Top Home-Based Business Ideas In Nigeria

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Top Home-Based Business Ideas In Nigeria

Top Home-Based Business Ideas In Nigeria |

In this article, we will outline the top home-based business ideas in Nigeria. Many of them can be launched with a minimum of capital. This article covers strategies that could aid you in making cash online and offline in 2021.

The most appealing aspect of this article is you can implement some of these ideas inside in the comfort of your home!

The Top home based Ideas for Business in Nigeria You Should Think About.

1. Tomato Farming Business

Agriculture is among the most lucrative cash-chain investments in Nigeria currently. It is a lucrative business as well as it is not costly to set up.

Before you begin the business of selling tomatoes in Nigeria it is necessary to determine what varieties of tomatoes are popular. This information is available from the suppliers of seeds, as they’ll be able to advise you of the most popular demand.

They will also provide you with the seeds that are popular and the most popular. Also, you must be sure your seeds will be able to grow properly.

2. Gym Business

Fitness has always been a cause of concern. Nigerians have also been afflicted by the illness. This is due to the high incidence of cancer that continues to take the lives of individuals.

If you’re an exercise and health enthusiast and are looking at starting a gym-related business in Nigeria. It is essential to have enough funds to set up your gym.

3. Cosmetics Production Business

If you’re a fan of beauty, then entering the business of cosmetics will be your best option. If you want to succeed in this industry in Nigeria it is necessary to do some serious investigation.

Why is this so important? It is because you’ll be required to acquire new knowledge about the cosmetics industry. This keeps you current and creative within the business.

4. Blogging

If you’re able to write or learn to write you can begin your own blog. Blogs are a great option to earn income online, especially in Nigeria. All you require is access to the internet, excellent research skills, passion for writing, a laptop as well as a lot of time. The most crucial and possibly costly investment in a blog will be your time.

Additionally, as you’d like people to discover your blog’s posts and not have to promote them manually every day It is essential to master the art of optimizing your blog posts for search engines such as Google 

Start a blog free of charge using WordPress or, if you’ve got some money, create your blog on a self-hosted web server. 

Then, fill your blog with the content of high quality and encourage readers to read your blog (drive traffic) Get their trust and make money from your blog through Google AdSense, Ezoic, or Adesterra, display advert, and affiliate marketing, or even sell information products such as eBooks and more.

5. The sale of accessories for mobile phones

It’s a very profitable business opportunity in Nigeria in the present. With just N50,000 in savings using an online platform such PiggyVest, you’re good to go. While you could make money by renting space if have the cash, however, this can be carried out in a way that is mobile i.e. by transporting your goods to the places where they’re needed.

The main reason for this is the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones in Nigeria. Nigeria is home to an estimated population of around 180 million. There are over 160 million users connected via their mobile phone network.

The most commonly used accessories include memory cards, batteries, and battery chargers. They also have earpieces and pouches for screen protectors and more. The best place to purchase these items is Computer Village (Lagos) or online retailers. Phone Accessories company is a sure way to start imports from the internet.

Additionally, you can increase the visibility of your company by partnering with an insurance company to cover phone insurance for your customers. This has been proven to increase the confidence of consumers on your services.

6. Mobile Phone Repairs

This is a lucrative business idea that can earn you a good amount of money if you are patient enough to learn you can repair the mobile phone and keep it in good condition. For less than N50,000, you can begin your own mobile phone repair as well as maintenance service in Nigeria.

All you require to begin is a few hours of instruction with a laptop, a computer, the software tools, a few regular household tools (screwdriver or soldering iron the battery tester, brush, etc). and some advertising to let people know about what you’re doing. 

Also, you will need to establish good relations with dealers of high-quality accessories. For as little as N5,000 you could buy a repair kit from one of the many eCommerce stores here in Nigeria.

7. The production and sales of Plantain Chips

You’ve seen it everywhere – the delicious, crunchy snack made from plantains that aren’t ripe. Hawkers sell them on the highways. But the problem is that you might not be aware that it was a profitable industry in Nigeria.

It is not necessary to be an employee of UAC or Leventis Food to engage in the plantain chip industry in Nigeria.

A plantain chip company of a small size that starts with fifty thousand will be capable of earning N10,000 profits per day. 

Start this process in your kitchen. Place your logo on the transparent nylon and you’re ready to go. It is necessary to seek some guidance from someone who is already in the business, as well as study some recipes and build an inventory chain for your raw material (plantain) and the finished product.

8. Ice block Production and Sales

If you think of home-based business ideas in Nigeria Ice block production is the first thing that comes to the forefront. Nigeria is located in the tropical climate region, which has plenty of sunshine and warmth.

The electricity supply is extremely poor which makes it hard for people to have sufficient stocks of chilled water for their fridges. This is why making ice blocks is a profitable industry in Nigeria.

Ice blocks are needed by people to keep their drinks and water cool. The market you are in includes people living around your area, bars, restaurants, and shops who need to keep their drinks chilled throughout the day.

The best part about this industry is you are able to start off with the resources that you have. You’ll require a deep freezer and a generator of moderate size and you’re ready. When you earn money, you can ramp up by buying an ice block machine. If you are seeking a small-scale venture to run? You could try this.

