Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria

Online MBA programs in Nigeria
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Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria

A master’s in business administration (MBA) would be a fascinating educational journey for all enthusiasts. The Master’s degree in business administration offers excellent education on Business. It also helps you become a competent graduate in business administration. There are a lot of online MBA programs in Nigeria accessible to Nigerians.  

Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria
Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria


In Nigeria, you can have access to some tremendous online MBA programs where you can study from the comfort of your home. This article will give you an insight into all you need to know about the MBA programs in Nigeria.

What is an MBA program?

An MBA program is a Masters in Business Administration that provides general management studies to students in finances, marketing, human resources, and other management strategies for management. 

A Master’s degree in Business Administration provides a flexible interaction between business experts and students. This practical knowledge enhances an excellent learning experience and produces competent graduates.

MBA programs give you practical experience in financial management, business consultancy, marketing management, and entrepreneurship. The best international business schools open the opportunities for these MBA degree programs. You can get chances for unique career choices through this program. 

If you look to make a successful business career, these programs would be valuable. 

Top 8 online MBA programs in Nigeria

The best online MBA programs offer you the luxury of virtual learning. The best of these programs are available in different institutions. You can choose from one of the best and enroll in it. Below, I have a list of 8 MBA programs you should consider.

  1. Warwick Business School
  2. Imperial College of London
  3. UCL School of management 
  4. Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business
  5. George Washington University
  6. University of Northampton NBA
  7. Ahmadu Bello University
  8. Westford University
  1. Warwick Business School

Warwick business school ranks as one of the best online MBA schools globally. The University started in the United Kingdom, and they provide a flexible learning experience to distant students. 

You also offer a 25% Scholarship with the Warwick business school as alumni. The University provides students with great courses and a consultancy project at the end of the day. 

The Warwick business school gives you practical assignments, tests, group presentations, and extraordinary learning techniques. This program lasts for two years. 

This University also provides access to one of the best technologies for students to participate in online learning. You can choose different study programs like the Full-time MBA, distance learning MBA, and executive MBA. 

  1. Imperial College of London

The Imperial College of London is among the best universities in the UK and the world. It is also an excellent option to complete your MBA program in Nigeria. 

This University has a pre-study program that gives students access to foundation classes in Business. The program comes before the two-year online MBA courses. 

Online learning cannot be made more accessible with this college’s facilities. The Imperial College of London has a fascinating online platform that links to relevant studying materials. Their Global Experience week also allows you to connect to other students within your group.

  1. UCL School of management

UCL school of management is another excellent online MBA program for business students. They have a unique global network with access to experts, which will benefit students who sign up. This school utilizes data, technology, and analytics to run its operations. 

The chance to interact with your peers is also available at the UCL school of management. The MBA program has 12 modules and fees. UCL school of management charges students per module completed. 

Within the two years of the program, you can build your business career in different areas. Electives like innovative management and entrepreneurship will provide valuable and helpful resources in business development. 

  1. Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business

The Tepper business school is one of the best tutoring online MBA programs. It has a STEM program known for quality and an outstanding reputation for producing excellent students from its programs.

The modules in this school focus on data and analytics. It also encourages making wise business decisions with the help of data. 

Asides from its academic brilliance, Tepper has a flexible system for all students studying remotely. The academic sessions run all year, and the programs last for up to 32 months.

  1. George Washington University

This University is one of the best places to study an online MBA program in Nigeria. George Washington University has both a graduate and an undergraduate program. It has an accredited professional MBA program. 

This professional MBA program is online, and it only takes 21 months to complete. At this time, you have access to knowledge in finance, global management, consultation, government contracts, and healthcare administration. 

One significant part of their professional MBA program is the opportunity internship during the 21 months of study. 

  1. University of Northampton MBA

The University of Northampton is among the top universities in the United Kingdom. The award-winning University is also an excellent destination for business administration programs. 

They have a top-notch academic syllabus that provides a Master’s degree in some major Business administration courses. The University of Northampton also offers a full-time and part-time study program. The part-time study program in the MBA for this University lasts about 18 months. 

