4 High-paying Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

4 High-paying Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria
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4 High-paying Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

Making money on Instagram in Nigeria is determined by your reach and influence. This offers the opportunity for Instagram creators to have access to potential multiple streams of income.

Instagram has more than 50 million+ monthly users and 500 million active users. It ranks among the top popular social networking platforms today.

Instagram is used by people from different countries and different financial and economic statuses who own an internet-enabled gadget (smartphone, tablet, or laptop).

If you’re finding ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, you might need to share more than just your videos and photos – share your audience.

Many brands are attracted to dedicated communities on social platforms, even if your number of followers is below 1k.

4 High-paying Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

Once your followers fit the profile of a brand’s targeted audience, you’re off to making some cool cash. And even if you’re not comfortable with the influencer route, you can also make money on Instagram by selling your products to your community.

These are not the only ways you can make money on Instagram in Nigeria; there’s more.

Four Legit Ways To Make Money On Instagram:

  • Make money through sponsorship
  • Affiliate products for brands
  • Promote your business
  • Make money on Instagram with ads


How many Instagram followers do I need to start making money?

Okay, first things first. You need to set up your profile on Instagram and build your followers.

It’s straightforward to set up a nice profile; ensure you take out time to craft a good and concise bio. Write your bio to be about yourself and your business, and don’t forget to insert a link to your website or blog.

You’re probably thinking about how many followers you need to start making money on your Instagram page, well quick response; not as many as you feel.

But the long answer depends on factors like:

  • The niche you’re in and how you can easily tie it to a product category (based on top Instagram hashtags, the popular niches are food, fitness, fashion, and beauty).
  • How loyal and engaged your followers are (100k fake followers will result in nothing)
  • The streams of making money you explore
  • Whether you’re a verified Instagrammer or not.

So after setting up your profile, start building your followership and begin marketing your products or services to them.

Usually, the more engaged followers you have, the more money you make. Check out some quick hacks on how to get more followers on Instagram.

And while top Instagrammers earn thousands of dollars per post, even those with a small but loyal and engaged following of 1,000 can make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Now, let’s talk about ways to make money on Instagram.


4 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

The beauty of making money on Instagram is that you don’t necessarily need to chase one income stream and rule out another. You can make money on Instagram in Nigeria from all the ways.

So let’s begin with the most popular way of making money on Instagram: partner with brands as an Instagram influencer.

  • Make money through sponsorship:

Nowadays, the phrase “Instagram influencer” is often used regularly.

An influencer is someone or anyone who has built a solid online reputation by sharing or doing amazing things online.

To their loyal followers, influencers are trusted experts and trendsetters whose opinions about specific topics are respected.

There is no way brands can compete with this, so instead, they partner with influencers on sponsored content such as stories and posts that can help them reach a wider audience.

Big brands target big-name celebrities like Linda Ikeji, Omotola Jolade, Genevieve Nnaji, and others with a solid network to help them with sponsored posts.

Now don’t get me wrong, brands aren’t just after your Instagram account’s follower count and reach; what matters is your audience loyalty and engagement plus high-quality content.

So even if you’re not a big-name celebrity, you can also utilize publishing sponsored posts for brands and earn your money. But first, try to build your followers to around 4,000+, and you’re ready to start making some cash on Instagram.

Steps to making money from sponsorships:

  • Find a sponsor: Often, potential partners reach out to accounts they want to work with. However, if you don’t want to wait for them to reach out, you can research companies that can assist you in finding brands you can work with.
  • Hire a service: Which service you will hire depends on what you want. You can work with agencies directly, like AdHang, and marketplaces that connect you with partners, like Grin, Upfluence, and
  • Be authentic: When searching for partners to work with, always settle for stuff you and your followers can use when deciding between different offers. Make sure you partner with brands within a specific niche. 


  • Affiliate products for brands:

Compared to an influencer, an affiliate is more particular about making sales for the partner business – not just for awareness – in exchange for a percentage.

Affiliate marketing is something good anyone can tap into. It is another way brands promote their products and another way you can make money on Instagram.

So how is this done?

You will be given a promo code or trackable link (unique to you so you can get your cut from sales made) to make sure clicks eventually translate into sales.

