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Our online academy offers top-notch and complete Digital Marketing Training Course. Learntal's Digital Marketing Certification Course transforms you into a globally recognized professional digital marketer with knowledge covering SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email marketing.

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Why Learntal?


Learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Whether you want to advance your professional career or discover a new way to gain competitive edge in your industry/niche, the digital marketing course certification program is design for you.

Expert-led Training

Learn directly from the experts and tap out of their years of experiences in digital marketing. You'll gain insights and learn in 6 weeks what could have taken you several months.

Stand out with a Diploma Certificate

The knowledge and skills you've gained solving real-life projects, hands-on-practical will set you ahead of competition whether in business or in the labour market.

Stimulated to learn?

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Enjoyable Benefits For Our Learners.


Customize Freely to Your Preferences

You are given the right to arrange and customize your study schedule and timetable based on preferences.

Access to Lifetime Updates

You are not left alone in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. At Learntal, you have access to lifetime updates on courses and tools.

Free Business Support

Getting our courses isn't enough, we also want to see you succeed and thrive. That's why at Learntal, our coaches are always ready to answer your questions and give you the help you need.

Learntal 101

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Course Objectives

Learntal's online digital marketing diploma certification course comes equipped with the standard curriculum that will help you gain both fundamental and advanced knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing. This certification course includes working and solving real-world problems, quizzes, hands-on practice needed to confidently defend your certificate upon completion of your training program.

Digital Marketing Course Certification Training 

Learntal offers a comprehensive training program in Digital Marketing Course in Nigeria.

The courses provides in-depth coverage of every component of a complete digital marketing campaign including, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Pay Per Click (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Digital Analytics, Programmatic Buying and Marketing Automation. Our course is delivered with a blend of online self-learning and physical classes by industry leaders in Nigeria, and hands-on projects.

You’ll be exposed to 30+ digital marketing tools and software to promote your business or help clients solve their problems.

Upon successful completion of your digital marketing training program, you'll receive a Diploma certificate from Learntal stating and confirming that you've acquired the necessary skill needed to run and oversee any digital marketing campaigns, as well as validating your ability to lead the digital marketing team in your organization.


Learntal’s Diploma in Digital Marketing course is a great start for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing as well as professional looking to advance their skills. Experienced digital marketers have one thing in common; the depth and breadth of digital marketing domains. This digital marketing certification training course offers you an advantage that you can find elsewhere.

Now to be highly successful in digital marketing, you need knowledge of Search Engines Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Creation and Promotions, Digital Marketing Strategy and Analytics, Social Media Marketing. And Learntal gives you just that – everything you need to know. To become a Digital Marketing Expert, here’s what you need to do now.

  • The demand for Digital Marketing Specialists has increased by nearly 21 per cent in the last 6 months as reported by Hubspot. And the trend has been predicted to double in the year 2022. Digital Marketers are now the most sought-after people in the labour marketer. If you have these skills you can secure your future while also creating a future for your generations. It’s an in-demand skill that you’ll never regret starting a career in it.
  • Businesses around the globe find digital marketing as the new, effective way to directly communicate with their target audience and connect with prospects and customers.
  • Digital marketing Specialists all around the world are some of the highest-paid workers. You can earn as high a $5000 a month. You have job satisfaction. So if you’re a student or a fresh graduate, digital marketing skills might just be what you need to save yourself from the stress of writing tons of applications with no reply.
  • Having a Certification such as Learntal’s Diploma in Digital marketing help professionals that you’ll soon become (the moment you enrolled with us) to gain mastery and confidently solve complex digital marketing challenges businesses are facing out then.
  • learning digital marketing makes you a problem solver.

This Digital Marketing Training Course has a duration of 6 weeks; meaning you’ll become a digital marketer you’ve always wanted to be in less than 2 months. However, you can learn at your own pace. Our learning system allows you to learn while you work.

Learning digital marketing is easier than ever before thanks to the revolution in the digital space. Learntal has made it easy for you to learn online in the comfort of your home. The system is responsively designed such that all you need is a laptop or smartphone, plus and internet connectivity.

    • Access to e-learning content for all of the digital marketing courses included in the curriculum.
    • Opportunity to tap from the experience of the instructor during one on one mentoring program.
    • A diploma certification in digital marketing.
    • A recommendation from the tutors, founder to boost your Linkedin profile.

Digital Marketing Made Simple

Some Kind Words!

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Expert In Digital Marketing

Running ads has been a lifelong burden to me... Before Learntal. Now, I am able to run my own ads without looking for external help. Thank you, Learntal
Tomison Adedeji
/ Multimedia Admin
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Makes Learning Easy

Learntal makes learning easy. Before learntal, I knew zilch about digital marketing. Now, I would be selling myself short if I referred to my self as anything but a certified and professional digital marketer.
Henry Omfonmwan
/ Digital Marketer
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Great Tutors

Learntal has great tutors that understand their respective topics to the fullest and are able to teach it without any stress.
Dave Auguetine
/ IT Specialist
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Best Learning Platform

Easily the best learning platform I've ever used, Learntal allows you to learn at your own pace and its interaction is entirely seamless. Would definitely recommend it!
TemiTope Shokunle
Social media marketer

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