How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria – 2022

How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
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How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria – 2022

Starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria would be an excellent investment for anyone. Rearing different types of birds for commercial use is super lucrative. However, it will take a lot of expertise and expenses to get a booming poultry farming business in Nigeria. Agriculture makes about 30% of Nigeria’s GDP (2021).  This figure highlights the importance of poultry farming in Nigeria.

If you are willing to venture into poultry farming, there are a few steps that you have to follow. In this article, I will highlight a few points on starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria. 

What is Poultry farming?

How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

Poultry farming is the rearing of domestic birds for commercialization. Poultry birds are reared for their meat, eggs, and feather production. Examples of these domestic birds include; ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc. 

Eggs being a good source of protein, poultry farming is significant in producing this nutritious food. Poultry farming is also great in the production of meat and feathers. The ultimate advantage of this farming system is from the sales of poultry products. This business is one of the most lucrative ways of earning in Agriculture. 

If you want to start a poultry farm, fulfilling some requirements is inevitable. In the section below,  I will talk about these requirements.

How to start a lucrative poultry farming business in Nigeria

There are a few points to note before you start a poultry farm in Nigeria. Below is a list of important things to address when kickstarting a poultry business.

  • Select the type of Domestic bird you want to breed
  • A poultry farm site
  • Provide a suitable poultry home
  • Food and medical services
  • Book Keeping and sales of the poultry birds and products

The key points I have mentioned above are crucial to building a lucrative and successful poultry business in Nigeria. So, let’s dive into some brief details of how you can complete the above tasks.

Selecting the Domestic Bird

This aspect is the first and most crucial step in poultry farming. The type of bird you want to rear could be different based on your purpose of breeding them. These birds are mainly reared for either meat or eggs sold for money. 

If you want to rear chickens for eggs, you can choose layers. Layers are suitable for egg production in poultry farming. The layers can start laying eggs after four months and continue for over one year. 

Broilers are great for the production of meat. These breeds are usually large male or female chickens that weigh up to 2kg in less than two months.

Choosing either of these two breeds to complete the specific product you are aiming at is a good idea. This step is crucial in ensuring that you get a profitable business at the end of the day. 

Get a poultry farm site.

Siting your poultry site in a very sound environment would be a significant part of the birds. The number of birds you want to rear would decide how the site should look. Also, there are certain factors you must consider while choosing the location of the poultry site.

Your farm should be located in an environment void of any form of environmental pollution. The health of the birds lies in this condition. Also, access to clean water should be a factor you should consider for rearing healthy birds. 

Birds have a few predators and need to be safe to survive. The location of your poultry farm must not be free of birds and chicken predators. 

Lastly, good roads are also essential for transporting the farm’s products for sales. These conditions are vital in choosing a site for your farm.  

Provision of a suitable poultry home

A suitable and safe poultry housing is essential for business. You have to consider this factor as it is vital to the survival of the birds. Poultry housing structure depends on the type of breed and the number of birds you want to rear.

However, your poultry home structure should provide ventilation and space for the birds. The birds’ homes must be built not to be vulnerable to natural occurrences such as wind and flooding. 

You have to think about constructing a durable and portable structure for the poultry birds.

Food and medical services

How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

Regular feeding and medications are essential and compulsory in any poultry farming business. When starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria, this factor is what you have to consider. Most of the expenses usually go into feeding and medicines because that is a primary means of the bird’s survival.

Food is essential for the healthy growth of your poultry birds. It means that you have to invest in providing fresh, nutritious food and clean water for your birds. 

Additionally, proper medication and vaccination are crucial to preventing diseases.  Having a veterinary doctor would be advisable to carry out regular tests. 

Sales of the poultry products

The poultry farming business is primarily for profit, and operational activity is just one aspect. Another vital part of this business is marketing, sales, and bookkeeping. You have to make sure that you keep tabs on these segments of your activities.

Sales, delivery, marketing, Bookkeeping, and records are also very vital in the growth of your poultry business.  Advertisement of your product should be another vital part that needs attention in your poultry business. 

