12 Top Websites And Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria 

12 Top Websites & Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria 
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12 Top Websites And Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria 

In this article, you will find Websites and Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria.

Guest posting is writing blog posts or articles on other websites. It is among the best online marketing strategies you can tap into.

Guest posting, without argument, is one of the most efficient ways to establish authority on a specific niche, generate quality traffic, build backlinks, and give your blog or website a boost on Google’s search engine ranking.

If you want to create awareness about your brand and win your target audience’s trust, start creating content on other blogs similar to your niche or market.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance blogger or a large corporation; several websites require creative and originally curated posts on topics relevant to their website.

Although not all websites in Nigeria accept guest posts, the ones that do later stopped taking them. More reasons why we have curated this list of the top 12 websites you can submit guest posts in Nigeria.

Websites And Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria 

12 Top Websites And Blogs To Submit Your Guest Post In Nigeria

  1. Nigerian Entrepreneur:

Nigerian Entrepreneur is an entrepreneurship and business blog focused on helping small business owners make money online and build successful enterprises.

There are many videos and articles ranging from business, tech, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Like most blogs in this category, Nigerian Entrepreneurs also dive into digital marketing and web mastering; however, its main focus is on small businesses.

The platform is presently accepting guest posts from writers with authority and a high standard of writing, and you can also join them as a contributor by submitting your guest post to the blog.

On the platform, there are clear guidelines for guest bloggers. Here, you will get all the information you need to submit your guest post to the forum, including who to email it to.

Like all top blogs, the topic of your guest post must fit the genre of the blog’s content. For a guide on how to get started, kindly click this link.

  1. is a Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub that links entrepreneurs with valuable resources.

It is a business website that helps entrepreneurs discover, develop and fulfill their highest business abilities.

Writing and submitting a guest post to this website is one of the fastest ways to take advantage of a network of entrepreneurs and business professionals regularly visiting the platform., similar to other blogs that accept guest posts, has a set of guidelines that must be obeyed if you want your article published on the website.

  1. Invoice. ng: is a niche-specific business website specializing in invoicing for big and small businesses.

The site has a very high SEO standard and is the best-optimized Nigerian business website. The internal linking and on-page SEO structure make the platform rank top on Google’s search engine results page.

To submit a guest post to, first make sure you’re familiar with topics related to invoicing or business. They also accept guest blogs on freelancing.

Visit their business or freelancing page to learn more about submitting a guest post on their site.

  1. Small Business Digest:

Small Business Digest is a web business magazine and publication by InvoiceApp Technologies Ltd. that provides top-notch business insights and resources for all small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in Nigeria.

The platform accepts guest posts on most business-related topics like financing, entrepreneurship, accounting, freelancing, marketing, customer relationship management, and lots more.

Click here to learn more about the rules and guidelines for submitting a guest post on the platform.

  1. Info Guide Nigeria:

Info Guide Nigeria is a great platform with lots of “How-tos” articles ranging from “how to become an engineer in the USA” to “how to pass the Nigerian Bar exams.”

You have access to a vast selection of topics to pick from. Visit the website and explore its range of topics; you might be able to find something to create a guest post on.

Ensure you visit Info Guide Nigeria to familiarize yourself with their guest post submission guidelines page before going ahead to pitch your guest post idea.

The most helpful requirement is to add an image when submitting your guest post on the platform.

  1. Temi’s Blog:

Temi’s blog, probably one of the oldest Nigerian blogs, focuses on business and digital marketing.

The platform accepts guest posts on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), and several other online marketing-specific content.

Temi’s blog gives preference to articles and posts that educate people, like “how to rank high on Google’s SERP,” for instance.

You can visit their site to learn more about trending topics and familiarize yourself with what they want to see in their guest posts.

  1. Blog Mall Nigeria:

Blog Mall Nigeria is a leading local lifestyle, digital news, entertainment, fashion, and events website.

Blog Mall Nigeria has access to an influential audience of about 1 million active readers every month, both at home and abroad.

They accept submissions of only quality and unique articles that do not include self-promotion and many links. If your written guest post meets the standard already set on the website, it will be accepted and published.