Since it’s impossible to add links to Instagram posts, insert your link in your Instagram profile bio and stories (using stickers or Swipe Up feature). You can also create promo codes so money can come in from different angles.

To start, you can reach out to one of the several online businesses offering affiliate programs. Or explore popular marketplaces like:

  • Konga
  • Jumia
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates

Though affiliate marketing may sound like a game of numbers, it is also an art. You will have a better chance of making tons of money from it if you dive in with a clear strategy and expand your online presence using other marketing channels.


  • Promote your business:

Ways to make money on Instagram don’t only revolve around other brands; you can also sell your stuff. By doing this, you don’t need to worry about incorporating messages from other brands into your content strategy.

Instead, you will put your brand out there based on the products you sell without thinking about how Instagram will pay you through this method.

Your loyal followers can show their love and support for you by patronizing you – a purchase that will make them feel good.

So set up your Instagram business account and start growing your business. For instance, if you have an online store on Shopify where you sell various items or a clothing blog that generates income, setting up a professional-looking Instagram business account could help add a promotional boost to your business.

You can link your Shopify or website in your Instagram profile or highlight a particular product in your bio section to drive more traffic to it. 

However, if your account is verified for Instagram Shopping features, you can tag products and directly promote your business.

How to set yourself up for a business success

  • Take high-quality photos of products you’re selling or stuff you’re promoting and make them easily reachable.
  • Create your business hashtag and check out the ones your competitors use.
  • Encourage your customers to post pictures with your products and tag you in them.
  • You can use Instagram’s insights features to know more about your audience, views, and demographics.
  • You can also utilize Instagram resources to help find and connect you with more customers.
  • You can pay for promotion so your post will reach a wider audience.
  • You can also add an email address or phone number button to your profile so prospects can contact you quickly.


  • Make money on Instagram with ads:

And yet another way to make money on Instagram is to allow brands to run ads in your videos. To set this up is easy, go to your creator account settings and enable monetization for in-stream video ads.

And you are good to go! Post your videos as usual.

You’ll collect 55% of the income generated per view, which means the amount of money you can make depends solely on the number of views your video gets in your feed.

According to Instagram for Business, payments are sent out monthly. But, you won’t receive payments if you don’t meet the requirements.

For instance, the length of each video needs to be at 2 minutes long to make money. Instagram advises you to aim for 2 to 4 minutes in length. 

Wow! You are now filled with many ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. You are so pumped to jump on the app or, if you’re already on the app, to start monetizing it.

Though these are the four high-paying ways to make money on Instagram, they are not all the ways. Yes, there are more! And you can learn about them here andhere.


Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

  • Do Instagram users get paid?

Instagram gives you access to multiple streams of income with the help of Branded Content, Affiliate Marketing, IGTV Ads, Shopping, and Badges. However, creators can also make money from fan membership, becoming consultants, sponsoring content, and licensing their content.


  • How many followers do I need to make money on Instagram?

You can start earning on Instagram with as little as 1k followers. The main ingredient is engagement – loyal followers who like, comment, and share your posts.

  1. How can I become famous on Instagram in Nigeria?
  • Use hashtags
  • Organize contest
  • Join a community
  • Post at the right time
  • Post video
  • Post high-quality photos and utilize the suitable filters
  • Promote your Instagram account

To learn more, click here

  • How can I grow my Instagram followers in Nigeria?

Write a concise bio that stands out

  • Be unique
  • Use hashtags
  • Do more reels, IGTV, and videos
  • Write engaging captions
  • Join conversations
  • Keep tab of your tagged photos
  • Go local – use local hashtags and geotag your posts

To learn more about this, click here

  • How can I buy real Instagram followers in Nigeria?

  • Locate a vendor
  • Select your target audience – location and gender
  • Select a plan
  • Hit purchase

To know more about this, go here

How to make money on Instagram and beyond

What started as a platform to make people connect, laugh, do silly photoshoots with your cat, or share pictures of food – snowballed into a medium to create multiple streams of income fuelled by your engaged followers.

But don’t stop there.

There are other opportunities for creators to make tons of money online. If you wish to create more income streams online in Nigeria, make sure you check out our guide on how to make money on Youtube in Nigeria.

Your loyal Instagram followers will join you on other platforms. You have to create the opportunity.

Watch 100% Working Method On How To Make Money On Instagram

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