9. Liquid Soap Production

The demand for soap liquid in Nigeria is so huge that even the most well-known soap brands aren’t able to meet the demands.

Every family in America has this item. There will always be demand for it. It’s just a matter of being the one who is supplying.

If you search around you can find homemade soaps that have no branding and are packaged in plastic bottles that are sold for between N50-N100 and bigger size bottles are sold for 600-800 naira only.

It is possible to make a lot of profit by making liquid soap, and selling it to stores and supermarkets which sell to customers restaurant owners, bakers, caterers, and home keepers.

There is a possibility that you will need to get some of the training available in vocational schools run by government agencies, churches, as well as non-governmental organizations. Build a market through branding and beautiful packaging, and you’ll smile at the bank.

10. Car Wash

The demand for car washes is always growing and anyone can take on this job regardless of their age.

If you have a bit more money you could begin a car wash that will appeal to upwardly mobile customers by putting up a sitting area with a TV where customers can sit as their vehicles are cleaned.

It is possible to make it an enterprise with multiple streams of income in the event that you have the space selling beverages, shawarma, and so on in the area where you sit.

The essential element for a car wash company is space that can be rented out, the source of water, and the washing machine.

11. Rental Services

There are always things they don’t have. One of the items that you could contract out is chairs, canopy and vacuum cleaners, cutlery and cooking equipment, as well as a ladder, music boxes, etc. If you’re known to be in the business within your community it is possible that you will not be able to meet the demand.

If you own a fascinating collection of expensive gadgets as well as equipment, you may want to look into utilizing them in small-scale businesses that rent the equipment on an hourly basis.

 Once the business is up and running then you can expand your things as you learn more about what customers like renting. Make a brochure, publish an ad in local publications or make use of social media to promote your offerings.

This specific business concept may require capital at times and could need you to look into different platforms like Branch Loan, Carbon loan, Palmcredit, Renmoney, Aella Credit, Quickteller loan, Opay loan, and C24 loan. You are able to get an online loan instantly in Nigeria.

12. Mini Importation

The internet has revolutionized commerce and trade. Many have found gold when they import products online via eCommerce websites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress DHgate, global sources, and more. If you can get N100,000 or less, you’re ready for business.

Identify people’s demands. Explore all eCommerce websites and find a procurement agency to buy the products. Agents will forward them to you for you to sell them and get your money.

Despite the declining value of the Naira, the people working in this field look happy at the bank. Products you can import can be diverse and include mobile accessories for phones and cosmetics, fashion accessories, and so on.

13. Information Marketing

It is yet another online business that has lifted people from the poverty of Nigeria. Do you have information that isn’t known by others or have information that others do not know, but is able to present it in a different way or have a friend who has knowledge that other people might not be aware of?

You could be on the way to earning money by packaging your information into an ebook, a report, or video and then selling it on the internet. Be aware that you don’t have to write the report as there are numerous online resources to assist you. You can outsource writing work to Fiverr or buy master resell rights, or private rights books for labels, then modify and rebrand according to the manner you prefer and sell.

14. Affiliate Marketing

This money-making online opportunity can be a lucrative business opportunity in Nigeria any person can get started without investing a lot. Affiliate marketers are those who assist individuals or companies to sell their products and earn a profit.

Online products that you can sell could be digital or physical goods. You can join the many affiliate programs you want and then use affiliate links to market your products on social media channels or by establishing special websites. A lot of Nigerians in Nigeria have made millions through affiliate programs.

15. Designing and maintaining a website

Many businesses are online. A lot of high-net-worth individuals such as leaders of corporations, politicians, chieftains of companies, and business leaders are using online tools, such as websites to market their brands and personalities.

This has led to an increase in the need for web designers. If you are able to utilize standard design tools and create top-quality websites, you’re on the right track to success.

To succeed, you must learn how to create professional websites, design web graphics, create web pages, and then upload websites to servers.

Other abilities you’ll require will include registration of domain names, as well as how hosting services function. As you grow in capabilities, you could include domain name registration as well as hosting to your list of services.

16. Call Card Business

This kind of business is also referred to for its recharge business within Nigeria. There’s not a single adult that doesn’t have a cell phone. This is among the reasons that those who are working in the field of recharge cards are doing very well. You can join in when you start tapping into this market.

17. Food Cart/Mobile Food Business

Consider this: What is the most popular item that sells quickly in Nigeria? Food is among the most essential needs of a man. Whatever the situation of an individual, they must consume food. This means that food will always be a profitable enterprise in Nigeria. It is among the most profitable companies in Nigeria.

The most important thing to do here is to stand out by having a special menu for a specific niche and market segment. It is impossible to please everyone.

Pick your markets carefully, ensuring that there are better returns. You can, for instance, decide to provide services to workers of large organizations as well as oil and gas firms, and multinational corporations and build an alliance in their HR divisions so that they let you bring in food to their workplace during lunch hours or during specific hours during the working day.

 It is possible to provide special deliveries of food items that are specially designed for executives who are busy in your program.

