Online Business Ideas For Beginners

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Online Business Ideas For Beginners

Working from home has become the in-thing and is increasing in popularity worldwide. Entrepreneurs want to take their careers into their own hands and get into business for themselves.  It doesn’t matter if you have a full-time job; some successful businesses today started with a part-time job which grew into a thriving industry. 

Most online businesses first started with low or no start-up capital. Building an internet-based business in an area, subject, or particular industry is no mean feat.

Starting a business can be challenging. In this article, I will show you some online business ideas for beginners. Let’s go.

Online business ideas for beginners

Table of contents.

  1. SEO advisor 
  2. Small business advisor   
  3. Social media guru 
  4.  Niche market e-commerce marketer  
  5. Web designer or web developer  
  6. Blogging  
  7.  Virtual Assistant  
  8. Affiliate marketer  
  9. Remote technical support
  10.  App Developer   
  11. Dropshipping    
  12. Tutoring business   
  13. Digital courses   
  14. YouTube channel   
  15.  Podcast network  
  16.  Technical author  
  17. Resume writer   
  18. Company counsel advisor   
  19. Start-up Adviser
  20. FAQS
  21. Conclusion.


Owning and maintaining an online business enables would-be entrepreneurs the freedom to make cash anyplace in the world. The thought of being your own is becoming more and more appealing; however, some would-be entrepreneurs do not know where to start. 

The first and most important step toward starting and building a profit-thriving business is knowing your skills and strengths in a particular field you want to venture in. 

  • You need to know whether or not you will need more education in that area and how to get knowledge-based experience.
  • Then ensure your business can fill a gap, and you need to get a payment system in place.

Here are some online business ideas in Nigeria

  • SEO Advisor

If you have technical skills in operating search engines on platforms like Google Ads and Google Analytics, then becoming an SEO advisor is your job. Several small business owners don’t know the impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business.

 You can start your online consulting firm by educating those small business owners on the benefits of SEO to their websites and how to increase their conversion rates.

If you have the skillset, you can start marketing your skills to potential clients, supplying them with the advantages of using analytics information, strategic keywords, and content structure to gain more internet traffic and grow their online presence.

You must constantly be updated to stay relevant in this field, as Google’s algorithms are forever dynamic.

  • Small Business Advisor

Do you have a great deal of business experience and in-depth knowledge about a certain subject or product? 

If your answer is Yes, why not create a business that helps growing entrepreneurs realize success? As a business advisor, you may use your skills and knowledge to focus new business owners in the direction that will aid their success. Being relevant in the evolving digital business world will bring in more clients.

  • Social media guru

Small business owners are typically too busy or uneducated regarding the importance of having a social media presence. This is where you come in to develop and implement an excellent social media strategy.

As a social media guru, you can help tiny businesses develop the simplest techniques, posting schedules and content to meet their target market. As their followership count grows, so does your business.

Facebook and Twitter are still the highest business networks. These platforms have immense shopper audiences. However, several businesses do not know how massive they are and how effective they can be in boosting the business brand, goods, and services. 

As a social media guru, you can help businesses realize the importance of social media and help grow their social following through your experience.

  • Niche market e-commerce distributer

There’s a market for everything, from clothing to furniture. You can reach customers seeking your specific merchandise with a niche segment e-commerce website. 

Having a business in the niche market will help your business stand out from alternative brands and build your quality and experience. Knowing the latest trends helps you create a niche that caters to your clients’ needs.

To start your e-commerce business and keep it up and running, you only need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart feature. To make shipping easier, you’ll need to work with vendors to ship merchandise to customers on your behalf. This will cut back the amount of inventory you wish to keep onsite. 

  • Web designer or web developer

If you have a flair for creating layouts, visual themes, colour combo, and font settings, then web designing is right up your alley. 

If you’ve got little to no expertise, you can learn the fundamentals of web designing, and with time, you can master the tools you’ll need, like Chrome DevTools, Adobe XD, and text editor software. 

You can venture into the coding side of building websites. If you already know CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, YOU CAN USE THIS TO TAILOR MAKE A WEBSITE TO SUIT YOUR CLIENTS’ NEEDS. 

Using your technical and expertise skill set, you will prove invaluable input to your customers to increase their online presence.

  • Blogging

If you love writing or have important information to share, blogging may be a lucrative business for you.  Starting a diary, e-book or webinar, journal, or travel online magazine as a business is very easy with website builders like Weebly or WordPress. 

However, nowadays, almost everybody has a blog. So to make money from it, you must be consistence in quality and content that informs or entertain as the case may be. Making money will take some time, but in the end, you will reap bountifully from it.

If you choose to sell digital products, ensure that your website is safe and secure with the correct SSL coding.

  • Virtual Assistant

Do you have organizational skills and task management abilities? Can you perform basic administrative duties like entering data, answering calls, or taking messages? Then being a virtual assistant is the job for you.

Use sites like TaskRabbit and Zirtual to seek out jobs. They permit you to make an online profile, so sign in for tasks you can do, like being a virtual help or running basic errands.

  • Affiliate marketer

If you recommend company products to customers, you can do it for a commission. You bridge the gap between the company’s goods and services and potential customers or subscribers.

