whatsapp groups are a great place to showcase your services or products. To get started, you can create your own online sellers’ group or join one with an invite link. Look at it as a networking platform where you can post links to your service or product and also exchange business insights. 

Share Promotional Codes, Flash Sales

Just like Instagram or Snapchat stories, WhatsApp Status lets users share quick photos or videos that disappear after a period of 24 hours. Your WhatsApp status automatically gets shared with your contacts so you can be sure of maximum impressions. You can use this to showcase pictures of your products or a quick demo of how your product can benefit the user and interested buyers will start buzzing you.

Also, with the status feature, you can generate special promotional codes your customers can share to redeem at your business. Using the instant photo and location feature, status can let everyone in your group be aware of the promotions you are running. This can include a two-hour flash sale or a one-day special to drive in traffic and create buzz.

Based on interaction levels, you can extend the promotion with WhatsApp-Status exclusive coupons or promotions.

Special Access

The instantaneous interaction capability of Status means you can offer special access to events you are holding and even send a live feed. For example, if you have a special guest or a celebrity in your place of business, you can share this news with your audience.

Demo Your Product

Whether you make your own products or just sell them as a retailer, you can still demo them on WhatsApp status and let your people know when you have a new item in-store.

Even if the customer doesn’t want this particular product now, knowing it’s available, what it does, and how to use it will keep the product — and your business — top of mind when the time comes to buy.


You can have weekly, monthly, or even daily giveaways to bring traffic to your business, or visitors to your website. Since WhatsApp and Status are free, the only cost of such promotions is the promotional products or services you give away. This considerably lowers the cost of any marketing venture.

Collaborate With Businesses and Partner with Influencers

By collaborating with close businesses and partnering with influencers, you are increasing the number of groups to which you belong which means more awareness for your business. And it’s not a must that they must be in the same industry as you. But with Status, messages, memes, you can become part of all these conversations.

Even if members of the other groups are not interested in your product or services, they might mention you in conversations on WhatsApp or other social media platforms.


Everybody has received a broadcast, either from your mother or from one person that seems to believe red oil can cure asthma. Broadcasting if used rightly can be very effective for you and your business. 

You can create lists related to specific topics regarding your business, then blast one-way communication designed to increase engagement, much like you do on Twitter. You can also include links or invitations in your messages, or use this as a means of informing your customers of new offers and promos about your business.


WhatsApp, as a communication tool, continues to evolve as it adds more features. It’s a versatile platform that you can use to promote your products and services.

The key to using WhatsApp successfully is to avoid abusing the relationships you have with your audience. Measure your interactions so each message you send has value. Don’t make every conversation be about making a sale. You don’t want to be deleted or blocked because of how spammy your approaches are. Try as much as possible to provide value for your customers and sure enough, you will have people messaging you to buy what you offer.

Are you using the WhatsApp platform to sell or market your business? Please share your story in the comments section below on how effective or not effective it has been for you.

Originally posted 2021-07-16 07:34:17.

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