  1. Connect Nigeria: makes Nigerian information accessible and easy to grasp.

The platform provides the easiest, fastest, and most innovative approach to getting information about topics ranging from travel, health, real estate, sports, technology, business, education, jobs, entertainment, automobiles, events, and many more. also has an article section that features posts on various subjects such as sports, business, technology, entertainment, and more.

Visit their “Get Featured” page to gain more information about guest post submissions on their website.

  1. Nairabarter Blog:

Nairabarter Blog is an online finance and investment resource for Nigerians. The platform breaks the financial industry news focusing on the stock market, value investing, capital market, forex market, and crypto market.

Guest post contributions are highly accepted on this website. You can submit your guest post to the website anytime, any day but note that only high-quality and unique posts containing fewer links will be published.

  1. StartupTipsDaily:

StartupTipsDaily is an informative site that provides valuable content on business plans, small business ideas, and techniques for African business owners to start, run, and grow successful enterprises.

StartupTipsDaily accepts guest posts and contributions for their blog from expert writers, bloggers, authors, and anyone who has a valuable story to share based on market trends, personal experiences, and generally, how the economy affects businesses.

  1. Nigeria Online Resources Hub:

Nigeria’s online resources hub is a business platform particular about small businesses in Nigeria. They also do several online pieces of training based on a specific topic their contributors write for them.

Of all the guest posting websites already discussed, this is the only blog that pays its guest bloggers. Yes, you read right! They are willing to pay writers approximately $5 for each article written for them.

Visit their “write for us” page on their website to learn about guidelines for guest posting on the blog. Start writing so you can start earning.

  1. Insight. ng:

Insight. Ng is the pivot of premium content for Nigerians and Africans. The platform is a leading content publishing website in Nigeria.

Insight. Ng offers its readers the best content on topics ranging from career, digital trends, entrepreneurship, personal development, lifestyle, and freelancing.

The website aims to inspire, encourage, and coach Nigerians to achieve their dream career, become more productive entrepreneurs, and spice up their lifestyles to make them livelier and more fun.

They also offer training to their writers to help them improve in writing trends to deliver valuable and easy-to-use content to Nigerians.

Visit the “guest post” page on their website, where you will view the guidelines for guest posting on their blog.

Frequently Asked Questions on Top Sites to Submit Guest Posts in Nigeria

  1. How do you make money from a guest post?

If you want to make money from guest blogging, you should write high-quality and captivating content for guest blogging websites and publish it on high-ranking blogs.

  1. How do I send an email to a guest post?

  • Start with the relationship.
  • Prove your value
  • Do your research
  • Subject lines are everything
  • Be understanding and respectful of editors’ time
  • Write once, edit twice

For more detailed information on how to pitch your guest blog post, click this link

  1. Do guest bloggers get paid?

Several blogs are willing to pay guest writers for their contributions. However, that is not to say if you submit an idea you like, you will make lots of money. Most times, paid guest blogging opportunities aren’t exactly profitable.

  1. How do I sell a guest post?

If you want to make money from selling guest post spots on your site, here are guidelines to help you achieve this aim:

  • Create quality content
  • Boost your blog’s SEO
  • Know the market price for guest posts
  • Have a guest posting guideline
  • Look for blogs in your niche
  • Conclusion.

For a step-by-step guide, visit here.

  1. How much does a guest blog cost?

To answer “how much a guest blogging service costs,” – there is no standard rate. You can see someone ready to charge $50 for a published guest post and, on the other hand, another person willing to pay over $300 to publish a guest post.

  1. How do guest posts work?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, means writing content for another brand’s website. Generally, guest bloggers write for blogs related to their niche to drive traffic back to their site.

Why Should I Submit Guest Posts In Nigeria?

Guest blogging is a great way to communicate with the right audience at the right time for the right reasons. Its benefits can not be over-emphasized by a writer or blogger.

Guest blogging offers young writers the opportunity to express themselves through guest posts which otherwise they might not have had the privilege to do.

Remember that submitting a guest post on other blogs or websites takes hard work and time. So, before approaching any of the top websites and blogs discussed in this post, always make sure your suggested topics and articles are original, quality, and relevant to the readers already established on the site you wish to publish on.

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