How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

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How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria -

Snail Farming in Nigeria is one of the most neglected and yet one of the most profitable animal rearing businesses anywhere in the country. It provides one of the finest opportunities to make good money in a very short time. But why are many Nigerian people not yet fully engaged in snail farming?

The major reason is ignorance!!

Just like in many other aspects of farming in the country, Nigerians are yet to discover the great money-making potential in snail rearing business and that is why we suffer in hunger and poverty.

Snail Farming In Nigeria

The good news: If you are interested in getting into snail farming in Nigeria or Africa, After reading this article, you will be on your way to starting your own snail business in easy and simple steps and once you have a business plan you are fully equipped to get into the industry.

Brief History Of Snail

The African giant snail (Achatina achatina) has coiled shells in its adult stage. They are hermaphrodites and so, they do not require a partner to copulate. They are oviparous and can lay eggs between 10 and 30days after mating. 

Egg-laying takes place during the rainy season or when provided with the required food, which are mostly juicy vegetables, constant water, a favorable weather condition of an average of 250C to 300C, and humidity of 80%. 

The species lays about 200 to 400 eggs in one batch 2 to 3 times a year. It takes about 11 days for its egg to be hatched in the humus-rich soil.

All species of snail get matured for harvesting by the 5th to 7th months and
are actually ready for consumption or marketing. Snails could live as long as 7 to 10 years in their natural habitat.

Executive Summary

There are different table-size live snails of different breeds including Archachatina Archachatina, Achatina marginata, etc being sold to Nigeria and the international market.

Vision And Mission For The Business Idea

  1. To improve the standard of living of people through the provision of the highly prolific Achatina achatina snail that does not contain fat and cholesterol.
  2. To promote and encourage bilateral relations between Nigeria and other countries by way of trade.

Mission Of The Business:

  • To make african meat accessible across the globe
  • A desire to pressure and conserve the very highly prolific species of Achatina achatina snail for future reference, research purposes, recreational activities, and medicinal uses.

Objectives Of The Business

–    Constant growth in sales in 12 months.
–    To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 60% of our customer base is repeat business.
– product at reasonable prices with exemplary services.

Goal Of The Business

  • To be a one Stop-Farm in the South East for Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria.
  • Our Vision for the Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria To provide exceptional Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria at an affordable cost.

Project Description ( Business Plan For Snail Farming In Nigeria )

Snail farming Business Idea: The business idea can be set up anywhere probably around your back yard where you have enough space to rear a snail.

Conceptualizations Of Idea:

  1. It is a practicable and viable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria.
  2. This technology has been approved for most lucrative farming ventures presently, as it requires far less capital investment, with much profit being generated in a considerable short period.
  3. Virtually every part of snail is of vital use in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and fishing industries.

Feasibility Of The Study (Swot Analysis)

The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the snail farming business in Nigeria.


The following constituted the strengths of the business: Adequate beginning up capital

Adequate start-up capital

  • Low risks of production
  • Accessibility to excellent types of snails
  • Appeal for snails
  • Good market potential
  • Best location (area with fresh vegetation)
  • Best weather condition
  • Few competitors
  • Availability of Land space

Weaknesses: The following are my weaknesses:

  • Delays with Registration (e.g., with corporate affairs commission, C.A.C)
  • Local competitors (e.g., rural dwellers)
  • Getting licenses and permits

Opportunities: The opportunities include:

  • If a grower begins a snail farm with say 50 snails, it can produce averagely up to 250,000 adult snails worth over #500,000 in a year.
  • The risk of losing snails on the farm is very low compared to other livestock farming.
  • Huge market demand for snails in Nigeria
  • Lastly, snails hardly fall sick, they are hermaphrodite; you don’t have to buy food, you don’t spend much to create an abode for them, they reproduce rapidly and are very important foreign exchange income earners of our days.


The basic threats to the business are mainly unsystematic risks including the following:

  • Human interferences including vibration and pointless commotion from cars and industries around the environment
  • Brutal lighting torch, lamps and sounds.
  • Robbery
  • Pens wetting particularly during the dry season.

The other threats that could affect the business are political and could occur when there is a change of power which may lead to a change of policies.

Step By Step How To Begin A Snail Farming Business in Nigeria.

The farming of snails is a green venture as, unlike poultry or pigs, neither snail nor its droppings stink offensively. Snails can also be raised in the backyard, and snail manure enhances the soil’s organic matter content.

1. Searching Out Suitable Snail Species For Breeding: 

The most delicious and most widely used snail species that are found in West Africa are:

Achatina Achatina is also called Giant African snail, Tiger snail

Archachatina Marginata or Big black snail, GiantAfrican

Achatina Fulica, also known as Garden snail Foolish Snail

2. Create A Snail Farm Business Planning For Nigeria

To be able to properly structure your business and efficiently run it, you must be able to develop a business plan to run your snail-farming venture in Nigeria.

3. Soil: The ideal soil for snails is the sandy-loamy soil that is free of laterite and mud, which could result in a waterlogged snail habitat. The soil you choose to use should contain a variety of minerals, particularly calcium as it is a key component of snail shells.

4. Searching For A Atmospheric Direction

Snails are adept at escaping enclosures. The first step in establishing an effective farming enterprise for snails, consequently, is to create shelters that are escape-proof. There are a variety of snail houses (snailries) to pick according to the size of the project. The first step is to choose the right location. The most important factors to take into consideration when making selecting a website are:

  • (Micro)climate
  • Direction and speed of wind
  • The characteristics of soil
  • Safety (protecting the snails from disease as well as predators and poachers)

5. Feeding:

Snails feed primarily on leaves, fruits, and other greens however they are able to pick from a wide range of other types of food. It is recommended to feed them concentrate feedings specifically designed to satisfy their nutritional requirements.

6. Marketing:

A commercially valuable snail will mature to full maturity in just a year. It is even possible to harvest to sell after eight months if the proper feeding regimen is provided.

 A matured snail can be sold at around N500 depending on the size of the snail and the price to breed a snail from the time of hatching to maturity should not be over N150 which will yield an income of about N350 per snail, which when multiplied by the huge quantity of snails that are harvested will result in a huge profit yield to the grower.

One million snails in a year or two selling at a rate of N50 per snail (highly discounted cost) is approximately N50 million! Isn’t it a wise investment?

How Lucrative Is Snail Farming In Nigeria?

If you’re thinking about the potential of snail farming is in Nigeria is, then be aware that an acre of the land being used for snail cultivation could generate potential profits of more than N5 million,

The Reason You Must Begin A Snail Farm Within Nigeria

They are very nutritious. Snails have been a popular delicacy with the majority of people throughout the globe. It is due to its nutritional value. It is rich in selenium, calcium, phosphorus, as well as other vital minerals and vitamins.

Low Capital Requirement: The capital required for the beginning of an agricultural business that is snail-like is extremely low, especially in comparison to other agriculture-related businesses.

Markets Available: With the population of Nigeria is estimated at around 180 million. Snails are a market that is huge and it won’t be a problem for farmers to get rid of their products.

This will show you the reasons and how lucrative snail farming can be.

Ready To Start Your Snail Farming Business In Nigeria Or Africa?

Perhaps you’ve thought of starting the first Snail Farming business in Nigeria however, you’re still working out specifics on how you can turn your dream into reality.

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