 So many companies want to get their products out there on the web and do so without running the additional cost of running a website, or they need a larger reach. That is where you come in.

If you have a personal website or social media presence with large traffic, affiliate programs will be a profitable approach for you. PR reps always seek out brand advocates and media influencers so they can give them free samples. for such influencers to help market the company’s products.

  • Remote technical support

Having and running an IT department cost money. Money that many small businesses don’t have the budget for could be profitable for you. Having technical know-how about computers or networks come in handy to such companies. You can remotely fix their problems when they arise for profit by providing technical help.

Some businesses might like you to have some form of technical certification, but several other businesses look at your expertise and experience instead. Sites like Upwork help you get freelance tech support jobs

  • App Developer

This requires working knowledge of programming languages, like SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Python, or iOS, to make and develop apps for individuals, sites, or companies. Creating specific apps for specific purposes will fill in such gaps.

 Apps for monitoring health, bank apps travel apps are much in demand. Apps for school fees payment and others are also very important. Marketing such apps and their functional uses go a long way toward their acceptance. 

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  • Dropshipping

If you wish to run an e-commerce website, and you don’t have a warehouse space or cannot rent one. Then dropshipping is the way to go.

With drop shipping, you’ll be able to take client orders on a web store and send them on to the supplier for supply. Your dropshipping business will thrive as long as your business model involves merchandising things at a value above what you’ll pay to the supplier, and you can fulfil your online business orders.

  • Tutoring business

Teaching and being understood is an art. Few people have art because it involves patience, experience, and a skill set that isn’t too common. If you have a flair to impart knowledge clearly and understandably, why not create an online tutorial class and get paid for it?

 You can conduct tutorials remotely from the comfort of your environment and connect with your student’s miles away.  Using video chat tools like Skype, YouTube, and others 

You can create accounts on Craigslist and Fiverr or place ads there for online gigs.

  • Digital courses

Similar to tutoring, individuals everywhere around the globe would possibly like you to share your experience with them. 

Beginning a web business that provides digital courses to anybody inquisitive about a subject will simply earn you cash – you’ll be able to sell ready-written materials or alternative downloadable content for a fee.

  • YouTube channel

Having a YouTube channel is very profitable. Creating a YouTube channel for educational or entertainment purposes is the goal of this venture. Your YouTube channel could be about entertainment, politics, cooking, travel, etc.

 The number of subscribers you have is based on your content the more online presence you have as an online influencer, the more money you stand to make. 

Please remember that you must have knowledge and passion for what you are promoting, and also you need to be updated as well. Having a very good background in video making is essential. Also, having a source or creating content is the key to success.

  • Podcast network

In the past years, we have seen an increase in podcast development and an increase in listenership. Listeners out there want to listen while they work or when relaxing about a subject they enjoy. 

Having a podcast network with content, you record can increase your listenership.

  • Technical author

The internet is packed with copywriters for rent. Many copywriters have the technical background to properly write a brochure for a machine or properly convey scientific results. 

If you have a science background and can write about what you know, then starting an online business is the best way to go. You will meet people who want to hire your technical writing skills through your website.

Advertise your skills on LinkedIn, Fiverr, and alternative platforms to attract customers.

  • Resume writer

Every once in a while, we have people who can’t write a proper resume to reflect the skills they possess or an effective cover letter to introduce a proposal. That is where you come in. 

Using your writing mastery, you can help people who do not possess such skills land their dream jobs or apply for a contract. 

  • Company counsel advisor

Corporations want lawyers to shield them in legal matters and educate them on what they can and can’t do. By starting an online consulting firm, you’ll be able to provide company employees with information on how to stay within their legal affairs.

 You need to prove that you’ve passed the bar exam to some people.  By putting your services online, you help companies who do not have large budgets to maintain a legal departure.

  • Start-up adviser

Many of the world’s most distinguished firms began as tiny start-ups still working out the proper business model for achievement. As a start-up adviser, you’ll advise tomorrow’s firms today. 

Use your experience in finance, code development, and different relevant fields to produce new businesses with the data they have to succeed. As these start-ups succeed, thus can your business.


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Frequently asked questions

How does one begin a made online business?

Starting an internet business are often exciting; however, that doesn’t mean it’s continually straightforward. for instance, there are many legal steps you need to take, like selecting your business name, having an identification number and location, knowing your legal structure and insuring your business. Making money is the product of your dedication to your passion and skillset.

What are the Things to consider as a beginner in online business?

These are the things to consider when you want to do an online business.

  • Your skillset in the particular subject or area or specialization.
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Time and dedication are needed to make it succeed.
  • Need for Capital.
  • Designing your business model to suit your potential clients 
  • Working out payment options

What online business is most profitable?

Out of the online business listed above, company counsel consulting is the highest paid, followed by app development. Followed by tutoring, digital courses, YouTube channels 

Although each business is exclusive, you’ll follow some steps to maximize your likelihood of beginning a made online business.


  • Choose a business plan based on your knowledge and your passion.
  • Find a business niche that fills gaps within the marketplace.
  • Conduct marketing research and competitive analysis to assess your competition and merchandise viability.
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws that apply to online businesses.
  • Shop around before selecting a particular software to build your online store.

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