How to Make Money on Telegram (2022)

How to Make Money on Telegram (2022)
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How to Make Money on Telegram (2022)

Do you want to know how to make money on Telegram? my friends ask me this question at least once a month. Do you know that in the past month I have made $2,500 using Telegram by spending only thirty minutes a day on my channel? It’s possible that you’re considering this to be a really small number.

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, and other documents to other people who have installed the app. You can create groups for up to 2 million people and share messages with them. You can also send messages directly from your computer or mobile device using the web-based version of the service. It’s a great alternative to WhatsApp for those who don’t want to share their phone numbers with strangers and want more control over how they manage their friends lists.

Since 2018, I’ve been using Telegram, but when I first started using it, my intention was not to make money through it in any way. During that time, I joined a number of different Telegram Channels in order to acquire college study materials, inexpensive product bargains, the most recent offers, and so on.

However, if you work more consistently than I do, you will be able to earn more money from the comfort of your own home through the Telegram Channel. There are many different ways to monetize your Telegram account and make money. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about a few of them that I put into practice during the past month.

You only need a Telegram Channel and a few skills in order to make money through Telegram. If you want to join the ranks of others who have made money through Telegram, read on. There is no easy way to expand in a day or in a week, but if you follow a few fundamental rules that I had established in my telegram channel Fantasy Deals, then possibly you will obtain success in a very short amount of time. There is no easy way to expand in a day or in a week.

How to Make Money on Telegram (2022)

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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A significant number of individuals who make use of Telegram either as users or as subscribers to various other channels are unaware of the amount of money that the channel’s proprietor makes each month through Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Creating a one-of-a-kind link and pasting it on Telegram only takes a few seconds of your time. It would be unethical to disclose salary information to other users. Therefore, I will just talk about the money I made via Telegram last month.

As you are all aware, I have been contributing to this website’s “Laptop Review” section for the past few months. Therefore, I avoided taking any chances when I first began doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Telegram. So, about two months ago, I decided to sign up for a new account with Amazon’s affiliate program.

At the moment, I was unsure whether or not Amazon would terminate my account because I had shared a direct link on Telegram. I was worried about this. But I’m happy to report that my account was accepted. Now that I’ve got it down, I share Amazon links on Telegram every 30–40 minutes, and I easily earn $200 each and every day doing it.

If you are interested in beginning your journey on Telegram, then I would recommend that you first make an account with Amazon Affiliate and then apply to become an affiliate there. To become qualified, all you need to do is make three sales within a period of six months.

If you have a small number of subscribers, completing three transactions in a period of six months is quite simple and straightforward for you. As soon as you have finished it, the Amazon Affiliate Team will verify your account and determine whether or not you are eligible for the program. Please watch the video if you are interested in learning more about it.

There are a few steps you need to take in order to maintain the security of your account.

How to Prevent Risks to Your Account

It is not recommended that you send the link straight to your contacts via WhatsApp, Messenger, or direct messaging.

  • Do not make a purchase after clicking on your own link.
  • If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, you should avoid creating content that is against Amazon’s terms of service.
  • You may check these out here if you’re interested. There are a lot of different aspects accessible.

2. Make Money Through Corporate Sponsorship

If you have a respectable number of subscribers, then it would not be difficult for you to generate $40 or even more through sponsorship everyday. You may have noticed that I only post 20–30 pieces of content per day on Telegram if you are a subscriber to my Telegram Channel. If this is the case, thank you. In comparison to the numbers of users on other prominent Telegram channels, this one has a very low number.

In point of fact, I use Telegram only to promote fantasy apps and fantasy teams. When you have a few thousand people subscribing to your newsletter, you don’t need to do as much work. Application teams that are associated with your specialized field will get in touch with you via e-mail, Instagram, or any of the other contact data that you have supplied.

These days, fantasy apps may contact me directly to ask if they can promote their product on my Telegram Channel. Because of this, they pay me. Some apps charge a subscription fee on a monthly basis, while others charge a fee for each download. The question that I asked them about how much money they would pay me to write an essay or film a video for YouTube is where things got interesting. However, they do not desire this. Because they intend to confine their promotion to Telegram only.

It is clear why this is the case, as evidenced by the fact that my channel analytics reveal that there are 2,300 people subscribed to it. In addition, approximately 800–900 people look at each post on average. However, only 101–5 individuals watch videos via notification feeds on channels with 2,500 followers or more on YouTube. Because of this, many people who own mobile applications are interested in promoting their apps via telegram in the hope of obtaining immediate results or downloads.

Consequently, in this manner, with the use of Telegram, I made a total of $200 in August of 2020.


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3. Generate Revenue Through Participation in Affiliate Programs

There are a great number of websites out there that give users the opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing. In addition to Amazon, platforms such as Myntra, Ajio, and Hostgator, amongst others, provide an excellent affiliate offer. I chose not to discuss Flipkart since, as of right now, you can’t become a Flipkart Affiliate, and other third-party platforms have also stopped offering commission on sales made through Flipkart.