All these tasks that need to be completed might be too complex for one person, especially for large poultry businesses. It is advisable to employ workers who take charge of a few departments.

The five steps I have described are essential to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria.  All these operations would cost you a good amount of money. So, if you want to know the estimate of how much you would need to spend, continue reading this article.

How much does it cost to start a poultry business in Nigeria?

The cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria is not definite, as it could be a large or small-scale business. However, I will give you an estimate of the expenses that you will need to kickstart your business. An estimate of over one million nairas would be spent starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria.

The expenses will go into the five points we mentioned earlier, and I will break them down with their estimated costs.

Getting a location or site will be the first thing you have to budget for; this could cost at least N300 000. 

Next, you have to arrange suitable housing for the birds, which could sum up to N300 000. The price of equipment, feed, and medical services would be within the region of N400,000 in total. 

Lastly, you will need to buy the chicks you want to rear, and this should not be less than N200,000 for 500 young birds.

In total, the cost would be in the region of at least  N1.2 million. 

Why should I start a poultry business in Nigeria?

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative means of making a living in Nigeria. Economically, poultry contributes to 8% of Nigeria’s GDP every year. There are many other exciting facts why you should not hesitate in starting poultry if you have the capital. Below are two reasons why you should go into this type of farming in Nigeria;

Nigeria is the largest producer of eggs in Africa

With less consumption compared to advance nations, Nigeria produces the most significant number of eggs on the continent. This fact makes egg production a source of foreign exchange for poultry farmers across the country.

High demands of poultry products

The huge demand for poultry products, i.e., meats and eggs, is not being met in Nigeria. According to facts, the production of eggs meets only one-third of the demands in the country.

The demands for poultry products in Nigeria can not be overemphasized. Growing demands show that running a poultry business would be a good idea as you would not have a hard time finding your marketplace. 

Is Poultry farming in Nigeria worth it?

How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria
How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

Although you would need reasonable capital to start, the profits are impressive.  

With the right expertise, poultry farming can make millions of Naira every year. The demands for meat and eggs in Nigeria ensure that sales are always constant with the poultry farming business.

However, the task of running a lucrative poultry farming business is very demanding both for owners and hired employees. But these efforts can lead to a significant return on Investments at the end of the harvest. 

Want to know more about starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria? Check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the types of poultry farming?

Poultry farming is present in different categories of domestic birds. Although they are reared to produce meat and eggs, poultry farming also involves domestic birds. Chicken, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and turkey are also a considerable part of the poultry farming business in Nigeria. Before starting a poultry business, the type of birds you want to choose is essential.

What is the difference between broilers and layers?

Broilers are raised for the production of meat. These are specifically male and female chickens that proliferate and are bred because of their size. On the other hand, layers are all female hens that are very productive in laying eggs. They start producing eggs after four months and can continue for as long as 70 weeks.

What is the LifeSpan of a chicken?

Chickens live for about 5 to 7 years.

What type of feed makes chicken grow faster?

Broilers are reared for the production of meat and hence need to increase. However, fast growth can only occur with suitable feed and nutrition. Broilers require high protein feeds with over 20% concentration. This type of feed would enhance rapid growth for sales in the market.

How much is poultry farming worth in Nigeria?

Poultry farming plays a massive role in the Nigerian economy. According to the CBN, in 2019, poultry farming was worth N1.6 trillion naira. It is also the most commercialized sub-sector in Nigeria’s Agricultural system.


Managing this type of Agricultural system is very demanding. But it is also very profitable when everything is done in the right way. The poultry farming business in Nigeria can generate a lot of profit for farmers and other individuals. This type of farming contributes a lot to the economy is another advantage. 

Kickstarting a poultry business would be an excellent investment in 2021. The demands for poultry products are very high across the world. Also, the demands have been met by local production as it stands. Making the leap and investing in Agriculture will create many opportunities.

So, I believe you now know how to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria. The guides in this article will go a long way in giving you the correct information about poultry farming.

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