This type of business could be capital-intensive, so you may want to look into different platforms like Palmcredit, Branch Loan, Specta Loan, Fint Loan, C24 Loan, or Quickteller Loan where you can obtain a loan online in a matter of minutes in Nigeria.

18. Sports Betting Agency

Are you thinking of ways to earn cash in Nigeria? Think about betting on sports. It has turned into a lucrative business in Nigeria because the old and young take advantage of their love of football to earn money while playing the round-leather game.

This also explains why there has been an increase in betting on sports (bookmakers). These companies require agents who can communicate with players directly. It is necessary to have a clean workplace (office space is sufficient) as well as an electric generator, computer, printing equipment, an internet connection, as well as a fixtures board.

Then you will sign an agreement with your bookmaker. Some companies let you earn money through three methods including a board game, a virtual game, and deposits you earn on behalf of your clients. With a sum of N250,000, you will definitely be in the business and start to smile at the bank.

19. Tailoring and designing of Cloth

This industry requires expertise. The first step towards success is to learn. Consider both English and traditional dress fashion, tailoring, and design courses.

Once done, boom! You’re done.

The tailoring and designing of cloth is often a forgotten business opportunity that can be lucrative. The best aspect is you are able to even start the business as a small-scale business if you’re interested.

20. Okrika Bale Business

This business is doing very well in Nigeria because of the economy’s poor state that the country has. An average earner in Nigeria seldom enters the shop under the name of shopping for quality clothes.

Also “Okrika bale” business is an ideal business to establish anyplace in Nigeria but especially in rural and suburban areas.

Lagos, Aba, Kano Aba, Kano, Lagos, and Onitsha are all good places for buying bales of clothing to sell. The initial capital needed for this business could vary, it all depends on your needs, but you could begin with a modest capital of between N100000 and N200000.

21. Freelance Content Development/Ghost Writer

What kind of business could I begin with 5,000 nairas as an undergraduate? Do you consider yourself to be a wordsmith? Making yourself available as a content developer freelance could turn out to be an income-generating side-job or even a full-time occupation. This is one method to earn money online as an undergraduate.

Media companies, blog sites, startups, and media agencies will pay huge sums for anyone who can create a clear and precise copy of their content regardless of whether it’s for ads websites, blogs, or websites. Some will even pay for editing services.

22. Cake and Cupcake Bakery

Decorating, making, and selling unique cupcakes and cakes for special occasions that range from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries is an excellent idea for a hobby baker and is likely to be very profitable.

Start at the smallest cost by cooking and baking in the kitchen. One effective way to market your business is to offer the cakes’ samples to people who are interested to ensure they’ll send them business or post pictures of your cakes on Instagram using the appropriate hashtags.

23. Small Chops Packaging

Beginning a small chops packing company is an excellent business opportunity in Nigeria. Nigerians who want light food items like small chops have dramatically increased in the recent few years.

In addition to big events like funerals, weddings, and birthday celebrations, smaller chops are also a preferred option when bringing friends together for a party or a boat cruise at the beach.

The good aspect of tiny chops of meat is although there are lots of companies who offer the service, it isn’t a lack of demand. The secret to becoming successful as a small chops company owner is to be creative and innovative in packaging.

24. Dropshipping

This is among the latest business ideas that are being explored in Nigeria. It’s a kind of business that you could begin with a very small amount of capital. All you require is a smartphone or laptop, internet connectivity, as well as your Social Media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. ( that could be used as an online store)

It is among the business concepts that is lucrative and has earned people millions of dollars. The key to success is understanding what the customers require at the moment, and knowing which sources to use for the products.

25. Email Marketing Business

In the coming years, the popularity of the use of email marketing for purposes of marketing is likely to increase and you could create yourself and your company to gain a significant portion of the market creating your own e-mail marketing business today and offering your customers first-class service with established results that will keep returning and referring to others.

Marketing companies that use email can aid small, medium, and large businesses to connect online with customers to advertise the sale of their products and services.

Outsourcing email marketing services allow businesses to focus on different areas of business growth.

26. Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has become an important tool that could increase not just the visibility of businesses, but also their financial success.

In fact, some forward-thinking companies currently have social media strategies as a full-service part of their business, while others outsource this function. This is the reason there is an ever-growing demand for individuals who have social media marketing strategy and development capabilities.

Utilize this new technology to understand the techniques of making use of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Online Forums, Blogs to sell products or services. You can offer this to all the people and corporations as well as SMEs looking to enter the market of digital marketing and earn money for themselves. 

Frequently asked questions

What do I require to begin an enterprise?

The most important things to complete are conducted market research and write a business plan, select a name for your company and register your company, and then fund it.

Do I need insurance for my small business?

Of course, you can. There are insurance plans for small businesses. plans that are designed to protect against damages that could occur in the course of business.

What industries are demanded?

Email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, web design and information, blockchain technology are currently in high demand and will be the case for the foreseeable future.

Can I begin an enterprise without capital?

Yes, you can. A business online in Nigeria that is profitable can be set up with minimal investment. All you have to do is possess the necessary skills and the ability to convince potential clients to cooperate with you. It is also possible to learn more methods to make money in Nigeria as well as ways to make money for your family.

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