How to start a snail farming business in Nigeria

How to start a snail farming business in Nigeria
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How to start a snail farming business in Nigeria

Starting a snail business in Nigeria is not as popular. Snail rearing is an excellent type of farming, and it consumes less time. A snail farming business in Nigeria would be profitable for anyone who wants to start. It is also very affordable to set up a snail farming business. 

How to start a snail farming business in Nigeria

Many snail farmers have earned big money in rearing, harvesting, and selling these animals.

However, there are some relevant tips you need to know before going into snail farming.
This article will teach you how to start a snail farming business in Nigeria.

5 Tips to starting a snail farming business in Nigeria

If you are looking for some essential guides to starting a snail farm, I have a list of five tips you should follow. 

  1. Choosing the type of snail you want to rear
  2. Snail housing
  3. Buying of the snail
  4. Snail feeding and breeding
  5. Harvesting the snail
  1. Choose the type of Snail you want to rear

This aspect is an essential factor for anyone in the snail rearing business. The species of snail you want to rear must be suitable for your environment. Different species of snails survive in varying weather conditions. The species of snail you wish to breed must be considered before anything else. I have a list of three different species of snails below;

  • Achatina Fulica
  • Achatina Achatina
  • Archachatina Marginata

All the above species of snail are suitable for farming and commercialization. However, Achatina Achatina is the most commercially favorable snail species in Africa. This species of snails are sizable and can lay up to 300 eggs per clutch.  Achatina Achatina is best for snail farming due to some key factors. Their capacity to yield more offspring puts them as the best option. Starting a snail farm with 2 000 of this species could generate 2.5 million snails in a couple of years. 

So, If you want to start a snail farming business in Nigeria, Achatina Achatina is the best option.

  1. Snail housing’

The set-up of a good snail house on your farm is essential. You need space to avoid overcrowding the snails. Crowded snail houses can make them prone to diseases. There are various ways to construct suitable snail housing. Snails are good at escaping, and you must make sure that you do not leave escape routes in the house. 

Snails are prone to dehydration which can cause dryness of the animal. One of the leading causes of dehydration in snails is wind. This condition means that you should construct the snailries in an environment free from wind. The surrounding of the snail house is also essential.

Keeping the snails close to banana and plantain trees is also advisable. Planting Banana and plantain trees close to the snailries can reduce the effect of wind on the snails. The snail house should also have a soil depth of at least 10 inches. 

  1. Buying of the Snails

After choosing the best snail species you want to farm, purchasing the snails is another aspect you want to get right. The amount of snails you can buy strictly depends on your budget.
The size and maturity of the snail are deciding factors of the price of snails in Nigeria. 

You. You can buy a snail for around N250 to N600 in Nigeria. However, this price depends on the size. Starting a snail business is not as financially demanding as the others. But when starting, you have to buy the number of snails that you can maintain and feed regularly. 

It is advisable to buy healthy snails and lay eggs to increase the numbers on the farm. For this reason, Achatina Achatina ticks all the boxes as it is the best option for commercial snail farming.

  1. Snail feeding and Breeding

Feeding and other general maintenance are crucial for rearing a snail. Snails love vegetables and fruits. Feed your snails with fruits like banana, melon, cabbage, carrot, paw-paw, lettuce, and plantain. They also feed on potatoes, pumpkins, and leaves. 

Calcium supplements are very healthy for your snails. These supplements are vital for the formation of shells. As a snail farmer, you should provide calcium supplements occasionally for healthy purposes.

The laying of eggs is very vital in rearing snails. When mating occurs in spring and summer, you should prepare suitable soils for the egg-laying period. The soil should have the right temperature and humidity. The appropriate soil for rearing snails should have the following characteristics;

  • Sandy-loamy soil
  • The soil must have water holding capacity
  • The soil must not be acidic or clayey
  • Snails must not be reared on waterlogged soils
  1. Harvesting the snails

The final stage in snail farming is harvesting your snails. The best time to sell your snails is when they have attained maturity. Snail maturity can take around six months to be ready for consumption. 