Audeze Mobius planar Magnetic Closed-Back Headphones (Carbon)

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But as you are all aware, managing all of these platforms is a very difficult task. Therefore, here comes EarnKaro with all of its wonderful qualities. You are not required to fulfill any criteria here, nor are any rules required to be maintained like they are on Amazon.


You have the opportunity to earn commissions not just on Recharge but also on your own purchases. However, only you won’t be able to buy things from Amazon if you use your own link. Aside from this, EarnKaro is a great wonderful site to use in order to earn some additional income.

Download EarnKaro, fill out the registration form, and you can immediately get started making money if you have a Telegram Channel or a WhatsApp Channel. Please visit this link for for information regarding EarnKaro.

4. Promotion of Other Services on Telegram

This is one of the most effective ways to make money through the Telegram Channel, and it also takes up the least amount of time. If your channel has many thousand subscribers, like as mine does (2.3k), then congratulations! Therefore, other channel owners who also have channels that are relevant to your specialty will contact you and ask you to promote their channels.

They will inquire about the fees, after which all you need to do is copy and paste the link to their channel onto your channel. By doing things in this manner, I was able to make $4 from a single post in just one hour. If they are satisfied with the outcome, they will get back in touch with you and recommend your services to other channels. Therefore, to make money with this method, all you need to do is grow your channel and earn the audience’s confidence.

5. Promotion of Blog Posts and Articles

In my opinion, there is no possible way to directly gain enough money using this method. If you want people to be able to access your content immediately and you have your own website or YouTube channel, you can publish the URL to your article on Telegram. You may be able to generate income by allowing advertisements to run on your website or YouTube channel.

You can also share other people’s articles on other websites using this method. Up to this point, I have not had the opportunity to promote the link of any other website. However, if the owner of another website approaches you and asks you to include their link on your channel, you still have the potential to make some money from this endeavor. However, it does not have the same level of user adoption as the other methods because it is not as popular.

6. Refer a Friend and Earn Money on the Telegram Channel Application

This method was discussed in the preceding section, so you should already be familiar with it. However, even if you did not receive any paid promotion offers, you still have the opportunity to earn money through this approach. You might have seen a lot of other programs like My11Circle, and Vision11 also has its own refer-and-earn offer. Therefore, you have the potential to earn some more income if you share the link to your application on your channel and your subscribers install the application. If you do not have any sponsorship, this is still an excellent step to go through.

You should realize that this was my primary source of income when I didn’t have any promotion offers available. During the previous year, I was a promoter for My11Circle and My11Kings, and I made a significant amount of money from these applications.

7. Generate Revenue Through the Use of Websites That Shorten Links

My channel mostly focuses on fantasy cricket teams, as well as online deals that are both cheap and lucrative. If, on the other hand, your channel focuses on educational information or news-related topics, you may be able to make money by giving news. For instance, if you are providing a connection to another website, you can easily transform this link into a short link by using a service that pays for each click on the link that it creates. You won’t get rich doing this, but you can bring in a respectable sum of money.

8 Selling and advertising

You can use the Telegram Bot Payments API to build a bot that will accept live payments through Telegram in exchange for delivering products or services once you have built an audience that might also be interested in some kind of product or service. This will allow you to sell and advertise to the audience you have built.

If you aren’t currently selling anything on your own, you can make money off of your Telegram groups and channels by signing up for affiliate programs offered by third-party retailers such as Amazon and AliExpress. Affiliate networks like Clickbank and MaxBounty, among others, each contain a multitude of different affiliate offers.

It is also a smart idea to make direct contact with brands or corporations that might be interested in paying you to advertise their products or services to your audience.

9 Donations

  If you are a user who is eligible for this feature, your channel members will be able to pay you money through Telegram if you make use of this bot.

You will be able to issue a payout once you have collected a total of one hundred euros in donations (in addition to a payment processing fee of 2.5 percent and a service fee of 5 percent). If the funds are being transferred to a Visa or MasterCard card, the payout cost is 2.5 percent, but if they are being transferred to a bank account, the price is 35 euros. At this time, the bot is only capable of dealing in euros, and it is only accessible in select countries.

10 Plans & Subscription

If you want to sell access to your private groups and channels, you can use the InviteMember platform to build recurring subscription plans for your customers. This is a wonderful asset for those that supply trading signals, whether they are instructors, analysts, coaches, or anyone else who creates information of any type.

The InviteMember bot, in contrast to the Donate bot, offers you the ability to link numerous accounts belonging to different payment providers. Additionally, funds are sent directly into the wallet associated with your account. Your financial transactions are not handled in any way by Telegram or the InviteMember bot. You are free to begin utilizing this bot without paying anything, or you can investigate the several subscription tiers that InviteMember offers.

Bear in mind that the material that you share or sell through your groups and channels will actually be the source of your financial gain, and not the groups and channels themselves; this is an important distinction to keep in mind. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you need to ensure that you are providing the level of quality that your audience anticipates from you.


Using Telegram to make money is a great way to make passive income while helping out people that need it. It’s also a great way to make friends, have fun and help the world. If you’re up for the challenge, then my best advice is to just start talking and see what happens.

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