What to Study in Canada: A Short and Helpful Guide

You still haven’t decided what to study in Canada? This guide will help you make your decision based on your preferences. You will see what most international students choose, which are the highest-paying degrees in Canada, and which are the most in-demand degrees here.

After reading this guide, we think you will be able to make an informed decision!

What Most International Students Choose  

No matter what degree international students pursue in one of Canada’s extensive, vibrant cities or even in a small, welcoming campus — their experience will shape their lives. It leads to a career and a future in Canada or better career prospects in their home country. At the very least, students will enjoy four beautiful seasons, wide-open spaces, multicultural diversity, a clean environment, and an incredible quality of life.

Here’s what most international students choose to study in Canada:

DegreeNumber of International Students
Business Administration51,327
Engineering and Engineering Technology38,664
Social and Behavioural Sciences30,549
Science and Science Technology29,082
Mathematics and Computer Information Sciences28,776
Arts and Humanities28,224
Education and Teaching3,186

Highest Paying Degrees

Based on hiring rates, median salaries, and wage growth, Canadian Business identifies the most promising careers every year. For a country with a population of more than 37 million people, the unemployment rate in Canada stands at only 5.5%, which is astonishing. Students who want to study in Canada are naturally attracted to the highest-paying sectors due to its reputation as one of the world’s most desirable educational locations. 

Here are the highest-paying degrees in Canada:

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DegreeAverage Salary (Annually)
Psychiatry$300,000 to $448,376 [407,689 to 609,399 CAD]
Cardiology$167,649 to $291,500 [227,904 to 396,298 CAD]
Data Science$165,500 to $253,500 [225,041 to 344,700 CAD]
Dentistry$119,250 to $275,000 [162,095 to 373,806 CAD]
Cyber Security$120,063 to $148,883 [163,201 to 202,375 CAD]
Software Engineering$100,000 to $172,000 [135,939 to 233,815 CAD]

In-Demand Degrees in Canada

Regardless of the industry, international students in Canada can succeed quickly and live a prosperous life with honest hard work and technical knowledge. Jobs that are most in-demand span across various industries. Across industries in Canada, skilled talent is in high demand across multiple roles, from administrative to formal to professional trades. 

Here are the in-demand degrees in Canada:

  • Nursing: In Canada, nursing is among the most in-demand jobs, and that’s because many Canadian nurses are approaching retirement age. Canada’s aging population is another factor driving nursing demand. Older adults typically have higher healthcare needs than their younger counterparts.
  • Mechanical Engineering: An upcoming 2018 Building Solutions forecast predicts that employment and investment will shift from residential construction to large-scale heavy engineering projects over the next few years. Building projects require mechanical engineers at multiple stages, from design to construction, and may include roads, bridges, towers, buildings, and water supply systems.
  • Finance: A finance student will learn how to plan, manage, and analyze the financial aspects of businesses, banks, and other organizations after taking foundational business courses for two years. Once they graduate, they will be qualified to work in various financial positions, including security analysts, market research analysts, bank managers, mortgage brokers, and portfolio managers.
  • Law: As soon as you earn a law degree, you can work for almost any organization in Canada, whether it is private or government. For sensitive decision-making and to provide legal assistance when required, every company, organization, and firm needs to hire a lawyer or a group of lawyers.
  • Business: Organizations and companies in Canada are looking for marketing, public relations, and business development executives with experience and competence in market positioning strategies.
  • Data Science: The number of industries looking to hire Data Scientists has increased in recent years since computer technologies are now an integral part of the economy. There is a hiring gap in talents capable of using digital technologies to analyze data and report insight.
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The quality of life in Canada is excellent, as it ranks #1 in US News rankings for quality of life due to the country’s economic, political, and safety stability, good job market, education, and a well-developed healthcare system. 

Thousands of international students from around the world study abroad in Canada due to its relaxed post-study employment policies and immigration schemes. 

Moreover, programs like Express Entry make Canada an attractive destination for international students. A local degree and local experience always make it easier to settle in and secure a job in the country.

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