It is advisable to harvest the snails only when they are matured. Also, you should not sell all the matured snails at one time. Keep hold of some matured snails for breeding purposes.

The consumption of snails is growing widely popular, and the demand is increasing. Snail farming can be very lucrative if you do it the right way.

The five stages I have highlighted can assist you in starting a snail farming business in Nigeria. This business may not be as popular as the others. But it is less expensive to kickstart and can be very lucrative at the end of the day. 

Snail business also has a low risk because it consumes less money and time. Young entrepreneurs can venture into this business very quickly.

The following section will discuss the financial demands of starting a snail farming business in Nigeria. 

How much does it cost to Start a Snail farming business in Nigeria?

Starting a snail farming business is not capital intensive. The amount of money you need to start this business depends on how large you want the snail farm. You can start a snail farming business in Nigeria with about N80, 000 to N100 000. 

This investment would undoubtedly yield a lot of income at the end of the day. With this starting budget, you can produce up to a million snails in one year. A high yield of snails annually can generate a lot of income. You can also get a return on your investment as soon as possible.

Is the Snail farming business worth it?

The snail farming business in Nigeria is a great opportunity. Although it is not common, snail farming is a very lucrative business idea. These animals are in high demand as many people consume them as meat. Hotels, restaurants, and fast foods are among the biggest buyers of snails. You have a long customer list to sell if you want to start a snail farming business in Nigeria</strong>.

Snail farming can earn you a lot of income, even when starting with small capital. The annual demand for snails is 7.5kg million every year. It is a massive opportunity for you to grow a business with this type of farming. 

On the international scene, snails are in high demand. Countries like the USA spend close to $4 million on snails every year. Europe is also another big fan of these animals. The chance to export snails is an advantage to farmers rearing them. 

The general high demand for snails shows it is worth the time, money, and energy to invest in farming.  You do not have to start big, but you can grow your business with the suitable species of snails on your farm.

Pest and disease of Snails

A healthy living for snails is vital to having a successful rearing experience. To effectively rear snails, you have to be aware of the dangers of pests and diseases. Avoiding pests and diseases on your farm is crucial to the survival of the snails. 

Ants are the most dangerous threats to the survival of snails. Pests like lizards, snakes, termites and turkeys, and chickens can prey on your snails. Keeping your farm free of these pests is essential to avoid attacks on your snails.  

Snails can get sick and infected with diseases. The body system of the snails can get attacked by worms and other bacteria. Proper treatment and medication can prevent them from dying. However, it is better to avoid or prevent them from contracting diseases from worms and other bacteria.

So, this is all you need to know about how to start a snail farming business in Nigeria. If you want to know more about this article, check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

How much can you earn with snail farming?

The snail farming business is lucrative. You can make hundreds of thousands or more with this business. If you produce 100 000 snails in a year and sell them for N300 each, it amounts to 3 000 000. Earning 3 000 000 a year is a massive income on your profit. It is also affordable to start and easy to breed. 

How long does it take for snails to mature?

Snails are matured for consumption from the sixth month. However, the maturity cycle starts from the six weeks when they reach sexual maturity. Here are the complete stages of snail maturity. 

Birth – Sexual maturity – Mating – Gestation – Egg hatching. 

Where are snails found?

Snails are found in different environments. Their habitats include gardens, fields, riverbanks, suburbs, forests, streams, and jungles. 

Where should I buy snails for my farming business?

When purchasing a snail for your farm, it is advisable to source from deep forests and snail farms.  Snails from the local markets and cities are mainly meant for consumption. 


Snail farming is one of the safest options for young entrepreneurs considering costs and other factors. Between December and March, snails are expensive due to the dry weather. It is more appropriate to begin your snail farming during the rainy season. You can start a snail farming business at your house before expanding as time goes on. 

Also, the species of snail you choose will be vital to the success of your business. In this case, Achatina Achatina is the most valuable option. This species is productive and suits the commercial purposes of snail farming.

So, I hope this article has shown you how to start a snail farming business in Nigeria. Get to work and tap into one of Nigeria’s most beneficial types of farming.

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