With this business school, you get access to financial decision-making, strategic marketing, and managing operations. However, you have to meet the general requirements of 6.5 in the IELTS.

  1. Ahmadu Bello University

Another reliable University that provides online MBA programs in Nigeria is the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU). This institution has an accredited Master’s degree program in Business Administration. 

ABU provides a reliable e-learning interface for students studying business courses online. They also have different examination centers spread across Nigeria. You can choose between the regular and the unique MBA, which is suitable for students with a poor foundation in Business. 

The regular MBA lasts for 18 to 24 months, while the exceptional MBA lasts 24 to 28 months.

  1. Westford University

Westford University is an award-winning institution with a fantastic platform for working and regular professionals. It is also regarded as one of the best online MBA programs. 

The institution accommodates students into both graduate and postgraduate study programs. You can get access to International Business, Information technology, and financial management modules. 

Students have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the other student programs in this institution.

You can also major in healthcare management, shipping and logistics management, sales and marketing, and so on. The online MBA program at Westford university runs for only one year. 

Is the online MBA program worth it?

Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria
Top 8 Online MBA programs in Nigeria

There are a lot of benefits you can get from the experience and learning period of this program. The institution aims at providing excellent knowledge and skills in significant courses in Business Administration. You have a chance to gain so much information and first-hand experience with experts in everything related to Business. 

The MBA programs develop you in so many ways, including;

  • Exposure to the international ideology of global business management. 
  • Improve your ability to solve complicated situations in global Business.
  • Enhance your management skills across the business world
  • Application of management skills to professional activities.

The Master’s degree in Business Administration develops students in many other areas that apply to the global society. It would be worth the fuss to invest in this program as it can build successful businesses.

Applying for online MBA programs in Nigeria

There are different online MBA programs in Nigeria. The institutions that offer these programs provide online application forms for interested candidates. However, you have to meet up to some of the requirements of these universities. 

English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others are compulsory for applying for this program. The cost of enrollment into one of these institutions varies depending on the school. Some of these colleges give you the luxury of paying in installments. 

Other requirements that may apply are your previous degree or managerial experience. Metrics like your GPA and other grades may be used as requirements.  

Best schools for MBA in Nigeria

Studying Business Administration at the undergraduate level provides you with basic knowledge in management. If you wish to take a considerable step further in getting an MBA in Nigeria, you should consider some of these schools. The best business schools in Nigeria would offer excellent learning faculties and quality lecturers. 

Here are some of the best schools for MBA in Nigeria;

  • Lagos Business School
  • University of Lagos MBA
  • Executive Business School
  • The West Africa Business School
  • The African Business School
  • The GPE Business
  • Rome Business School, Nigeria 
  • The Metropolitan School of Business management
  • The School of Business Entrepreneurship, American University of Nigeria

So, I have given you some critical information about the online MBA program. If you want to know more about this topic, check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’ Section below.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

How long does an online MBA take to complete?

The duration of the online MBA program differs with the institution and other factors. The course of study is also another deciding factor of the duration of this program. However, it takes between one to three years to complete an MBA program. You also have a part-time and full-time type of study program. 

How many semesters does an MBA program have?

The number of semesters varies with the University. However,  an MBA program mostly has two semesters that run for every academic year. 

Does MBA require mathematics?

MBA programs do not necessarily require math. However, students should have good mathematical and analytical skills. 

Is online MBA programs worth it?

Online MBA programs are an excellent way to develop your knowledge in global business management. This program has assisted many students in managing successful businesses across the world. Enrolling in an online program would be a good investment into potentially beneficial knowledge.


You can access a Master’s degree in Business Administration full-time study online. And as I have listed in this article, many schools offer online MBA programs in Nigeria.

An advantage of this MBA program is that you can study from the comfort of your home.

Within 18 to 28 months, you can complete a Master’s degree in Business administration. Some of the Universities also offer internships during this period. If you are looking to develop your knowledge in Business Management, you can apply for an online MBA program.

So, here you have it! Everything you need to know about online MBA programs.

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